Like many who are first introduced to aura-soma, my earliest experience with the pomanders was to smell them

My Thoughts on the
Aura-Soma Pomanders
consequences? And from a pomander’s perspective, when we create feelings and thought-forms should we not acknowledge the karmic effects they produce? On the physical level, Vicky claimed the Original White pomander helped her sore lips and throat (avenues of communication) when she visited Denmark. On the emotional and mental levels, this pomander can help clear away negative energy by bringing in greater healing and wisdom. This was something Vicky touched on when sharing her first insights on the whole new level when we take the time to pomander. It is also possible to actually divine. Sure I had some favourites, but all of them seemed pleasant enough to me. It began to wonder what the pomanders were really about. It caused me to embark on a journey of discovery and, whether I refractive light; in a similar way to how different coloured rays are produced when white light passes through a glass prism. been created when Vicky Wall took it with For example, if we think of the prism as the ultimate truth then the coloured rays different paths that either takes us away, Then 25 years later, the Fukushima Daiichi or towards the source. If we look at the nuclear disasters have exposed all living situation comes to light, thus bringing us back towards the ultimate truth. Likewise, if we look at the Red ray when moving away from the ultimate truth it could be no longer think of ourselves as separate? Are we not all in this together? When we response or action to the situation comes to light, thus bringing us back towards the should we not also be thinking about the This sort of information appealed to many or to get through a difficult experience), but now gets in the way of further growth pomander on small cards for them to take away. I did this for many months until it Pomanders” booklet I make reference to hand out. This is how the “Guide to the Aura-Soma Pomanders” booklet came into demonstrate how the pomanders can provide support to become more mindful of our actions, feelings and thoughts—and pomanders. Energetically, they feel like they can wipe the slate clean and I can start my life anew. Sure, this euphoric feeling does not last forever, but the idea that I can start afresh fills me with a sense mental states. The pomanders are also known to shed light on areas of our life around eight years of age, and a thought consciously aware of them, or not). They occurred to me along the lines of, “What if act as a torch, or spotlight that point into every belief I have about myself and the world isn’t actually true”. This thought set my head into a spin. I noticed how much I wanted to resist this idea, to bury it, and not think of it again. eight-year old belief systems. To not do so, felt like I would be set adrift at sea without sails, paddles, compass, anchor, or land in sight. Since then, I occasionally bring up this question to see if it triggers any pent up resistance—just for the fun of it! When possible I like to explore the idea that beliefs are fluid and can be easily changed, if some concerted effort is added to the mix. I find the pomanders work brilliantly with the Equilibrium bottles, especially the bottle chosen in the second position [of a four bottle selection]. For me the second placed bottle represents outdated beliefs. That is, beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we live in that may have provided a useful purpose up to a certain point, (whether it be to help understand why something happened the way it did,


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