AESTHETIC ENHANCEMENT COSMETIC SURGERY AND LASER CENTER General Anesthesia Discharge Instructions: You may be sleepy for the next 12-24 hours after you received anesthesia. You are advised to go homeand rest or sleep.
For the next 24 hours DO NOT: drive a vehicle or operate any machinery or equipment that requiresfocusing or concentration, consume any alcoholic beverages or drugs other than the ones prescribed byyour physicians, sign any legal documents or make any legal or major decisions, make any majorpurchases.
Headaches, vague soreness or stiffness are common side effects of anesthesia and may persist forseveral days.
Fatigue may persist for 24-48 hours.
A mild sore throat is not uncommon for 24-48 hours following a general anesthetic. You may usethroat lozenges.
Now that your surgery has been accomplished, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you take some steps toensure that your breathing function stay at their optimum. Often after surgery, patients are afraid tobreathe normally because of perceived discomfort. If your lungs are not expanding fully, and thecommonly produced secretions cannot be expectorated out, then complications such as pneumonia canoccur. Deep breathe and cough periodically after surgery.
When you feel like eating, start with fluids like Jell-O or soup. You may advance to a normal diet astolerated.
It is very important to begin walking with assistance today, DO NOT remain in bed.
If you are unable to urinate after 8 hours, call your surgeon.
If you have any questions or problems that are related to your anesthetic, call your surgeon who willcontact the anesthesiologist for you (210) 496-2639 or 655-6399.
Post-operative Discharge Instructions for: Blepharoplasty Your clinic follow-up visit is scheduled for ________________ at _________am/pm. You mayfreshen up prior to your appointment.
You will need to keep your head elevated, avoid bending your head down, straining and minimize anycoughing.
You may apply an ice pack to your eyes throughout the day for the 1st 48 hours; the ice pack should beleft on for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
You may shower 24 hours after surgery. Do not scrub the incision sites, just rinse and pat them dry.
Keep the incision sites clean and dry.
You may use the Liquid Tears in the eyes while awake to keep the eyes moist. You will also have anOphthalmic Ointment to moistened eyes while you sleep.
Make-up may be worn after the wounds have healed. Do not apply make-up vigorously as this willresult in wound separation.
You may take Phenergan as needed for nausea.
You may start taking your pain medicine if needed _____________________________________. Donot take on and empty stomach. Eat crackers or dry toast to prevent nausea. Do not use in combinationwith over the counter pain medicines.
Take your next dose of antibiotics tonight then resume your regular schedule tomorrow.
Begin taking your supplemental tablet(s) today when you get home. Follow instructions onpackage/bottle(s).
A responsible adult should remain with you during the first 24 hours after surgery.
Call your surgeon immediately at (210) 496-2639 if you experience persistent pain not relieved withpain medication, and high fever.
Call 911 immediately if you experience shortness of breath, sudden sharp chest pain especially if madeworse by deep breath or cough, painful respiration, new onset of wheezing without any prior history,and if you experience a seizure without any prior history.
ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING! Smoking will compromise the blood flow to the surgical area, whichwill delay the normal healing process.
Patient’s Name: ______________________________________ Responsible Person: ___________________________________



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