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Dr. Loay Ahmed Al-Momani
Personal Details
Date of birth: 1970 Place of birth: Al-Ramtha, Jordan Nationality: Jordanian Marital status: Married, have two daughters _________________________________________________________ Contact Information
Working address
Tafila Technical University Phone:+96232250326 Ex.1285 Department of Chemistry Fax:+96232250431 Jordan.
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homepage_________________________________________________________ Education
Ph.D in Chemistry, Philipps-University Marburg, German “Synthesis,
Structural and Functional Analysis of Membrane Permanent Ion 10/2001-12/2004
Philipps-University Marburg, Germany.
Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany. Ph.D. student, Organic Chemistry,
as a scholarship holder of the (German Academic Exchange 01/1993-12/1995
Master degree in Chemistry, Yarmouk University, Jordan.“Synthesis,
Study and Reactions of Isoxazole and Isoxazoline compounds via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloadditions of Aromatic Nitrile Oxide”. Cumulative Average: 08/1988-06/1992
Bachelor Degree in Chemistry,Jordan. Cumulative
The general Secondary Education Examinationk, Percentage Average:
Teaching and Research Activities
and 102) and organic chemistry (all organic chemistry courses, special topics in organic chemistry and organic spectroscopy) at the 09/2007-09/2009
Chairman of chemistry department at the Tafila Technical University.

Postdoctoral research, in the research group of
at the Albert Ludwig University/ Freiburg, Germany. In this research, products of the chorismate biosynthesis pathway are used as building block for chemical synthesis of some bioactive natural products. The other mission of me in the pharmaceutical chemistry institute is the assistant and the organiser the second semester lab. for general

Teaching assistant of general chemistry lab for pharmacy students at the
Freiburg, Germany.


Teaching assistant of general chemistry lab for biology and medicine
students at Philipps University, Germany.
Supervisor of undergraduate students in organic synthesis during the Ph.D. thesis. 12/1996-12/1998
Teaching assistant for general and organic chemistry laboratories at 10-02/1996
Part-time lecturer for general chemistry and general chemistry laboratories at Jerash University,Jordan. 1994-1996
Teacher of chemistry and science for secondary school students, ministry


