Fletcher’s Menu
Rye Cream Tea (per person)
Homemade Scones - Fruit or Plain
Butter & Strawberrry conserve £2.00
Strawberry Conserve & Clotted Cream. Strawberry Conserve & Clotted Cream (extra 20p charge if not house tea) (extra cream or conserve 50p) Fletcher’s Set Tea (per person)
A pot of tea, Smoked Salmon & Cucumber, £3.25
Egg & Cress or Ham sandwich, Fruit scone, strawberry conserve & Clotted cream & your choice of Cake. (extra 20p charge if not house tea) Desserts
Toasted scones, butter & Jam
Toasted Teacakes, Butter & Jam
Toasted Crumpets, Butter & Jam
Drinks - Tea
Toasted Muffins, Butter & Marmite £1.95
Fletcher’s House Tea
Earl Grey
Drinks – Coffee & Chocolate
Lemon Grove
English Breakfast
Espresso / Double
£1.80 / £2.00
Lady Grey
Decaffinated Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Decaffinated Tea
Rooibos Organic Tea
Soft Drinks
Herb & Fruit Tea’s
Mineral Water – Stil or Sparkling
Blackcurrant-Ginseng & Vanilla, Cranberry, Local Fruit Juices–please ask
Raspberry & Elderberrry, Camomile, Green Tea, Coke/Diet Coke 330ml
Lemonade 200ml
House Wines
Tonic Or Soda Water 200ml
Tierra Sauvignon blanc or Tierra Merlot
Ginger Beer 200ml
Glass 175ml £3.25 Bottle £11.45 Iced Tea – Peach or Lemon
Juice – orange, apple or cranberry £1.95
white - Berri Estates Chardonnay
Bottled Beers
Bolla Pinot Grigio
London Pride 330ml
Nobilo Sauvignon blanc
Becks 275ml
Chablis Gloire de Chablis
Stella Artois 330ml
Rose - Vendange White Zinfandel
Gaymers 330ml
Red - Houghton Cabernet-Shiraz £3.50/13.95.75
Tour de Mandelotte Medoc
Spirits – 35ml
Don Jacobo Crianza Rioja
Vodka, Gin, Rum & Whisky
Villa Maria Pinot Noir
Piper-Heidsieck Champagne
£17.965 / £34.50
Rose £42.95

Source: http://www.fletchershouse.co.uk/files/Download/Fletcher%20Drinks%20menu_march2011.pdf

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