Scottish tourism forum

Scottish Tourism Alliance
Notes STA Council Meeting
16 January 2013
EICC, Edinburgh
Council Members Present: Linda Battison, Gordon Watson, Henk Berits, Fiona Bewers, Lee Cousins, Ian Fordham. Sue Gruellich, Robert Kidd, Keith Legge, Willie Macleod, Marion Oates, Alasdair Smart, David Smythe, Mike Story, Stewart Walker, Caroline Warburton, Jeanette Wilson, Robin Worsnop. Board Members Present: Stephen Leckie, Willie Macleod*, Calum Ross, Martin Bennett, Jeanette Wilson*, Rebecca Brooks, Marina Huggett. Note future meetings just Stephen Leckie and Marc Crothall will attend from the

Board Members Absent:
Gordon Dewar, James Withers, Fiona Moriarty, Patrick Elsmie
* Now move off the board to the Council
Claire Bruce, Terry Goddard, Alan Rankin, James Stuart.
In attendance
Marc Crothall, Elaine Townsend. Part of the meeting - David Liddle, Scottish Government.

Stephen Leckie welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked everyone to introduce themselves and
which organisation they were here to represent.
Stephen then explained following a discussion in the board meeting that day that it had been decided
not to run with an official agenda but instead have an open discussion about expectations and role of
the Council. He also advised that the appointment of a Council Chair ( which is now proposed by the
board the to be titled "Convener" so as to avoid any confusion in industry with the role of
Chair STA which will continue to be Stephen Leckie) would not be decided today as it was
felt that Council members should have the opportunity to get know each other before reaching such a
decision - there were no objections made.
SL provided a summary overview of where the STA had come from through its transition from STF and
outlined what the Board saw as being the role of the Council and how and the frequency the Council
would meet interact ( as per notification of role of Council member).
A General discussion took place and the following discussion points/ questions were noted:
Where does the STA see most value from to be able to achieve the goals?
The Council can contribute to the credibility/efficiency in the delivery of the Strategy. Send information to the Council on the progress of the 5 key drivers. Those present were unsure of the role of the Council. Why they were at the meeting. Where the council fits within the delivery of the Strategy/with the STA. Important to be practical as to what can be achieved within certain timescales, given other commitments/workloads that people have. Set out the priorities in order of importance - how will prioritisation be resolved? Each council member will differ in their priorities - form ad-hoc smaller working groups to meet in between the council meetings and then feedback to the main meetings. Put together an Operational/Implementation Plan. Gather as much information as possible and communicate it out. Important to highlight the key issues the STA board and TLG are facing. Ensure the customer journey is joined up. Demonstrate the strategy in operating plans - Government must have this on their agenda. Engagement with the public sector - where is the 'pinch point' between industry/government? Strong engagement with public/private sector brings a positive outcome. Information should be filtered through a monthly summary. Important to have consistency in the messaging. STA needs the council to assist in the delivery of the strategy. In bringing the discussions to a close it was agreed that the next step should be for the STA office to Send out a Survey Monkey to collate feedback re preferred meetings times/frequency.- ET to action There was a resounding message and acknowledgement by the board that there needs to be better and more regular STA communication which needs to be clear, concise, and consistent - MC advised that a communications plan has been drawn up and the first of a new-monthly update will be issued in January.


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