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The Downland Practice has for the last 15 years run a comprehensive travel health advice service through our Practice Nurses. This is now such a specialised area, and the nurses have acquired such experience, that the nurse should be first “port of call” for your holiday health advice. We doctors delegate this service entirely to the nurses, and advise all patients to consult them, not us, about travel health. The nurses offer vaccinations for even the most exotic destination, advice about avoiding malaria (a rapidly-changing area) and general travel health advice. If they cannot help, they know someone who can. To help the service run smoothly and safely, and give you the best possible service, we respectfully ask our patients to note the following points. 1. Time is of the essence! We recommend that you seek advice a minimum of 4-6 weeks before travel – sometimes more – hepatitis B vaccination, for example, takes 3 months to become fully effective. We also have to order in some vaccines specifically for you, some of which take weeks to arrive ….we have no control over this. Having said this, if you have left it a bit late, always book an appointment to talk to the nurses….travel health is by no means all about injections and drugs. 2. There is a lot to discuss, and even more for the nurse to record after you leave, especially for some of the more exotic locations. Therefore a long appointment is needed, and for your initial consultation one long appointment is needed for each person travelling, including children. Each person travelling is an individual and needs tailored advice according to their health and previous vaccination history…even if you’re all going on the same trip! Subsequent appointments, if needed, will be made by the nurse, and will usually be shorter. 3. Well before your appointment, there is some homework to do. We have produced the attached questionnaire about your previous health and travel history. This must be completed before you book your first appointment. 4. This is not an NHS service, and is in addition to the other services provided by the Practice. Some vaccination courses are not covered by NHS regulations, no antimalarial drugs are available free (anywhere!) and there is a charge about which you will be informed when you book your appointment. 5. Whilst on the subject of charges, new NHS regulations relating to regular prescriptions have now come into force. In most cases this restricts supply even of your regular medications, if any, to one month on an NHS prescription. Any further supplies you need for use abroad, and any drugs you require specifically for use outside the UK (e.g. backpackers who occasionally carry with them a short course of antibiotics for travellers’ diarrhoea) have to be prescribed privately by your doctor. This is a government regulation, which applies even if you normally get your medicines free, and is beyond our control. Therefore, if you are taking regular medication you will need to discuss this with your doctor before travelling if you are going to be outside the UK for more than a month. Above all, have a safe and happy holiday! The Downland Practice
Travel Health Appointment Questionnaire
N.B. Please complete one questionnaire for each person travelling…adult or
Please complete as fully as possible and hand to the receptionist when
booking your appointment.
Your answers will help the nurse to give you safe and up-to-date travel advice
tailored to suit you. Remember, everyone is different


Date of Birth:


Date of Travel:

Duration of Trip:

Type of Holiday; (e.g. are you going to a resort, backpacking, on safari, etc.)
Previous vaccinations and dates:

Any medications you are taking (including the contraceptive pill)
Any important health problems:

The following vaccinations are provided free on the National Health Service. Should
you wish to receive certification of vaccines given, there will be a charge of £15.
Hepatitis ‘A’

Additional charges will be made for the following vaccinations: Should you wish to
receive certification of vaccines given, there will be a further charge of £15.
Fever £50.50
Course of three £135.60
Tick borne encephalitis
Japanese encephalitis
Course of three £99.60
£19.30 Course of three £57.90
Hepatitis B <15 years
Course of three £50.10

Malaria protection will depend on which countries are being visited and the length of
stay. Different treatment is recommended for different countries. The following
treatments will be priced by our Pharmacist.




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