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Medical Concerns for Pet Rabbits by Sandi Ackerman Red Urine So please, do not fast your rabbit beforeRabbits’ urine varies in color from clearsurgery! After surgery, make sure the rabbit’sto yellow to brown to bright red. This iscondition is known as malocclusion, whichcage is clean, and check her incision site dailyusually not a cause for alarm unless theremeans that a rabbit�

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BIOTECHNOLOGY IN VIVO MICRODIALYSIS PREDISCREENTM SERVICES Microdialysis techniques have been developed to monitor changes in the chemistry of the extracellular space in living tissue. These techniques can be used for: a) to measure drug and metabolite concentrations in the interstitial space in brain and peripheral tissues including blood; b) continuous monitori


BioChain BILIRUBIN Bilirubin Assay Kit Quantitative Colorimetric Bilirubin Determination at 530nm DESCRIPTION Procedure using Cuvet: BILIRUBIN is one of the degradation products of hemoglobin formed 1. Prepare at least 800 mL/w el fresh Working Reagent as fol ow s, w hen red blood cel s die. Bilirubin exists in the insoluble unconjugated form (also indirect bili


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Protokoll Lindeborgsskolans skolråd 101005 Närvarande: Cecilia Bengtsson, G6, Jörgen Linfeldt, I9b, Patrik Johnsson, 3c Jessica Svensson, 3d, Hamid Rezaie, I8,Eva Ljungkvist, A1-2 Mette Allegra, 4c, Martin Skjold, B1, George Nielsen, G9, Sofia Erdelyi, I7 Richard Svensson, åk 2,Gunilla Svensson, H7, Christina Widen, E7, Karl-Axel Bengtsson, rektor, Lars Bäckgren, bitr rektor •


a) What are the four major types of biological molecules discussed in lecture? Give oneimportant function of each type of biological molecule in the cell? Phospholipids: form the bilayers that are the cell membranes. Carbohydrates: simple sugars supply energy for cellular processes, the polymer cellulose acts as astructural component, and the polymer glycogen acts as energy storage. Proteins: Ar

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