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ƒ Combines access to Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (published by the Institute for Scientific Information). ƒ Indexes over 8000 journals (5900 in science, 1725 social sciences, 1144 humanities). ƒ Indexes journal articles, reviews, review articles, and meeting abstracts. ƒ Provides article citations, abstracts (beginning in 1991), cited references (bibliographies), and a record of the number of times an item is cited. ƒ Leads to discovery of books, conferences, patents, dissertations, and other publications when they may appear as cited references in indexed journal articles. ƒ USU’s subscription covers 1982 to present; the database is updated weekly. ƒ Pre-1982 publications may be used for cited reference searching in bibliographies. Search Options
Choose one or all of the citation databases listed, and a date Search subject words (topic), author name(s), journal title, or author affiliation/address. Note that searches may be restricted by language and document type (article, editorial, etc). Search for works that cite a specific author, article, book, patent, or other publication. The expert mode, this approach requires search field tags such as OR=Organization and enables restricting items from your search with “not.” Also allows for combining previous searches. Enables combining search result sets and saving search strategies for future use.
Cited Reference Searching
Searching by Cited Author:
ƒ Type last name followed by initials, or use the Cited Author Index link. ƒ Leave a space between last name and initial(s); if you don’t know initials, use an asterisk. ƒ For last names that include a space, apostrophe, or dash, type the name both with and without the space or punctuation, joined by OR, e.g.,
De Ville* OR Deville;
Obrien OR O’Brien

ƒ Enter Anon to retrieve cited works by anonymous authors.
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Searching by Cited Work:
ƒ Use abbreviated journal titles. The links to Cited Work Index and Thomson ISI Journal Title ƒ For references to books, type the first significant word or words of the title: Enter Listen* Prozac* for references to the book Listening to Prozac.
ƒ Notice the hint that says, “Look for variants. Papers are sometimes cited incorrectly.”
Managing Search Results

Options appear to the right side of the search results display.
Sort by: offers choices Latest date, Times cited, Relevance, First
author, Source title

examines records in a set of results by criteria such as
their author, document type, language, year, institution, or subject
category. Records are then displayed in ranked order with
Output Records offers options to print, send via email, or save to
a file or software like EndNote.
Add to Marked List
temporarily captures selected records to
save, print, export to a citation program, e-mail.
When some records have been marked, a Marked List button appears on the
screen. Clicking Marked List goes to an Output Options page, where you can
print, save, export to citation management software, or e-mail records.
Exporting Records
Choose which fields you want to capture for each record (e.g., bibliographic fields, bibliographic +
abstract, full record). When exporting records to EndNote bibliographic management software, first
open the EndNote library file you wish to use. A dialog box will appear, and you can choose either to
open with “Web Export Helper” or with “EndNote.exe.” Note: Results files can be very large,
especially if cited references are included in the output. Some e-mail systems may not be able to
handle these files.
Related Records
This feature locates articles that share citations in their reference lists. Articles that share the largest
number of sources with the original article are listed first.
Save Search History, E-mail Alerts, and Citation Alerts
Saved searches are useful to receive updates automatically about new articles that meet your search
• After a free registration, you can save searches on the Web of Science server and elect to receive e-mail alerts about new records that fit your search requirements. • Web of Science also offers a “Citation Alert” which notifies you when a new article is added to the database that cites your selected item(s).


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