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List of Publications
Research papers in indexed journals
1. Radu Albulescu, Monica Neagu, Lucian Albulescu, Cristiana Tanase, Tissular and soluble microRNAs for diagnostic improvement and
therapy in digestive tract cancers, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 2011; 11(1):101-120.
2. Popa L., Negrei C., Neagoe I.V., Albulescu L., Preoteasa V., Bǎlǎnescu A.R., Ghica M.V., Manda G., Pro-inflammatory signal delivered in
vitro by leflunomide active metabolite A77 1726 on abnormal peripheral monocytes in rheumatoid arthritis, Farmacia, 2010; 58(5):546-558.
3. Codorean E., Nichita C., Albulescu L., Răducan E., Popescu I.D., Ionită A.C., Albulescu R., Correlation of xMAP and ELISA cytokine profiles;
development and validation for immunotoxicological studies in vitro, Roumanian Archives of microbiology and immunology, 2010; 69(1):13-19.
4. C. P. Tănase, S. Dima, M. Mihai, E. Raducan, M. I. Nicolescu, L. Albulescu, B. Voiculescu, T. Dumitrascu, L. M. Cruceru, M. Leabu, I.
Popescu, M. E. Hinescu, Caveolin-1 overexpression correlates with tumour progression markers in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Journal
of Molecular Histology
, 2009; 40(1):23-29.
5. R. Cristescu, C. Popescu, A.C. Popescu, S. Grigorescu, L. Duta, I.N. Mihailescu, G. Caraene, R. Albulescu, L. Albulescu, A. Andronie, I.
Stamatin, A. Ionescu, D. Mihaiescu, T. Buruiana and D.B. Chrisey, Functionalized polyvinyl alcohol derivatives thin films for control ed drug
release and targeting systems: MAPLE deposition and morphological, chemical and in vitro characterization, Applied Surface Science, 2009;
6. C. P. Tanase, E. Raducan, S. O. Dima, L. Albulescu, I. Alina, P. Marius, L. M. Cruceru, E. Codorean, T. M.Neagu, I. Popescu, Assessment
of soluble angiogenic markers in pancreatic cancer, Biomarkers in Medicine, 2008; 2(5):447-455.
7. Albulescu Radu, Codorean E., Albulescu L., Caraene G., Vulturescu V., Tanase C., In vitro biocompatibility testing of implantable
biomaterials, Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 2008; 13(4):3863-3872.
Research studies in volumes of international scientific meetings
Cristiana Tanase, DI Popescu, L Albulescu, E Raducan, ML Cruceru, A Popa, M Teodoru, I Ogrezeanu, Amanda Bulman, Proteomic
technologies in brain tumors early diagnosis, EJC Suppl, 2010; 8(5):210. Popescu Ionela Daniela, Tanase C., Raducan E., Albulescu L., Codorean E., Albulescu R., Serum protein profiling by clustering analysis
in glioblastoma, FEBS Journal, 2010; 277(S1):294. Tanase C., Albulescu L., Raducan E., Popescu ID., Codorean E., Stanculescu R., Soluble Cytokines Receptors As Candidate Markers
For Diagnostic Improvement in HPV Cervical Cancer, International immunology, 2010; 22(S1):i 145. L. Albulescu, E. Rusu, C. Tanase, R. Albulescu, Cytokine assessment in chronic kidney disease, FEBS Journal, 2010; 277(S1):48.
E. Codorean, L. Albulescu, E. Raducan, D.I. Popescu, R. Albulescu, C. Nichita, C. Tanase, Multiplexed immunoassay for monitoring
cytokine profile in immuno-pharmacological studies in vitro, Toxicology Letters, 2009, 189(S1):S266, Abstracts of the 46th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology. Cristiana Tanase, Popescu D., Albulescu L., Raducan E., Codorean E., Dima S., Albulescu R., Neagu M., Bulman A., Proteomics
technologies in pancreatic cancer early diagnosis, Virchows Archiv, 2009; 455(S1):426-427, 22nd European Congress of Pathology. Radu Albulescu, Georgeta Caraene, Cornelia Nichita, Virginia Vulturescu, Lucian Albulescu, Eleonora Codorean, Cristiana Tanase,
Plant polyphenols: in vitro studies on cytokine release and cel signaling, FEBS Journal, 2009; 276(S1): 298, Abstracts of the 34th FEBS Congress. R. Albulescu, L. Albulescu, D. Popescu, E. Raducan, Biochemical and in vitro studies on bee (Apis mel ifera) venom, FEBS Journal,
2009; 276(S1):297, Abstracts of the 34th FEBS Congress. M. I. Nicolescu, L. Albulescu, C. Tanase, O. Dinca, A. Bucur, C. Ursaciuc, Salivary cytokines profiling by use of xMAP technology in oral
squamous cel carcinoma, FEBS Journal, 2009; 276(S1):332, Abstracts of the 34th FEBS Congress. 10. Lucian Albulescu, Simona Olimpia Dima, Simona Mihai, Daniela Ionela Popescu, Elena Raducan, Marius Poroschianu, Alina Ionita,
Radu Albulescu, Cristiana Tanase, Serum cytokine profiles in pancreatic cancers, FEBS Journal-Late abstract book, 2009, pg. 100.
