Bhavna Motwano* and Rani Singh**
*Department of Botany, Smt C. H. M. Colelge, Ulhasnagar, Thane ** Nutritional Research Lab, B. N. Bandodokar College, Thane - 400 601. Received on : 12.05.2007 and Accepted on : 12.06.2008 There are many plants reported to have diuretic activity. Diuretics are gaining increasing importance as the lifestyle diseases like hyperstension is on rise in today’s modern world. The aim of the present study was to screen few plants grown in the medicinal plant garden of the institute for diuretic activity. Prepartion of crude extract was done from Achyranthus aspera, acorus calamus, Caesalpinia crista, plant when plant attained its maximum growth, using Soxhlet apparatus, percolators and using hydroalcoholic and alcoholic solvents. Diuretic activity was done on male rats using metabolic cages and urinary output was the parameters measured before and after the administration of INTRODUCTION
excretion in the glomerular filtrate and increses the flow of urine. The diuretics tubular fluid. This group includes drugs produce a loss of both water and solutes. Many drugs know to cause diuretic action, electrolytes. They are freely filtered at the reabsorbed through the renal tubule. The 1) They increase the renal blood flow and glomerular filteration rate. Although, such from the glomerular filtrate. They increase action leads to diuretic effect exerted by the amount of solute excreted and thus, of validate the traditional use of the plant a s Bionano Frontier Vol. 2 (1) Jan. 2009 - June 2009 indigenous medicines. It is reported to be each were fasted and deprived of water for pungent, astringent, pectoral and diuretic. eighteen hours prior to the experiment. On alkaloids, Sterols, Phenols, flavonoids, placed in metabolic cages (one in each cage) especially designed to separate urine and throughout the experiment. The urine was MATERIALS AND METHODS :
collected in measuring cylinder upto 5 hrs after dosing. During this period, no food or Achyranthus aspera Linn. (Amaranthaceae) : The inflorescece of Achyranthus aspera is taken and is dried. After drying it is burnt till it turns white in colour. It was then furosemide per kg body weight in a series of supernatent is taken and is dried. After drying white powder is obtained which is RESULTS AND DISCUSSION :
reveals that since the urine output is more in experimental group 1 and 2 compared to control group, the drugs possess diuretic activity. On the other hand, experimetal group 3 does not show any increase in the dried, it is then powdered. This powder is urine output. Hence it does not possess any Table 1 : Screening of Achyranthus aspera, Caesalpinia crista Linn (Leguminosae) : The Acorus calamus and Caesalpinia cristata on fruits of the plant are taken and then dried procured from central animal house of Prin. Five set-ups showing control, standard and three experimental set-ups were made. The under standard conditions of temperature highest i.e. 8.0 ml, followed by E-2 i.e. 6.8 REFERENCES :
ml, followed by the standard set up i.e. 6.2 Dhiman, A. K. (2006) : Ayurvedic Drug Plants, Similar types of observation recorded by Geetha, G., Chandrasekharan, A. K., Brindha, P., earlier worker (Molina and Contresas, 1999) Shyamala, G (2006) : Preliminary phytochemical and pharmacognostical studies of Achyranthus rubrofusca Linn; Hamdad Medicus, V . 49 (4) : CONCLUSION :
investigation, it may be inferred that the Kokate C. K., Gokhale, J. B. (2002) : Textbook of extract made from the plants, Achyranthus diuretic activity, whereas the drug prepared Nadkarni, K. M. (1967) : Indian Materia Medica, V- from from the plant Caesalpinia crista does not possess diuretic activity. Hence more and more medicinal plants with different Molina M, Contresas C.M., (1999) : Mimosa pudica may possess anti depressant action in the rat, and these findings can be made available for the benefit of mankind. This present study can be extended to large number of Vetrichelvan T., Jegadeesan, M (2001) : Diuretic animals and the present investigation can activity of alcoholic extract and decoction of Achyranthus aspera Linn. in rats; Hamdard ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
We acknowledge with thanks to the
financial support extended by University
Grants commission New Delhi.

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