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ESOMEPRAZOLE TEVA PHARMAPATIENT INFORMATION You have been dispensed Esomeprazole Teva Pharma. Why have I been switched to Esomeprazole Teva Pharma?Due to recent changes to government legislation, 1your pharmacist may substitute a branded medicine for a safe and less expensive alternative.
What is a generic medicine?A generic medicine contains the same active ingredient as the original medicine ('the originator') and meets the same standards of quality and safety.
What is an originator brand?An originator brand is the version of medicine that was first to market. What are the benefits of receiving a generic medicine?Apart from offering equivalent quality and safety of originator brands, a generic medicine such as Esomeprazole Teva Pharma can offer greater value, thereby helping the government to make cost savings on medicines. Can I still receive an originator brand?You can ask your pharmacist for the originator brand, how-ever you may have to pay for any difference in costs. If, for medical reasons, your doctor requests that you receive the originator brand, you will not be required to pay any extra.2 Will anything be different with a generic medicine? The packaging, look and feel of a generic medicine may be Teva Pharmaceuticals employs different to the originator brand, but it works in the same approximately 450 people in Ireland. way as the originator. A generic medicine may also have We provide patented and generic different ‘non-active’ ingredients.
medications, biologics and after-care services to the Irish healthcare industry as part of Teva International who employ over 40,000 people worldwide.
ESOMEPRAZOLE TEVA PHARMAPATIENT INFORMATION You have been dispensed Esomeprazole Teva Pharma. What Esomeprazole Teva Pharma is and what it is used for?3Esomeprazole Teva Pharma contains a medicine called esomeprazole. This belongs to a group of medicines called ‘proton pump inhibitors’. They work by reducing the amount of acid that your stomach produces. Esomeprazole Teva Pharma is used to treat the following conditions:ADULTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE AGED 12 YEARS AND ABOVE• ‘Gastroesophageal reflux disease’ (GERD). • Ulcers in the stomach or upper part of the gut (intestine) that are infected with bacteria called ’Helicobacter pylori’. If you have this condition, your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection and allow the ulcer to heal.
ADULTS• Stomach ulcers caused by medicines called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).
• Too much acid in the stomach caused by a growth in the pancreas (Zollinger-Ellison syndrome).
• Prolonged treatment after prevention of rebleeding of ulcers with intravenous esomeprazole.
How do I take Esomeprazole Teva Pharma?3Always take Esomeprazole Teva Pharma exactly as yourdoctor has told you. You should check with your doctor orpharmacist if you are not sure.
TAKING THIS MEDICINE• You can take your tablets at any time of the day.
• You can take your tablets with food or on an empty stomach.
• Swallow your tablets whole with a drink of water. Do not chew or crush the tablets. HOW MUCH TO TAKE• Your doctor will tell you how many tablets to take and how long to take them for. This will depend on your condition, how old you are 1. Department of Health, Health Pricing and supply of medical goods Bill 2012 What other lifestyle choices should I make?*4 2. Department of Health - Generic Substitu-tion and Reference Pricing - Frequently Simple advice regarding lifestyle factors that may affect reflux: 1. If a precipitating dietary factor has been identified, it is advisable to 3. Esomeprazole Teva Pharma Patient avoid it.
Information Leaflet, Oct 20124. Clinical knowledge summaries - dyspep- 2. Try eating smaller meals and try to make sure you have the sia - proven GORD,, last revised evening meal 3–4 hours before going to bed.
3. If you are overweight or obese, then speak to your pharmacist For further information on generic medicines 4. Speak to your pharmacist about trying to stop smoking.
Always read the Patient Information Leaflet 5. Try to reduce stress and anxiety levels – your GP or Pharmacist may be able to advise you.
If you have questions about your medicine, 6. Take your Esomeprazole Teva Pharma at the same time every day.
7. Esomeprazole Teva Pharma should be swallowed whole *these recommendations are for patients with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)


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