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As a food co-operative solely run by student volunteers, Sprouts is a community of
friendly and energetic people that enjoy taking their own initiative and making things
We operate out of two locations on the beautiful UBC campus: Sprouts, our main cafe
and grocery store, and now our newest eatery, Seedlings.
We are always looking for social and energetic people to help us out with our many
initiatives. No experience is required and everyone is welcome!
If you want to learn more about what it is like to volunteer with Sprouts, feel free to
send an email to our volunteer coordinators, Debbie
and Emma
We look forward to welcoming you to our community!
Why volunteer?
-Be a part of North America’s largest student and volunteer run food co-op.
-Meet and collaborate with other dedicated and enthusiastic people.
-Learn new skills: from barista training, food prep, cash handling, serving, and more!
-Gain new experience: working in a team, in an industrial kitchen, cooking in mass
quantities, riding a cargo bike, and much more!
-15 % discount on purchases in store (excluding bulk buying)
-Invite to our weekly community meetings and volunteer appreciation socials held
throughout the term.
Time Commitment
Volunteers are required to commit to their positions for the duration of the winter
term: from training in the beginning of September to the last day of the term,
November 29th.
With the volunteer coordinators’ approval, shift coverage may be allowed and will be
the responsibility of the volunteer to find.
The positions we offer are diverse and differ in their time commitments. Please refer
to each position description below for more details.

Positions available for the upcoming winter session (2013):
1. Sprouts store/cafe Team Member
2. Seedlings Eatery Team member
3. Kitchen Team Member
4. Kitchen Assistant
5. Community Eats:
-Food prep
6. Sprouts Box Helpers

Sprouts store/cafe Team member:
Working in the Sprouts store/cafe and with the assistance of a Sprouts board member,
you will be a part of a dynamic team, helping to promote local, organic, and fair-
trade food to the community.

Each shift will be a different experience with opportunities to learn new skills,
connect with other people, and engage in meaningful work.
A typical shift will consist of:
- Engaging with fellow customers and other volunteers
-Serving customers our daily vegan soup and delightful baked foods
-Making coffee, reheating/refilling soup, restocking produce
-Cleaning and sanitizing dishes, equipment
-Maintaining the tidiness of our community space
-Assisting with the facilitation of Community Eats (Friday volunteers only)
Sprouts team members are needed for 3 hour long shifts, Monday to Friday between
the hours of 9am-5pm. You will be given the opportunity to submit your availability
so that the shift can coordinate with your class schedule.

Seedlings Eatery Team member
As an offshoot of Sprouts, Seedlings is our most recent initiative: a cafe and eatery,
specializing in a raw and vegan menu and specialty drinks.

Team members are needed for 3 hour long shifts (flexible), between the hours of
Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm. You will be given the opportunity to submit your
availability so that the shift coordinates with your class schedule.

Depending on the time of the day, shifts will differ in their duties:
All shifts will consist of tasks such as: food prep, cooking, making specialty hot
drinks (barista), engaging with customers, cash handling, cleaning, and more.

Morning shifts typically focus more on preparing for the lunch rush: Food prep and
making menu items, serving customers breakfast, making drinks.
Lunch Rush shifts can be fast paced work! There will be extensive customer service
and food prep: taking orders, assembling food items, and serving customers.
Afternoon shifts typically focus on preparing ingredients for the next day and
ensuring store is ready to be closed for the day.
Due to the large number of applicants we receive for Seedlings, preferences will be
given to those with Barista experience and food safe certification. Nonetheless,
training will be provided and we welcome everyone to apply.

Kitchen Team Member
Under the guidance and supervision of the kitchen manager, volunteers will help
prepare, cook, and bake food to be served in the Sprouts cafe.

A typical shift involves chopping veggies, mixing up spices, baking all sorts of bread
and delicious baked goods, and clean up. If you are interested in experiencing what it
is like to cook in an industrial kitchen, meet other foodies, and develop your kitchen
skills, come lend a hand in our kitchen!
No experience required as kitchen managers and assistants will be on-site to share
their knowledge. As well, many learning opportunities will arise for volunteers to
learn from each other.
Volunteers are required to commit to weekly shifts of 2 hours in order for the
experience to be meaningful. There is a choice between
-Tuesday: 5:45pm-10pm (or earlier, depending on when everything is done)
-Sunday noon-6 pm (or earlier, depending on when everything is done)
Feel free to come on one of the days or both!
Kitchen Assistants
If you have are interested in leading others in the kitchen and sharing your food
knowledge, we are looking for kitchen assistants who would be interested in taking on
a large role of overseeing the kitchen shifts alongside the kitchen manager. Training
will be provided. The time commitment would be a minimum of 4 hours each week,
the duration of the cooking shift (either Tuesday or Sunday).

Community Eats Volunteers
Many helping hands are needed to help with providing a delicious by-donation lunch
to the community every Friday. From food pick-ups, cooking, to serving hungry friends,
volunteering at community eats is a great way to see how a great people can come
together to work on a positive environmental initiative from start to finish.
Positions under Community Eats are:
Community Eats Driver: Collecting donated produce and bread from local distributors.
Vehicle will be provided but driver must have valid licence.
Community Eats Prep Volunteers: Help make a stew, chop veggies, toss a salad,
whip up a dip, and much more at this giant cooking party! Volunteers do not need to commit to weekly shifts. Instead, feel free to drop-in to the AMS kitchen every Thursday starting at 5pm. However, please plan on staying for at least 2 hours. Community Eats Helpers: For all Sprouts store volunteers scheduled to work on
Fridays, the shift will consist of ensuring that Community Eats run smoothly. -prepping food -setting up the store for the expected hungry crowds -serving food, communicating with the kitchen on what is needed in the store - sharing with patrons the goals and purpose of the project and the source of the -Helping with packing up leftovers for donations -Cleaning up the store for the end of the week. Sprouts Box Helpers:
As a collaborated effort with the AMS bike co-op, Sprouts box volunteers will
deliver local and organic produce to residents in the UBC Community. Duties will include: -Sorting and packing produce into boxes -Delivering produce via bike, generously provided by the AMS Bike Co-op. -Engaging with customers about local and seasonal produce. Sprouts Box Helpers are needed every week, on Mondays from 12-4pm. Ideally, we would like volunteers to help out with both packing and delivery of produce, which occurs every Monday. However, if that does not fit with your schedule, a minimum commitment of 2 hours each week would be appreciated. -Sprouts Box Packing (Monday 12-2) -Sprouts Box Bicycle Delivery (Monday 2-4) *All Sprouts box volunteers will receive a special discount on a personal subscription to the Sprouts box

Source: http://www.ubcsprouts.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/VolunteerPosting2013.pdf

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