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Patient Instructions for Nuclear Stress Testing:
Please follow Instructions carefully for best results and to avoid rescheduling.
*Allow at least 4 hours to complete the exam.
*Please call 24 hours in advance for cancellations to avoid a $250.00 charge for the radioactive
material (tracer) ordered for you.
72 hours before Test:

If you are taking Aggrenox, please stop this medication 3 days before your exam.
24 hours before your Test:
Do not take Beta Blocker Medications for 24 hours prior to exam (see list below).
No Decaffeinated coffee or tea of any kind, including herbal tea. No colas or soft drinks including those labeled “caffeine free” No chocolate (candy, cakes, pies, cocoa, white chocolate, etc.) No Anacin, Excedrine or aspirin products containing caffeine, 81 mg Aspirin is OK. The Day of the Test:
Nothing to eat or drink 3 hours before the test, (do eat breakfast), with the exception of water.
Drinking water is required. Patients with known difficult veins are encouraged to drink at least 8 -16 ounces of water prior to coming in for the test. Also stay well hydrated the day before the exam. No smoking 4 hours prior to test. If on the patch, remo ve it the night before your test (a min. of 12 hours prior). No water pills (diuretics) until after the test. Please bring your inhaler if you use one. Wear a comfortable 2-piece outfit, preferably a loose fitting short sleeved top. Avoid wearin g dresses, jumpsuits or clothing with metallic buttons. (NOTE: Exam area tends to be cold). Brin g a current list of medications or the bottles. Brin g a light snack to eat after the stress portion of the test. For example: crackers, granola bar, or fruit. If you are new to the office, please arrive 15 minutes early for registration. If you are taking any Beta-Blockers: Please do not take Beta Blockers for 24 hours prior to exam.
Examples of beta blockers:

What is Cardiac Nuclear Imaging, also known as a “Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Stress Test”?
Cardiac Nuclear Imaging checks the blood flow through the heart’s muscle or walls. A small amount of radioactive material, or
tracer, is given through a vein in the arm. The tracer passes through the bloodstream and a nuclear gamma camera is used to take
pictures of the heart as blood flows through it.
The scanning or “pictures” are done before and after exercise. “Exercise” can be walking on a treadmill or a patient is give n a
medication to substitute exercise if your doctor requests this. This would be known as a “Medicated Nuclear Stress Test”.
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