 Leave your compression stocking on uninterruptedly for 3 days.
During this time you will be able to shower by rolling the stocking down to the mid thigh and covering the stocking with a plastic bag or  Do not apply moisturiser to your legs on the day of your waterproof overstocking. Alternatively you can shower with them unprotected and dry them by towel and/or hair dryer.
 You may prefer to wear slacks to your appointment as they will  Remove the cotton balls in two to twenty four hours.
 For the next 4 days after the period of uninterrupted compression
you can remove the stocking for brief showers or baths (5-15 minutes) putting the stocking back on again immediately afterwards.
In order to ensure the success of the treatment it is essential that you observe the following instructions:  After one week you may remove the stocking just before going to
bed. But you must put the stocking on again first thing in the  As soon as you leave the clinic you should walk for about 15 minutes morning. At this stage you can wash and dry the stocking overnight. Continue to wear the stocking during the day only for one week (i.e.  DO NOT confine yourself to bed. Walk as much as possible,
a total of two weeks altogether of wearing the stocking). During this preferably at least 30 minutes a day. Walking, by using the calf time you should keep to an absolute minimum the time you spend muscles, actually reduces the pressure in the treated surface veins. standing without the compression stocking.
Walking is also essential to prevent thrombophlebitis (excessive inflammation in the treated vein) and deep vein clots.
 If you have any discomfort in your foot at night which disturbs your sleep, remove the stocking whilst in bed and put it on again before  Avoid standing still for long periods of time (90 minutes+).
getting up at any time through the night or the next morning.
 When sitting (for more than 90 minutes) have legs elevated if  In order to obtain the best possible results, it is essential that your
possible, or else move them every half hour.
attend all scheduled follow-up appointments.
 You will be able to carry on with your normal work or house duties  Always bring your compression stocking along for each
but you should avoid vigorous exercises or strenuous activities (e.g. squash, high impact aerobics) for the first week after treatment.
If you have any concerns during the treatment phone the clinic on  You may experience slight pain in the legs during the first few days after treatment (more and longer with endovenous laser). If this happens take 1 or 2 Panadol tablets. Do not rest your legs, but If you have significant concerns when the centre's doctors or nurses are continue walking as before. If however you notice any severe or not contactable, please consult your local doctor or after hours clinic to continuous pain, or any swelling of the leg, please contact Springdale EXPECTATIONS WITH ULTRASOUND
You may get some discomfort such as a drawing sensation in the area
that has been injected for a day or two afterwards (longer with
endovenous laser). This is normal. You might also get some more
intense discomfort away from this area, usually below it. For this:
 If this pain is local as a burning, the area is tender and red to look at,
it is some trapped blood. It can be managed by taking some anti-inflammatory medicine such as Nurofen, Brufen, Voltaren, Cataflam, Synflex, Naprosyn, or Aspirin, as long as you are able to take this medication. Later we will drain it.
 If the pain is more generalised, there is no obvious redness or
localised tenderness, and the toes might be swollen, please call me at the clinic or on my mobile (the numbers inside this pamphlet).
With the thigh high silicone band grip stockings, sometimes the grip
becomes reduced and the stockings will slide down. Usually this will
occur with dryer skin. To overcome lack of grip, moisturise the legs
especially under the silicone band area with a regular skin moisturiser or,
for a short term fix, with water. If this fails we stock for purchase a roll-
on glue designed for these stockings. It can be washed off in water when
not required.
Take care not to stretch these stockings at the silicone grip part (you can below this as much as you like) as they will creep back down causing a

Source: http://www.springdale.co.nz/site/totara/files/PDF%20Files/Stocking%20Instructions%20Ltthd.pdf

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