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ROBOSONIC :: Yasmin :: Release Informations
Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl,
The Coconut Wireless
12“ [vinyl] maxi
January 2007
electro-house, techno, minimal
discomania, groove distribution
EPM music online

A1: YASMIN (original)
B1: YASMIN (Koletzki & Meindl Remix)
B2: YASMIN (The Coconut Wireless Remix)

Here comes the first official 12” of ROBOSONIC. After various remixes and bootlegs to be found in numerous
record cases, their debut album “Sturm und Drang” is in the pipeline.
The Berlin-based young independent DJ-Team and producer duo ROBOSONIC [made up of Sacha Robotti
and Henning “Schall” Labuhn] has so far been tearing clubs, illegal raves, parades and festivals apart, playing
an innovative and wild mix of electronic music - accordingly, they see themselves as providers of “muscular
dance entertainment for junkies & joggers”.
This maxisingle contains their two intelligent club tracks “Yasmin” and “Die Kinder vom Kotti”.
Both tracks provide an insight into what we can expect from the album: fresh, beautiful, edgy, deep, unusual,
groovy, minimal and maximally arranged music with intellect and emotion in a dancefloor nutshell.
“Yasmin” is a track that makes you feel good. The beauty of it lies in the simplicity and sharpness of its
melody and and its emotionally crafted sound texture. Goose skin!!
“Die Kinder vom Kotti” on the other hand is a soundscape-like techhouse adventure of ROBOSONIC taking
place in the Berlin’s Kreuzberg area. The track is transpersed with field recordings and drips with atmosphere.
OLIVER KOLETZKI [Cocoon/Stil vor Talent] is joined by FLORIAN MEINDL [Stil Vor Talent/Resopal/Trapez]
for their remix of “Yasmin” – the result of their efforts is a great functional peaktime club smasher.
The “Yasmin” remix by THE COCONUT WIRELESS [Kontor/Poptowncity Recordings], a “harder” and more
straightforward version of the original track, is destined to fit in record cases of electrohouse DJs.
for more info check the web @ - -
UnderCoverArt // Diskomafia | Baerwaldstr. 4 | 10961 Berlin | Germany, Europe | fon [+49] (0)30-747.872.47 | [email protected]


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