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Pleae note: If a link is broken or says Page Cannot be Displayed, simply
copy and paste the address from under the Scholarship Name or type
the address in the browser bar. If all else fails, do a search of the
scholarship name.
Active in your community, led a project that AXA Achievement Scholarship
Senior 3.0+ GPA, ACT (Math 29 English 25) Engineers Foundation of Ohio
Admitted to engineering program approved by the 12/15/2011 packet available in college resource An officially established business is a requirement. NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Graduating HS Senior planning to attend a 2 or 4
Allegra Ford Scholarship
Enrolling in a two year college, financial need, 12/31/2011 Copies available online or in college documentation of an identified learning disability Enrolling in a four year college, 3.0+GPA, financial Ann Ford Scholarship
need, documentation of an identified learning 12/31/2011 Copies available online or in college Currently enrolled in college, parent/stepparent Elks National Foundation Emergency Educational Grants
deceased or totally disabled and was a member in good standing at time of death/disability 3.0+GPA, have a current hunting license, current National Wild Turkey Federation
NWTF member, extracurriculars, 3 letters of 2012 Profile in Courage Essay Contest
Students in Grades 9-12 Must write essay. George Washington Crossing Foundation
Township resident , attending 2 or 4 year Ohio Township Association
university, 500 word essay, 2 letters of ACT High School Poster Contest 11th & 12th Grade HS Students, US resident and
Settlers Bank Marietta College Scholarship Accepted to Marietta college? Preference given to
Parent or Guardian an AFSCME member for 1 Union Plus Scholarship year, academic ability, social awareness, financial
need and appreciation of labor considered.
Active in your community, led a project that AXA Achievement Community Scholarship
Letter from sponsoring chapter, Application, DAR - Wings of Eagles Scholarship
Transcript, FAFSA SAR, Essay, statement, 3 2012 Graduate desiring to attend a career or Elks Association Career/Tech. Educational Fund Grant Program
Senior whose parent/step-parent, guardian or Elks Legacy Scholarship
grandparent, step-parent has been a elk since 4/1/2009, accepted to accredited US school, take 3.5+GPA, be accepted to: Kettering, University of National CO-OP Scholarship Program
Cincinnati, University of Toledo or one of the other participating institutions. See website.
Current High School Senior, 2.0+Accumulative Big 33 Scholarship Foundation GPA, Enrolling in College or Technical School
Pick up Application at Foodland store.
A US citizen attending a four year institution US Bank Scholarships
participating in the U.S. Bank Student Loan HS Senior or Post Secondary student currently Big Sun Scholarship involved in some sport at that institution or in
Foster care on 18th birthday, foster care case The Ohio ETV Program State Voucher
Ends June 30 each year, first come, first closed between ages 18 & 21, adopted from Parent or Guardian an AFSCME member active or AFSCME Family Scholarship retired, accepted as fulltime to a four year degree
Complete FAFSA, Create NEALP Web Account, Ohio Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)
Complete Application, includes 2 personal Attending 1 or 500 participating colleges - listed Imagine America
online 2.5+GPA, Financial Need, Volunteer or 2.0+GPA, financial need, dependent of a Wal-Mart National Wal Mart Foundation
employee employed in good standing for at least 6 Varies by Scholarship, see list online or in College BK Scholars
Resource Room. Open to US HS Seniors even if employed by Burger King. 2.5+ GPA. The Whopper Scholarship requires a 25 Minimum ACT.
Sign up for a profile with Cappex, apply online Cappex Scholarships for a chance at one of 5 different scholarships. $1,000 to $5,000
2.75+ GPA, Enroll in public college or university KFC Colonel's Scholars
w/in state of legal residence, Pursue bachelor's Varies by Scholarship, see list online or in College DAR National Level Scholarships Resource Room. Available for nursing, medical,
American Indian background and a variety of Must be child or spouse of peace officer or fire Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund
fighter Killed In the line of duty, or military personnel killed in the line of duty or in Operation National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
Interested in becoming a special education Little Kananwha Regional Chapter of the West Virginia Society of
Pursuing an education that prepares student to Professional Surveyors
REMINDER: More scholarships may be found under Financial Aid Search on the Guidance Web Page or under
Check the college website to which you are Check the Guidance Resource
Specific College's Individual Scholarships
room file cabinet
Bowling Green State University Scholarship for Underrepresented
Separate application, 3.0+GPA, or 20+ACT Students (Appalachia)
Create video that describes what servant University of Dayton Servant Leadership Video Contest
Check Web leadership meant to you. Share the video on Ohio College and University Scholarships
An online grid of links to Ohio Colleges and their college specific scholarship information.
Top 10% of high school class, involved in Ohio State University Alumni Scholars Program
school and community activities. Merit based.
Ohio State University Morill Scholars Program
Apply for admission to OSU by 12/1/11 and have two of the following three academic requirements; High test score, GPA and Class rank. An EFC Ohio University Appalachian Scholarships Program from FAFSA of $8,000 or less, reside in Ohio FCCLA, Visions & Voices, Concept Car, Pittsburgh Technical Institute
Applications are available in the College Honors in Technology, PTI Art & Design Check qualifications for each scholarship


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TAOCONTROL  Scorecard   psycho-­‐mechanical  rehabilitation  of  premature  ejaculation   How  to  use  this  document  ?     Print this page and fill in during your rehabilitation. It allows you to: • Evaluate your progress day after day • Know where you stand in the progression of workouts • See what steps are the most difficult in your rehabilita

Gabriella Goliger , Girl Unwrapped , Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010 Yasmin Ladha , Blue Sunflower Startle , Freehand Books, 2010 Genni Gunn , Solitaria , Signature Editions, 2010 These three novels explore the connection between family history and individual identity, and thus share territory with memoir. In-deed, Gabriella Goliger’s Girl Unwrapped and Yasmin Ladha’s Blue Sunflower St

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