The Chairman’s Action Report
April 23, 2009
RFC sent a new shipment of medical supplies to Amman, Jordan for use in clinics that assist Iraqi
Christian refugees. The shipment went to our ministry associates in Jordan for distribution to the
clinics. This month’s shipment has a value of $14,000 and includes antibiotics, antihistamines,
analgesics, antipyretics, anti-invectives, anthelmintics, antitussives and anti-inflammatory drugs. There
are also GI medications such as Famotidine and local anesthetics such as Lidocaine. The shipment also
contains general supplies such as latex gloves, bandages and gauze.

The standard shipment contains some vitamins, but not enough. Our ministry associate in
Amman requested 10,000 more tablets of multivitamins for adults as well as 10,000 chewable animal
shaped tablets for children. 10,000 tablets are enough for 333 people for 30 days. The extra vitamin
tablets were added to the shipment. We were able to purchase the additional vitamins for just $14.00
per 1,000 tablets; that is just 1.4 cents each!

At wholesale prices $14,000 buys a lot of medical supplies, particularly when they are
packaged in bulk. For example pills are packaged in bottles of 1,000 and some drugs are in powder
form to be mixed with water by the doctors so that patients can take them in liquid form by the

Thanks to the generosity of the supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition, the drugs and
the shipping costs were paid for in full in advance. In addition we supplied the funds to our ministry
partner in Jordan for food distribution to Iraqi Christian families during April as well.

CLINTON PETITION DRIVE – The secular media has been reporting that Iraqi refugees are
returning home and that security in Iraq has improved. That may well be true for Muslims, but it is not
true for Christians. Most of the Christian homes in Bagdad were taken over by Muslim extremists
during the six years of the war. Christians have no homes to return to. Churches still have barricades
around them and the pastors still must hide during the week, and the pews are mostly empty during the
Sunday services.

The single biggest problem for Christians is the refusal of the government of the United States
to have a policy for religious minorities in Iraq. Just as the Bush Administration did before, the Obama
Administration is pretending that Iraq has a normal democracy. How bizarre, when the Constitution of
that nation allows for discrimination against Christians and others. If the U.S. government has no
policy regarding persecuted Christians, the Iraqi government will do nothing to help them.

This is why the Religious Freedom Coalition began a petition program two years ago directed
at then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. When Senator Hillary Clinton took over as Secretary of
State under Barack Obama, we suspended the petition campaign to give her a chance to do the right
thing by Iraqi Christians. I delivered letters in person to Senator Clinton asking for her help with Iraqi
Christian refugees, even before she was confirmed as Secretary of State. Several congressmen and
Senators also wrote to her both before and after her confirmation. Secretary Clinton has failed to
respond to our letters and to the letters of congressmen and Senators. The United States still has no
official policy regarding the persecution of Iraqi Christians.

In March we began the petition campaign again, this time targeting Secretary Hillary Clinton.
We have issued both a paper and an Internet version of the petition drive asking Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton to formulate a policy to stop the persecution of Christians in Iraq and to aid those Iraqi
Christians who have been forced to flee. More than 100,000 paper copies of the petition have been

You can really help with the petition drive by sending the online version to your friends. Just
go and then use your Internet browser to forward the copy of the
petition to others. We need a lot more signatures than we have. All of the petitions to former Secretary
of State Rice were delivered. This means we need to start over again. I think a lot of people think they
signed the petition once and that is all that is needed. That is not the case! With Secretary of State
Clinton we are starting over again from signature number one.

WHO IS THE ENEMY? – There seems to be some confusion in Obama’s Administration as
to who the enemies of the United States are. During a stop in Turkey after the G20 meetings in Europe,
President Obama made the statement that he and America had "respect" for Islam. Unfortunately, the
Islamic nations have no respect for America, for democracy, or for Obama. One example is our ally
Saudi Arabia. Saudi cleric Khaled Al-Khlewi believes that Mohammad set a good example by killing
Jews, and teaches children they should hate Jews also. These are the teachings of our "Saudi allies."
Below is part of a transcript of a TV show the “cleric” did with young children:

Khaled Al-Khlewi: How old are you, Omar?
Omar: Eight years old.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Do you like the Jews?
Omar: No.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: You hate them. Why do you hate them? What did the Jews do?
Omar: They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. They wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad. And what are they doing
to our Muslim brothers now? They are killing them. When you curse them, what do you say? “Oh
Omar: Oh God, destroy the Jews.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: Well done. “And support…”?
Omar: The Muslims.
Khaled Al-Khlewi: The Muslims. Well done, my dear. Do you want to come with me to Saudi
Arabia? I have a son like you, called Abdallah. You can play with him. Will you come with me? Will
you give me this nice jacket you are wearing? Let me give you some water… May Allah protect you. I
will give you this book and some water. Goodbye, my dear.

THE ENEMY IS US? – More than 90% of the mosques in the United States are funded in
some way by the Saudis and use their “teaching” materials. In the Saudi Academy just outside
Washington, DC children are taught that democracy is an apostate religion that must be destroyed and
replaced with strict Sharia law.

Yet the liberals who are now in charge of Homeland Security believe that those who favor
traditional marriage and protection of the unborn are a threat -- not those who teach radical Islam. The
new chief of Homeland Security has no concerns about Islamberg in New York, which is one of
dozens of Muslim-only communities with gun ranges. But she sees you and me as a threat!

