Congratulations to the City’s newest retirees for the months of January, February, March, and April! Thank you for your years of dedicated service. Stephen Acquart, Fire, 38 Years
Joe Rodriguez, Development Services,
Preventive Exams P.2
Lawrence De Luna, Parks & Recreation,
Tobacco Cessation P.3
Maria Rodriguez, Downtown Operations,
Fernando Esparza, Human Services, 31 Years
Wellness Program Update P.3
Yolanda Fuentes, Municipal Courts, 28 Years
Roger Rodriguez, Development Services,
Joining Your Ranks P.4
Richard Gallegos, Animal Care Services, 30 Years
Richard Santana, Downtown Operations,
Joaquin Gomez, Development Services,
Message from City Manager Sheryl Sculley Welcome to the latest elements into the program as it Eusebio Rayos, Convention, Sports, &
Celia De Hoyos, Parks & Recreation, 31 Years
Matters. I hope this program can be found in the Retiree Janie Hernandez, Library, 27 Years
Maria Torres, Convention & Visitors
finds you enjoying the Wellness Program Update on page Estella Jimenez, Human Services, 20 Years
Gary Johnson, Finance, 35 Years
Samuel Torres, Health, 21 Years
Rose Lawson, Human Services, 35 Years
Esteban Tovar, Public Works, 23 Years
Charles Mesa, Parks & Recreation, 26 Years
Rosita Vargas, Development Services,
Charles Pruski, Health, 38 Years
Anita Ramirez, Police, 34 Years
We are in the process of developing of the Half Tablet and Mail Order If you choose to opt
out of City retiree
health care benefits,
e l i g i b i l i t y
In support of retirees and their health, I ReCoSA. p e r m a n e n t l y e n d
couple of months we have kicked off Please let us know if there are topics c o n t i n u o u s
those of you participating in the City’s enrollment in another
future issue of Retiree Matters – we group health plan and
continue to host these events, and c o s a r e t i r e e @ s a n a n t o n i o . g o v o r retiree health care
coverage within 31
d a y s

involuntary loss of
that coverage.

