Johnson county imaging center

Johnson County Imaging Center CT Pre-Exam Interview Name: ________________________________ Phone: _________________ Attempted Call: ________________________ Procedure: ____________________________ Date/Time: ____________________ X-ray #: ______________Gender: _____________Age: ________ DOB: ________________ WT: ___ HT: _____ LMP: ____________ Reason for Exam: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Prior Exams/Locations: _________________________________________________________________________________ Ordering Physician name & phone #: _____________________________ Have you had any studies using injected contrast media? Have you had any allergies/reactions? Specify: Do you have any allergies to latex or rubber products? Do you have asthma or pulmonary diseases? Do you have any heart disease (MI, Angina, CHF, Arrythmias?) If yes, what medication do you use? □ Insulin □ Glucophage/Metformin □ Other oral medication: Do you have any kidney disease (one kidney, transplant, etc.?) Do you have any blood disorders (sickle cell, hepatitis, AIDS?) Do you, or have you ever had cancer? Type: Have you had a PET Scan? If yes, when & where: Multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow)? Are you currently or have you had chemotherapy or radiation? Pheochromocytoma (Tumor or adrenal medulla)? Neurological problems (seizure disorder, stroke, brain tumor)? Have you had any previous surgeries? List: Recent Trauma(s) including description and date of occurrence: Are you currently taking any medications? List:
Date interview was completed: _________________Technologist taking history: _________________________
If history was taken 48 hours prior to exam history MUST be reviewed the day of the exam:
Date: ________________ Technologist reviewing history: __________________________________________
Prep Instructions:
If patient was pre-medicated; verify patient followed pre-medication instructions. ___________________
IV Contrast:

IV Contrast: ___________________________ Lot #: _________________________ Amount: ______________________
Injection site: __________________________ Number of attempts: _____________ Needle Gauge Sz: _______________
Injected by: ______________________________________
Labs: Date of labs: _______________________________
BUN: _____________ CR: ___________________ □INHOUSE LABS □ OUTSIDE LABS Oral Contrast: _______________________________ IV Contrast: ________________________________________________ Scan Protocol: _______________________________ Extra views or comments: _____________________________________ Radiologist Signature: _____________________________________ Dictation Code: ________________________________ If pt was on Glucophage/Metformin, did they receive aftercare instructions?  YES  NO ____________Tech Initials


Mortality related to pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence: a comparative analysis of coronial records

Drug and Alcohol Review (July 2007), 26, 405 – 410Mortality related to pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence: acomparative analysis of coronial recordsNational Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, AustraliaAbstractIntroduction and Aims. The aim of this study was to compare the mortality associated with oral naltrexone, methadoneand buprenorphine in opioid depende


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