11. C. Tanase, L. Albulescu, S. Dima, T. Dumitrascu, S. Mihai, D. Popescu, E. Raducan, M. Poroschianu, A. Ionita, R. Albulescu, I. Popescu,
Serum cytokine profiles in pancreatic cancers, Pancreatology, 2009; 9(4):490.
12. Codorean Eleonora, Albulescu Lucian, Tanase Maria, Popescu Dana Ionela, Albulescu Radu, Nichita Cornelia, Tanase Cristiana,
Multiple effects of bioflavonoids on the in vitro immunotoxicological biomarkers, Toxicology Letters, 2008, 180(S1):S210-S211, Abstracts of the
45th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology.
13. L. Albulescu, E. Raducan, D. I. Popescu, E. Codorean, M. A. Tanase, M. Neagu, O. S. Dima, C. Tanase R. Albulescu, Serum tissue
remodeling markers in pancreatic tumor characterization, FEBS Journal, 2008; 275(S1):235, Abstracts of the 33rd FEBS Congress and 11th
IUBMB Conference.
Page 1/2 – Annex of Curriculum vitae of For more information on Europass go to 14. C. Tanase, L. Albulescu, M.I. Nicolescu, O.S. Dima, L.M. Cruceru, A. Popa, S. Mihai, M. Neagu, R. Albulescu, M.E. Hinescu, Signaling
proteins profile in pancreatic cancer, FEBS Journal, 2008; 275(S1):346, Abstracts of the 33rd FEBS Congress and 11th IUBMB Conference.
15. R. Albulescu, C. Tanase, L. Silvestro, G. Caraene, L. Albulescu, G. Savi, M. A. Tanase, E. Codorean, Phytochemical-modulating tools for
therapeutic optimization, FEBS Journal, 2008; 275(S1):375, Abstracts of the 33rd FEBS Congress and 11th IUBMB Conference.
16. M. Neagu, G. Manda, C. Constantin, I. Neagoe, L. Albulescu, C. Tanase, E. Codorean, D. Boda, S. M. Popescu, Soluble
matrixmetal oproteinases quantification in leg ulcer fluid from chronic venous insufficiency, FEBS Journal, 2008; 275(S1):419, Abstracts of the
33rd FEBS Congress and 11th IUBMB Conference.
17. C. Tanase, M.I. Nicolescu, L. Albulescu, L.M. Cruceru, A. Popa, S. Mihai, M. Neagu, S.O. Dima, R. Albulescu, M.E. Hinescu, Signaling
profile pathways involved in pancreatic cancer progression, European Journal of Cancer Supplements, 2008; 6(9):151, 20th Meeting of the
European Association for Cancer Research.
18. M.I. Nicolescu, L. Albulescu, I.F. Dragan, C.M. Circu, C. Tanase, A.L. Bucur, Salivary cytokines profile and smoking in patients with oral
cancer, European Journal of Cancer Supplements, 2008; 6(9):169, 20th Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research.
19. Tanase Cristiana, Dima S., Mihai M., Raducan E., Albulescu L., Codorean E., Cruceru M., Popescu L.M., Popescu I., Caveolin – 1 and
angiogenic markers in pancreatic tumor progression and invasiveness, Hepato-Gastroenterology, 2008; 55:A286.
20. Tanase Cristiana, Carstea G., Codorean E., Savi G., Albulescu L., Popescu D., Tanase M., Danescu I., Dima S., Pistol M., Albulescu R.,
Functionalized nutritional products designed for enteral postsurgical administration, Hepato-Gastroenterology, 2008; 55:(A341).
21. Tanase C., Nicolescu M., Albulescu L., Cruceru M., Popa A., Mihai S., Neagu M., Poroschianu M., Dima S., Albulescu R., Hinescu M.,
Signaling profiles in pancreatic cancer progression, Histopathology, 2008; 53(S1):164, XXVII International Congress of the International
Academy of Pathology.
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Zwolle, interline dementie casusschetsen, 2004

Dementie Casusschets 1 Mevrouw B., 75 jaar, is bekend met een COPD en recidiverende urineweginfecties. Zij gebruikt atrovent en ventolin voor inhalatie, verder furosemide en dridase. U hebt haar het afgelopen jaar niet zelf meer gezien. De contacten liepen altijd via haar wat overheersende man, die een half jaar geleden is overleden. U wordt gebeld door een verontruste dochter, die

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