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Members of the 2013 Senior Class who will travel as a group will be subject to OPS discipline in addition to the following special regulations for the senior trip on March 4th through March 9th. 1. All going and coming shall be as group action of the entire party. No small groups will be permitted to separate themselves and go on private outings at any time. All students shall have proper respect for themselves, for one another, and for the chaperones. The authority of chaperones shall be considered official and final. No consumption of beer or any alcoholic beverages or use of drugs will be
tolerated at any time. No smoking will be allowed at any time.
Parents will be
notified and expected to come and get their student within twenty-four hours.

Parents of students who will use any medication must complete a written permission slip/medical information form (attached and give to Mrs. McGee prior to departure). Information regarding special medical problems should be given to Mrs. McGee in writing. Be sure to include directions. Basic first aid supplies will be on each bus. (Band aids, cough drops, Dramamine, etc.) Money: Each student is responsible for the security of her/his own money and
possessions. It is urged that credit cards, ATM cards, or cash be used. (It is
suggested that each student carry $100.00 or more to cover the costs of meals, and to
allow some spending money.) Take at least $50.00 in small bills and some change (for
drink machines in hotel).
Bring photo ID (passport or driver’s license). YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO SOME FEDERAL BUILDINGS WITHOUT IT! Because precautions are vital to the safety of all, the following shall be established: Room checks at any time. Students are required to open their doors to
The partner or “buddy” system will be used. Each person must know the whereabouts of his/her partner at all times. Each is responsible to the other. NEVER go anywhere alone - NOT EVEN to the restroom! For the safety of your children, a security company has been hired at each hotel and rules that they deem necessary will be followed. E. Other precautions as necessary to meet prevailing conditions. Proper dress shall be required throughout the trip. Casual attire (no jeans) will be permitted on the long bus trip to Washington and other allowed occasions. See daily dress codes. (appropriate lounge wear for hotel) Dress clothes for all public appointments. Girls - dresses, skirts and blouses, or nice pants outfits for special appointments at the Capitol, Kennedy Center, etc. (No miniskirts, jeans, or clothing similar to jeans.) Dress pant outfits (no casual) may be worn on those days when sightseeing does not include special appointments. The chaperones reserve the right to designate the dress which is suitable for any occasion. Boys - dress pants, coats and ties for all special appointments. NO jeans or clothing similar to jeans while on tours. No camouflage clothing (including jackets.) Bring a few sweaters. Walking shoes for sightseeing. (New shoes should be broken in before trip.) No flip-flop type. Be prepared for all kinds of weather! (Raincoats and umbrellas for rainy weather, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots for cold weather.) Snow is possible during the month of March. Boys’ hair must be neatly trimmed in accordance with OPS regulations. Boys must be clean shaven each day. Bring a bag lunch on the bus that will last all day Monday (first day.) Lunch may be at a rest area that does not provide food. Any other snacks are welcomed! Ice and drinks will be furnished in a cooler on the bus. The privilege of eating and drinking on the bus is relative to your "housekeeping" and can be revoked at any time. No personal coolers of any size. Chaperones will keep any medicine that needs to be kept cool. Tag all of your luggage, camera, umbrellas, and other personal belongings. Take only what you can carry. You are responsible for all of your personal belongings. CD players or IPODS must be used with earphones (headphones included) while on the bus (bus driver rule). They are not to be taken with you while touring. Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone and the land charger. A list of each student’s cell phone number will be on file with all chaperones. All cell phones must be turned off while in touring status. 18. Take cameras, batteries, etc. with you (more expensive in Washington.) Also, take 19. DVDs may be brought. Be select in that no obscene subject matter or inappropriate language is used. 20. All students are reminded of security checkpoints entering federal buildings. All rules and regulations of these destinations must be followed. 21. If you drive your car/truck on Monday morning to leave in the parking lot, please have someone move it before that same evening. BE SURE TO LOCK THE VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES. As we approach Orangeburg on Saturday, your student will call via cell phone to notify you of the estimated time of arrival. (You may leave the car in the student parking lot earlier in the day.)
General Statement - It is expected that each student will conduct himself in a courteous manner
exemplifying proper appearance and behavior while reflecting highest standards of personal integrity
at all times.
The above special rules, as well as the prevailing Orangeburg Preparatory Schools, Inc., rules and
regulations, will be in force and enforced. Consequences are subject to discretion of chaperones and
administration and may be determined upon return from the trip. Chaperones reserve the right to
dismiss the student from the trip at the parent’s expense.
_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Lunch, Baltimore Inner Harbor/Dinner, food court ORANGEBURG PREPARATORY SCHOOLS, INC.
I, accept the regulations as set forward by Orangeburg Preparatory Schools, Inc. ______________________________________________________________________________________ We (I), the parent(s), agree to accept the regulations as stated and hereby give consent for my child, to make this trip. Parent’s Signature


The Orangeburg Preparatory Schools, Inc., chaperones have my permission to get any medical care may require. (Print name of your son/daughter) INSURANCE INFORMATION THAT MAY BE REQUIRED IS AS FOLLOWS: Allergies to Medicines Other Allergies (If time is critical, please send antidote with complete instructions.) Please write any additional information on the reverse side of this form


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