Creative workout competition: Week 7-14 March
This is a monthly opportunity to pit your wits against other communications students
across Europe on a real brief. But be quick as you only have one week to work on the
brief and upload your ideas to ourgroup. The UK based advertising agency
Crayon” will then judge what they deem to be the best and most exciting solution to
the problem.
Make sure you clearly identify yourselves either as an individual or a team like so: "Red Bull Brief/John Smith and Billy Baxter/ Image 1". Background
With growth in the energy drink market, Red Bull has developed a unique product. Red Bull® Energy Shot and Sugarfree Shot are the perfect answer for those times when you need sustained energy for hours in a sip. Their special formulation and unique combination of ingredients have been developed to provide an extra boost during times of increased mental and physical exertion. For anyone who needs quick acting, long lasting energy in a sip, Red Bull® Energy Shots vitalize body and mind.  increases performance  increases concentration and reaction speed  improves the emotional status  stimulates metabolism Consumer goal
Create greater awareness of the Red Bull® Energy Shot amongst light gym goers by exposing new and relevant communities to the brand and thus encouraging brand evangelism Activity goal
Increase sales by 10% over the next 12 months within the light gym users demographic. Target audience
The majority of our audience are ABC1 males, aged between 18-35 years old. They go to the gym on an ad hoc basis, often not being able to squeeze the time between work and their social lives. When they do go to the gym however they like to go for at least an hour and try to get the most out of their workout. Their current drink is likely to be energy based drinks such as Gatorade or they may simply drink water during and before the workout. These drinks are readily available at the gym, so the real barrier is the fact that they have to purchase Red Bull® Energy Shot’s before going the gym. Mandatoriy: make sure your ideas are in line with the brand positioning “Red Bull
gives you wings”

Supporting Information

Red Bull® Energy Shot contain the following ingredients: Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid which is naturally occurring in the human body. “Conditionally essential” means that in some situations or under certain conditions, as for example, in situations of high stress or physical exertion, increased amounts of taurine are eliminated from the body and cannot be replaced by the body in sufficient amounts. Taurine is involved in vital functions of the human body. Taurine acts as an antioxidant and has been shown to promote detoxification by binding together with harmful substances and thereby accelerating their excretion from the body. Taurine is also contained in different foodstuffs like e.g. scallops, fish or poultry and is added to most baby food. GLUCURONOLACTONE
Glucuronolactone is a carbohydrate. It is naturally occurring in the human body where it is involved in detoxification processes, supporting the body in eliminating waste substances from the body. Glucuronolactone is also present in different foodstuffs such as grain or red wine. CAFFEINE
Caffeine is known for its beneficial effects on mental and physical functions. It has been shown to improve e.g. reaction speed, alertness and concentration. Caffeine also stimulates fat-burning during endurance activities and thereby helps to use fat stores in the body which results in a more efficient supply of energy. Caffeine is contained in many foodstuffs such as coffee tea or chocolate. One can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. B-GROUP VITAMINS
B-group vitamins play an important role in energy metabolism, such as the build-up and break-down of carbohydrates, fat and protein. B vitamins are also shown to support mental and physical performance.

Source: http://eacaeducation.eu/uploads/Creative%20workout%207%20March.pdf

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Processo seletivo de Residência em Enfermagem 2011- UNCISAL: Psiquiatria e Saúde Mental CONHECIMENTOS GERAIS 4. Qual dos fatores abaixo NÃO participa da 1. Em relação ao Ictus Cordis, analise as sentenças abaixo e assinale a alternativa INCORRETA : a) Diminuição da pressão osmótica das proteínas a) O ictus cordis representa o contato da porção anterior do ventrícul


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