2. “Portrait of a Queen"
3. “Keeping Kosher”
Each of the first eight puzzles can be solved with a five-letter word. Enter those answers in the “megil ah” at the bottom of It’s not exactly paint-by-numbers, but The midrash tel s us that Esther kept kosher in page 2 and follow the instructions to learn a little-known and you have some work to do on the crown the palace by eating beans.
to get to the picture’s finish. (Your answer is a five-letter word.) The items listed below are treyf. Very very 1. “No Soap, Radio!”
treyf. Remove them from the menu (hexagonal Fine clothing fit for royalty plays an important role in the Words don't go in a straight line, but are * Start with a two-word phrase, eight letters total, that formed by moving from cel to adjacent cel . A appears on the label of an article of fine clothing in front of letter in the grid may be used more than once, even in the same word, but you must move * Copy the first letter of the second word to the end of the first 8. Number of corners on a hamentasch from one cel to the next even if the letter is the word, and copy the original last letter of the first word to the same. (So, for example, in the word "letter" you start of the second word. (What you get wil no longer spel could use the same cel for both Es but you * Find an article at one end, and move it to the other.
* Insert a single letter somewhere in the string so that the When you have eliminated all the non-kosher food from the menu, what remains (read from top to bottom) wil be kosher. That is your five- * Move the space one position to the left * Add a single-letter Roman numeral at the start of the string * What you have now is a clue to your five-letter answer word 4. “A Common Bond”
What (five-letter) adjective describes al of these items? * A United States president who is buried alongside his father, who was also a United States president * The U.S. state whose motto translates as "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty." * The element that forms the hardest natural y-occurring substance 5. “And Esther Wrote.”
* The Pokemon whose fire burns hotter if it has experienced "Robinson Crusoe", "Moll Flanders," * The Beethoven symphony featured in Fantasia Year"? (Your answer has five letters.) Purim Puzzler 5768 Draft 3 (Sat 15 Mar 10pm) Copyright 2008 Andrew Marc Greene. 6. “Matanot la-Evyonim
7. “Parade routes”
(Gifts to the Poor)”
Achashverosh has ordered Haman to parade Mordechai through the streets of Shushan. Haman would love to plan a route where no one wil see them, but "Matanot la-Evyonim" is the practice of giving Achashverosh has imposed certain constraints. money on Purim day to at least two people in need * On each of the five neighborhood maps below, certain city blocks wil be part of the of assistance affording the special Purim meal.
parade route.
* Each block that contains a number wil be visited.
* Some of the other blocks wil also be visited.
* If each visited block were colored in, the numbers would indicate how many other visited blocks you can reach in a straight line north, south, east, and west without This ancestor was so generous that he has given skipping over unvisited blocks. (See the example to the right) three of his letters to poorer words, so that they
* Haman won’t visit any blocks that he isn’t forced to by the above rules.
can afford bread, meat, and drink. But don't worry, Your answer wil be a five-letter word.
he'l stil be wealthy when he's done. (The five-letter 8. “Achashverosh says.”
King Achashverosh gave orders about three other people in the Megil ah. Who were the people and what were the commands? Achashverosh says,
Achashverosh says,
Achashverosh says,
9. “Masks”
On Purim we traditional y wear
masks to partial y conceal and
Write your answers from the first eight puzzles in the spaces below The masks have been sorted alphabetical y, Hints, answers, and other puzzles can be from top to bottom, by the words they cover.
Then figure out which of the eight masks from the list on the left each The revealed letters wil spel out a little-known and completely untrue fact about Purim.
Purim Puzzler 5768 Draft 3 (Sat 15 Mar 10pm) Copyright 2008 Andrew Marc Greene.



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