Teaching assistant for the general chemistry lab 107 at Yarmouk
University during the preparation of M.Sc.
________________________________________________________________________ Languages
Intensive course of German language in Goethe Institute in Göttingen, Germany. The DSH exam “The German as a forign language” was made Languages
Arabic as a mother language, English and German as foreign
________________________________________________________________________ Software
Standard software. MS-Word .Powerpoint, Excel, Origin, and Corel Draw. ________________________________________________________________________ 06/2012-09/2012
Research Stays and Study Visits for University Academics and Scientists. The research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Müller at the Albert-Ludwig-University/ Freiburg, Germany. 06/2011-09/2011
Research Stays and Study Visits for University Academics and Scientists. The research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Müller at the Albert-Ludwig-University/ Freiburg, Germany. 06/2010-09/2010
Research Stays and Study Visits for University Academics and Scientists. The research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Müller at the Albert- 06/2009-09/2009
Research Stays and Study Visits for University Academics and Scientists. The research group of Prof. Dr. Michael Müller at the Albert- Research Stays and Study Visits for University Academics and Scientists, re-invitation Programme for Former Scholarship Holders. ________________________________________________________________________ Conferences
1. Member of the scientific committee of the
University/Irbid-Jordan and Jordanian Chemical Society, held from 19- 2. Member of the scientific committee of the organized
by University of Jordan/Amman-Jordan and Jordanian Chemical Society, 6-10. October. 2010, The Dead Sea, Jordan. "14th Arab Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (acc-14)", Tripoli (Libya) on 31 March- 03 April, 2008, Abstract IL-BIO 01, p 83. Member of the organizing committee of the University/Tafila-Jordan and Jordanian Chemical _____________________________________________________________________ Publications
Before 2004
1. Abu-Orabi S.T., Jibril I. and Al-Momani L. A., “Synthesis of Isoxazole
and Isoxazoline Derivatives and their Reactions with Hydrazine”. Asian Journal of Chemistry 1999, 11, 1276-1282
1. Al-Momani L.,“Synthesis, Structural and Functional Analysis of
Membrane Permanent Ion Channels”.VVB Laufersweiler Verlag, Wettenberg/Germany 2004, ISBN 3-89687-694-5.
2. Andronesi O. C., Pfeifer J. R., Al-Momani L., Özdirekcan S., Rijkers D.
T. S., Angerstein B., Luca S., Koert U., Killian J. A., Baldus M., “Probing
Membrane Protein Orientation and Structure under Fast Magic-Angle- Spinning Solid State NMR”, Journal of Biomolecular NMR 2004, 30, 253-
3. Koert U., Al-Momani L., Pfeifer J., “Synthetic Ion Channels”,
Synthesis 2004,1129-1146.
1. Xie X, Al-Momani L., Reiß P., Griesinger C., Koert U.,”An Asymmetric
Ion Channel Derived from Gramicidin A: Synthesis, Function and NMR Structure”. European Journal of Biochemistry 2005, 272, 975-986.
2. Al-Momani L., Reiß P., Koert U., “A Lipid Dependence in the
Formation of Twin Ion Channels”. Biochemical and Biophysical Research
2005, 328, 342-347.
1. Abu-Orabi S.T., Saleh M, Al-Momani L., Jibril I., Yousef Y., “Synthesis
of Mono- and Bis-Triazoles via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Azide Derivatives with Naphtho- and Benzoquinone” Jordan Journal of 2. Saparov S.M., Pfeifer J.R., Al-Momani L., Portella G., de Groot B.L.,
Koert U., Pohl P., “Mobility of a one-dimensional confined file of water molecules as a function of the file length”. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2006, 96,
1. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, Nuha A. Abu-Naaj, Sami Klaib, Lo´ay Al-
Momani, Ibrahim Jibril, "Synthesis of some 1,2,4-Triazolyl-1,2,3-Triazole
Derivatives: (1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction)"
2. Bisel Ph., Al-Momani L., Müller M., “tert-Butyl group in Chemistry
and Biology” Org. Biomol. Chem., 2008, 6, 2655-2665.
3. Reiß Ph., Al-Momani L., Koert U.
2008, 9, 377-379.
1. Sultan, T. Abu-Orabi, Nuha A. Abu-Naaj and Lo’ay Al-Momani,
"Synthesis, study and Charecterization of some 1,2,3-Triazolo-1,3,4-
oxadiazole Derivatives via Dehydration Reactions of Carbohydrazides" 1. Johannes Bongaerts, Simon Esser, Volker Lorbach, Lo'ay Al-Momani,
Michael A. Müller, Dirk Franke, Christoph Grondal, Anja Kurutsch, Robert Bujnicki, Ralf Takors, Leon Raeven, Marcel Wubbolts, Roel Bovenberg, Martin Nieger, Melanie Schürmann, Natalie Trachtmann, Stefan Kozak, Georg A. Sprenger and Michael Müller. “Diversity-Oriented Production of Metabolites Derived from Chorismate and Their Use in Organic Synthesis2011, 50, 7781-7786.
Lo’ay Al-Momani, “Hydroxy-L-Prolines as Asymmetric Catalysts
for Aldol, Michael addition and Mannich reactions” 2. Lo’ay Al-Momani, "Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyproline
Ferrocene-Conjugated Derivatives" Jordan Journal of Chemistry, 2012, 7,
Hydroxyproline conjugates: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Properties” Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2013, 394, 176-183.
Waleed Azzam, Lo’ay Al-Momani, “A new Striped-phase of
Decanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au (111) Formed at a High 2. Simultaneous Determination of Cetirizine and Pseudoephedrine
Combined in Tablet Dosage Form by High Performance Liquid


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