I am sure you have read from numerous sources about the new report by the Office of

Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security on “rightwing extremism.” When
President George W. Bush conceived the idea of a Department of Homeland Security after the 9-11
Jihad attack on the United States, many of us had concerns about the centralized control of so many
law enforcement agencies. I and others had fears of what would happen if such a powerful department
fell into the hands of a radical Administration. Now, our fears have been realized. Homeland Security
is in the hands of leftists who believe conservative Americans are a greater danger to America than
Islamic extremists.

Not even 100 days into the Obama Administration, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet

Napolitano issued a directive to state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide to watch for
"rightwing extremists" and then defined these "rightwing extremists" as people concerned with illegal
immigration, abortion, increasing federal power and restrictions on firearms.

The nine page report used the term “rightwing extremists” thirty-five times. None of us were

supposed to know about this warning issued to law enforcement agencies. At the bottom of the title
page was the statement, “not to be released to the public, the media, or other personnel who do not
have a need to know.” If this document was meant to be kept secret, why do we all know about it?
Because about 85% of the sheriffs in the United States are “rightwing extremists” as that term is
defined in the report. In all but a handful of states, the majority of counties went to McCain in the last
election. While Barack Obama won the most heavily populated counties, it is conservatives who still
control the great majority of counties in the United States. Even in California the majority of counties
have Republican sheriffs, almost all of whom are very conservative. Sheriffs all over the nation were
so infuriated by the report, which actually painted them as “rightwing extremists,” that they released it
to the media almost immediately after they received it.

Still, the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is more concerned with “veterans

returning from Iraq and Afghanistan” than with imams teaching hatred in isolated all-Muslim towns,
should be of great concern to everyone. If the Department of Homeland Security is going to spend its
resources spying on me because I am a “rightwing extremist,” then they are necessarily going to be
spending less resources on individuals who are genuine threats.

CONGRESSIONAL RECESS – For a two week period that included Passover, Good Friday
and Easter, Congress was in recess. But, there was no mention of "Easter Recess" at Speaker Nancy
Pelosi's Internet site. There was also no mention at all of any kind of recess at the Internet sites of the
Majority Leader nor the Majority Whip. Congress, according to the majority leaders, was just sort of
not on Capitol Hill for two weeks, with no reason given at all. The majority Whip site did not even
have a return date on the calendar posted there. Not even the Republican leaders used the term Easter.
At Eric Cantor’s Minority Whip site the two week absence was described as a "District Work Period;
however, it did show the Passover and Easter dates. The recess ended on April 20th.

COLLEGE PUNISHES STUDENTS FOR PRAYING - A California college has been sued
by two students because they were threatened with suspension when one prayed and the other
happened to be there with her. The College of Alameda made it clear to both students that no prayers
were allowed on campus, not even by students on their free time. A lawsuit has been filed in the case.

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AND PORN - A triple X- rated porn film, Pirates II:
Stagnetti's Revenge, was scheduled to show on Easter Weekend this year on the University of
Maryland campus as part of an officially approved event. University officials had no problem with the
hard core porn movie, which among other things showed abuse of women, until a state Senator

When Maryland state Senator Andrew Harris learned of the porn showing which included
varying degrees of rape, group sex and violence, he took action. He introduced an amendment to a
spending bill that would cut off funds to any public institution that allowed the showing of hard core
porn. This changed the mind of University of Maryland officals, who then canceled the film.

All of this occurred during the week or so preceding Easter, and the showing of the porn was to
have been on Easter weekend. The University of Maryland will not allow any public displays of
“religious materials” during “Spring break.”

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AND PRAYER – Same school, different issue. The student
Senate of the University of Maryland voted to ban any prayer at the commencement service this year.
The decision was made, perhaps, because those who prefer porn films on campus may have their
feelings hurt by prayer. Once the news of the cancellation of a commencement prayer got out, the
University's president, C. D. Mote, Jr., was forced to overrule the Senate because of the adverse
publicity for the school.

WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG HUNT -- Did homosexual and lesbian parents participate
with their children in Easter egg hunts at the White House during the Bush Administration? The
answer is yes. The number of “gays” who may have brought children to the Bush White House is
unknown because no one asked; there was no requirement for a parent to reveal sexual "orientation" in
order to bring a child.

But President Barack Obama set an actual quota system that denied some children entrance
into the annual Easter egg hunt at the White House because their parents are not homosexuals or
lesbians. This is what liberals do not understand: setting quotas to assure representation of members of
one certain group, denies access to members of other groups. By setting aside a block of slots just for
the children of homosexuals and lesbians, President Barack Obama has made it clear that their group is
more important than all other groups of people such as Catholics, Jews, Chinese, or whatever.

A FINAL EASTER ITEM - Just after the politically correct egg hunt, the White House
admitted they had ordered religious symbols to be covered during an Obama teleprompter event at
Georgetown University. President Obama read from teleprompters at the Catholic school a few days
after Easter. It was obvious that tarps had been placed to hide something in the background behind
President Obama. University spokesman Andy Pino said, "In coordinating the logistical arrangements
for the event, Georgetown honored the White House staff's request to cover all of the Georgetown
University signage and symbols behind the Gaston Hall stage." The White House has been forced to
confirm the University's account of events.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742.8990 *

Source: http://rfcnet.org/pdfs/pdf2009/09f06internet.pdf


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