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__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT & THE COMPANY

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON COMPONENTS
SUBSTANCE: Chemical name or usual name: Mixture of methacrylic resin based on Bisgma Silica, barium glass fillers, stabilizers, benzoyl peroxyde (catalyst) Camphorquinone, amine accelerator, pigment (base) ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. IDENTIFICATION OF DANGER
The uncured product may cause skin irritation in repeated contact _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. FIRST AID
SKIN CONTACT : Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water EYE CONTACT: Flush immediately with plenty of water until irritation stops MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

Issued: January 10, 2013
__________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. FIRE MEASURES
In case of fire and/or explosion do not breathe fumes PROTECTION OF THE INTERVENING PERSONNAL: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. MEASURES IN CASE OF ACCIDENTAL DISPERSION
Clean up with alcohol and water and soap MEASURES FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT : Wash contaminated area with alcohol and soap & water Dump or burn under controlled conditions Contact local regulation authority for advice OTHER: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. STORAGE & HANDLING
- Recommended: store at dry and dark place, at 3-8°C for prolonged period Overheating (≥20°C), do not expose opened syringe to direct sunlight, recap tightly after use Inappropriate materials: Strong oxidizers, free radical initiators, peroxide, metal powders MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

Issued: January 10, 2013
__________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. CONTROLS OF THE EXPOSURE / INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION
Eye protective measures : not required if used according to protocol Use normal hygeniec measures and reasonnable care to avoid skin contact with unpolymerized product __________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES
OTHER: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. STABILITY & REACTIVITY
No hazardous decomposition products in normal conditions of use MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

Issued: January 10, 2013
__________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATIONS
may occur skin irritation if repeated contact may occur irritation to eyes if unintentional contact Possible allergic reaction to methacrylate by chronic exposure to the product __________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATIONS
POSSIBLE IMPACT TO THE ENVIRONMENT / ECOTOXICITY: OTHER : __________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. ELIMINATION INFORMATIONS
Use proper landfill disposal or incineration in accordance with local, state and federal regulations DESTROYING PROCEDURE OF CONTAMINATED PACKAGING: Burn in a suitable incerator for packaging or contact local regulations or authorities for advice Since regulations vary , contact local regulations or authorities for advice __________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. TRANSPORT INFORMATIONS
The product does not fall under the transportation classification for dangerous product __________________________________________________________________________________________ 15. INFORMATIONS ACCORDING TO REGULATIONS
__________________________________________________________________________________________ 16. OTHER INFORMATIONS
This sheet completes the technical sheet of use but it doesn't replace it . The informations contained in this sheet are based on our best knowledge of the product at the date 10.01.2013. They represent our current data and best opinion as to the proper use in handling of this product under normal conditions . Any use of the product which is not in conformance with this data sheet or which involves using the product in combination with any other product or any other process is the responsibility of the user.



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