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J Clin Anest hesiol ,September 2004 ,Vol. 20 ,No . 9 Comparison of BIS and AEP index f or monitoring depth of anesthesia during induction
L i u Ji ng , Cao Jiangbei , et al . Depart ment of A nest hesiology , General Hospit al of PL A Beiji ng 100853 Abstract
To compare t he performance of bispectral index (B IS) and t he auditory e2 voked response index ( AA I) in detecting transitions in consciousness during anest hesia induction wit h propofol alone or propofol plus fentanyl. Methods
Anest hesia was induced wit h eit her an intravenous infu2 sion of 30 mg kg 1 h 1of propofol plus 2 g/ kg of fentanyl (group PF , n = 20) or propofol alone (group P , n = 20) . B IS , AA I and t he doses of propofol administered were recorded at t he endpoint of unrespon2 siveness to verbal commands. Plasma propofol concentration was also measured. Results
and its plasma concentration required for getting loss of consciousness were significantly lower in group PF t han t hose in group P ( P < 0101) . The mean B IS value at t he loss of consciousness was significantly higher in group PF t han t hat in group P ( P < 0101) . However ,no difference in AA I was found between t he two groups at t he loss of consciousness ( P > 0105) . Conclusion
The AA I can measure t he transition from consciousness to unconsciousness at similar value levels ,regardless of whet her or not fentanyl pretreat ment was added ,whereas t he B IS values in patients in group PF were higher at t his endpoint t han t hose in group P ,suggesting t hat compared wit h B IS ,t he AA I may be a better indicator of t he state of consciousness dur2 ing propofol/ fentanyl anest hesia ,and t hat AA I can detect t he transition of t he state of consciousness inde2pendent of t he anest hesia regimen.
Key words
Anest hesia dept h ; Propofol ; Fentanyl ;Bispectral index ; Auditory evoked potentials J Clin Anest hesiol ,September 2004 ,Vol. 20 ,No . 9 J Clin Anest hesiol ,September 2004 ,Vol. 20 ,No . 9 Gajraj RJ ,Doi M , Mantzaridis H , et al. Analysis of the EEG bispectrum ,auditory evoked potentials and the EEGpower spec2 trum during repeated transitions from consciousness to uncon2 sciousness. Br J Anaesth ,1998 ,80 :46.
Iselin2Chaves IA ,Moalem HE EI , Gan TJ , et al. Changes in t he auditory evoked potentials and t he bispectral index Litvan H ,J ensen EW ,Revuelta M ,et al. Comparison of au2 following propofol or propofol and alfentanil. Anest hesiolo2 ditory evoked potentials and t he A2line ARX Index for mon2 itoring t he hyp notic level during sevoflurane and propofol in2 duction. Acta anaest hesiol Scand ,2002 ,46 : 245.
J ensen EW ,Nygaard M , Henneberg SW. On2line analysis of Bailey PL , Egan TD , Stanley TH. Intravenous opioid anes2 middle latency auditory evoked potentials ( MLA EP) for t hetics. In Miller RD ,eds. Anest hesia ,5t h ed. Philadelp hi2 monitoring dept h of anaest hesia in laboratory rats. Med Eng a : Churchill Livingstone ,2000. 274.
Absalom AR ,Sutcliffe N , Kenny GN. Effects of t he audito2 Mantzaridis H , Kenny GN. Auditory evoked potential in2 ry stimuli of an auditory potential system on level of con2 dex : a quantitative measure of changes in auditory evoked sciousness ,and on t he bispectral index. Br J Anaest h ,2001 , potentials during general anaest hesia. Anaest hesia , 1997 ,


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