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Electronic Regulating Systems
Compact Servo Valves
Compact servo valve with position-con-
Servo valve technology by Kolvenbach
Cartridge servo valve
trolled rotary vane
These servo valves permit designing highly precise and rapidly responding regulating This compact unit comprises the basic actua- systems. The heart of this series of electro- tor with electronic position control. It is easily pneumatic regulator modules is a very fast integrated into servo-pneumatic control circu- rotary vane actuator. The rotary vane is powe- red by a position controlled direct current motor. Since there is no transmission system, the adjusting times are extremely short, in the The basic actuator with motor control electro- The rotary vane actuator is also available as a nics is also sold individually. But normally a cartridge valve. This allows space-saving inte- classical analog proportional plus integral plus gration of the valve into customized pneumatic derivative controller (PID) is added. The indivi- dual ajustability of the PID ratio and the short We are supplying precisely dimensioned dra- response time of these regulators allow appli- wings for design integration. To allow normal cations that may have seemed impossible to installation, we can supply a valve housing for The valve electronics can be installed either inthe connector, as SMD module, or on a slim Typical applications for Kolvenbach servo
Compact servo valve with position-con-
Euro-size circuit board. A PID controller and a valve systems
trolled rotary vane and PID controller
position controller on Euro-size circuit boards Compact servo valves KPS/KWS
External transducers can be connected direct- • Regulated reference pressure sources for Since the valve functions as a steady 3/3 a combination of control pressure regulating calibration of pressure transducers.
ly to this compact regulator. This allows setup Order No. 3/3 cartridge servo valve with 4 mm rated size, directional valve, all variations of fast controlled incl 2 m cable, with valve electronics, type EWS Automatic processing of pressure points for or regulated pressure inlet and outlet are avai- Each control loop consists of a servo valve with lable. Please note, however, that a rotary vane PID controller, dome-controlled gas regulator Pneumatic setup
and a pressure transducer for acquisition of • Position-controlled cylinder drives with a The valves can be arranged freely in any pneu- therefore cannot be free of leakage when it is repeatability of 1/10 mm for handling and Order No. 3/3 cartridge servo valve with 6 mm rated size, The most frequently used are the variations a incl 2 m cable, with valve electronics, type EWS and b. In these only the opening direction In addition to the position-controlled basic • Precision pressure regulating with accuracy actuators we can supply specially adapted electronic assemblies in 19" racks or customi- zed compact regulators. We'll be pleased to Connecting variations/table 1
machinery, or tensile strength and pressure support you in selecting and specifying your pneumat. connections with G 1/4" threads • Generation of exact stroke/time profiles Your advantages:
with pneumatic cylinders in the food stuffs the actual value. In this setup the servo valve fills the control-dome with air and thereby Highly precise tensioning control on calan- regulates pressure with high precision.
Compact “positioning servo valve”
ders of paper, textile or foil winders.
This assembly incorporates all features requi- Compact servo valves KPS/KWS
red for controlling the position of pneumatic Application example of a servo valve with
This series combines mechanical servo valve cylinders. A potentiometric stroke transducer We are pleased to supply application sheets downstream booster valves
and electronic controller in one unit ready to concerning the tasks mentioned. These descri- be typical solutions in detail. We also offer spe- In the production of light bulbs, fuel gas and Order No. External controller
Analog PID controller on Euro-format board, oxygen must be metered and mixed precisely Kolvenbach servo valves are available with to achieve even flame temperature for melting nominal sizes 4 mm and 6 mm. The field of of glass. The process parameters must be well Pressure connections: G 1/4" inside thread application reaches from vacuum pressure to controlled, to ensure high bulb quality.
carrying rail, 12 bit resolution with 3digit digital display and diagnosis function.
10 bar system pressure. The dynamicity at For a large-scale bulb manufacturer we have ±100 % is 70 Hz. This corresponds to a swit- designed control loops for fuel gas and oxygen.
ching time of 5 milliseconds for 0.100%.
The two gas pressures are controlled with high precision although the pressure is low and the rates are high, even the Kolvenbach valve rea- ches its physical limits. Therefore we opted for


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