To notify the City of San Antonio of an wants to know. address or phone number change, questions about your Without a current mailing address on mail a letter to Human Resources file with TMRS, you will miss out on all Customer Service or send an email to City’s retiree health the great information they send to care benefits program, retirees. To update your address, please contact Human phone number, or name with TMRS, Remember, the Human Resources Resources Customer complete the Address or Name Department moved in January, and S e r v i c e Change Form found at our new address is listed on page and fax it to (512) 476-5576 or mail it three. Do You Take Prescription Drugs?
Choose Life, Quit Tobacco
For your convenience, non-Medicare and Medicare-eligible retirees on the City’s health Although it can save your life, quitting tobacco is City of San Antonio
plans, through UnitedHealthcare and Humana, can have the maintenance medications definitely not easy. Here are some tools to support Human Resources
they take every day delivered right to their door, up to a maximum of a 90-day supply. you in your efforts to break up with tobacco. Customer Service
Signing up to have the prescription drugs you take on a daily basis delivered to you at New for 2012, under the City’s prescription drug 111 Soledad, Ste. 100 home eliminates the need for you to stand in long lines at your local pharmacy. plan, non-Medicare retirees have access to several Medications are delivered to you in packaging that avoids spoilage on a date that works prescription tobacco cessation drugs, including for your schedule. This is also the best way to ensure that your 90-day supply is Buproban, Chantix, Nicotrol, and Zyban. You are also eligible for tobacco available to you when you need it. For non-Medicare retirees, purchasing a 90-day
cessation provider discounts through UnitedHealthcare. To find a provider near supply of your prescription medications typically costs less than buying a 30-day supply three
times. This also holds true for Medicare-eligible retirees who use the mail-order benefit.
Medicare-eligible retirees should visit or contact Group Medicare Customer Care at Simply by going to or calling 1-888-572-4074, retirees who are enrolled in one of the City’s Humana Medicare Advantage plans can 1-866-396-8810 to enroll in Humana’s mail-order benefit. To participate in UnitedHealthcare’s Mail Order access QuitNet Comprehensive. This tobacco cessation program provides [email protected] Pharmacy Program, non-Medicare retirees should call UnitedHealthcare Customer Care at 1-800-996-2078 or visit nicotine replacement therapy, phone counseling, and website support. In addition to the Mail Order Pharmacy Program, non-Medicare retirees, with the approval of their primary Davis Vision
care physician, can participate in the Half Tablet Program to save up to 50% on their prescription drug
Retiree Wellness Program Update
costs, if their medication qualifies. With the Half Tablet Program, you take the same medication at the
In March 2012, the City, in partnership with ReCoSA, same strength that you normally would, yet you save money on medications you take on a regular basis. launched the Retiree Wellness Program for retirees Here’s How it Works:
who are on one of the City’s health plans through Humana Group
• Your doctor writes a new prescription for twice the strength and half the quantity, noting your intent to UnitedHealthcare and Humana. The Retiree Medicare
Wellness Program provides retirees with the • A new prescription is filled and you automatically pay half your usual cost. opportunity to attend FREE bi-monthly health &
• Split each tablet and take half. You get your usual supply for half the price. wellness fairs and lunch & learns sessions about various health-related topics. Complimentary For more information about the Half Tablet Program, contact UnitedHealthcare Customer Care. refreshments are provided at Retiree Wellness Program events and spouses/domestic partners are welcome to attend. Make Preventive Exams a Priority
The program’s kickoff event was a Retiree Health & Wellness Fair on March Preventive care plays a critical role in managing your overall health. Not only can it 28th, which was followed by a Retiree Lunch & Learn session about detect medical conditions before they become serious, but it can help prevent them. Additionally, preventive care can not only impact your physical health, but For more information about the Retiree Wellness Program or to RSVP for the your financial health as well – the healthier you are, the better chance you have at COSA Retiree Liaison/
May 30th Retiree Health & Wellness Fair at Woodlawn Lake Gym,
keeping your health care costs to a minimum. Wellness checkups, flu shots, as well contact the City’s Employee Wellness Program at 210-207-WELL (9355) or Ombudsman
as dental and vision exams should be part of your annual health routine. Exams such as mammograms, glaucoma tests, bone mass measurements and screenings for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prostate and colon cancer, and Words On ReCoSA
depression should be scheduled annually as well, especially for those who are at high risk for these Texas Municipal
ReCoSA’s Board of Directors has been busy and progress continues to be Retirement System
made on the initiatives reported in the last issue of Retiree Matters. The Health Whether you are on one of the City’s health plans or not, most preventive exams should be 100% Benefits Committee has been meeting with the City in preparation for the 1-800-924-8677 covered. Be sure to check your plan for specific details and share your preventive exam results with your budget process to learn how retiree health benefits may be affected in the primary care physician; maintaining a detailed history of your exams and screenings is essential to your coming year. The TMRS Committee is preparing for the next legislative overall preventive health care plan. If you are not exactly sure what kind of preventive exams apply to you, session, and all other committees have met or are scheduled to meet in the a helpful resource can be found online at You simply type in your age and UnitedHealthcare
near future. The Human Resources Department will be adding a page about gender and a list of suggested preventive exams and screenings is instantly provided, along with a ReCoSA to the retiree section of its website. As has been mentioned recommended immunization schedule. You can also ask your doctor for a list of preventive exams. throughout the newsletter, a Retiree Wellness Program was launched in Even if you are feeling great, actively engaging in preventive care means you are taking control of your March, and attendance at the events has been growing. We hope to see many health and could possibly be saving your own life. Make preventive care a priority – your family will thank of you at future events. Please continue to visit us online at


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PROGRAM BENEFITS CONSENT FOR YOUR CHILD All patients will receive an oral health screening, ______________________________________________ fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instruction by the ( Name of Child) I give permission for my child to be examined and/or Most patients will receive all their necessary dental treated by the dental provider representing Commonwea

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