Important Information about Your 2009 Prescription Drug Benefit
Throughout my years of practicing medicine, I’ve found that getting the best buy takes action…
even with prescription drugs. I’d like to explain what a best buy is when it comes to your prescriptions
— and the steps you can take to find it. Here’s what I mean by a best buy. When thinking about a drug, you should first consider how well it works and whether it’s safe. Then you should think about how much it costs. A drug that costs more but doesn’t do more isn’t a best buy. Consider these little-known When you spend more on prescription drugs, you aren’t always getting more. Many patients who take expensive drugs will do just as well with drugs that cost less. Generic and lower-cost brand drugs are often equally effective and more affordable.
Drugs on Your Preferred Drug List Are Your Best Buys
What was a good buy in the past isn’t necessarily a good buy today. That’s why every year, it’s Express
Scripts’ role to recommend preferred drug list updates to your benefit fund. We evaluate drugs to see, first, how effective and safe they are, then how affordable. Prescription drugs that meet these standards are included in your preferred drug list. Next year, some alternative brands and generic drugs will be added while other drugs will no longer be included. Your plan’s three-tier structure is designed to provide the most savings with the tier-1 generics or tier-2 drugs that are on your 2009 preferred drug list.* Drugs not on your preferred drug list will remain available, but you will pay at the highest (tier-3)
copayment level.
Getting the Best Buy Takes Action
Because of these changes, the amount you pay for your prescription drugs may increase… unless you act. So when it’s time to refill your prescription for 2009, talk to your doctor. The attached information shows specific drugs affected and can help you and your doctor find best prescription buys based on your plan’s preferred drug list. For more information, visit www.express-scripts.com or call Express Scripts — the company chosen to manage your pharmacy benefit — at the number on the back of your prescription-drug ID card. Sincerely,
Ed Weisbart, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Medical Affairs Express Scripts

Drugs Being Removed from the Preferred List – Effective January 1, 2009
estradiol patches
ACTOplus Met
Follistim AQ,
Fosamax Solution
Actonel/Plus Calcium
Zomig Nasal
Proventil HFA
ProAir HFA
Ventolin HFA

*Generic Alternatives cost you less.

Source: http://www.central-laborers.com/forms/welfare/prescription_drug_jan_2009_notice.pdf

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