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Panasil® contact two in one / Panasil® contact plus 1. The product Panasil® contact two in one and Panasil® contact plus are two addition-curing, precision impression materials (light bodies), belonging to the Panasil® family. Both products show the same particularly short intraoral setting times, but differ in their viscosities. Due to its thixotropic properties, the very low viscosity material Panasil® contact plus can be used for the same indications as the low viscosity material Panasil® contact two in one. Both “light bodies” are indicated for taking: Colour Panasil® contact two in one and Panasil® contact plus can be easily distinguished due to their different color. The turquoise green Panasil® contact two in one and the bright violet Panasil® contact plus create a clear contrast to the already existing line of tray material with Panasil® Putty, Panasil® tray and Panasil® binetics Putty. New dispensing and mixing system Panasil® contact plus and Panasil® contact two in one are available in the S-50 cartridge system with color-coded mixers and with the DS-50 dispensing gun. As this gun transfers the energy more efficiently, it extrudes the material smoothly. The cartridge openings are wide apart in order to prevent the individual materials contaminating each other and with this a blocking the openings. This new dispensing gun can be sterilized in an autoclave in order to reduce the risk of infection for both, patient and operator. For using Panasil® contact two in one we recommend different mixing tips than for Panasil® contact plus due to their different viscosities. For the very low viscosity material Panasil® contact plus the yellow mixing tips (art. N° 17240) of type 4.2 mm and the belonging yellow intra oral tips (art. N° 17222) should be used. For Panasil® contact two in one the green mixing tips (art. N° 17235) and the white intra oral tips (art. N° 17221) should to be used. Enhanced setting characteristics The variable working time of between 30 seconds until 2 minutes and the constant intraoral setting time of only 2 minutes allow greater flexibility during prosthetic procedures. Guideline 1413 - information for dentists The setting characteristics of Panasil® contact two in one and Panasil® contact plus are very dependent on the temperature. The particularly remarkable fact is that, once Panasil® contact two in one and Panasil® contact plus have been applied in the mouth, they remain soft for approximately 1 minute before setting rapidly within a further minute. This is convenient for operators because: When taking impressions for less extensive restorations, with a total working time of approximately 30 seconds, the material is fully set in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds (30 seconds of total working time + 2 minutes intraoral setting time). The working time can be extended up to 2 minutes for more extensive restorations. In this case, the material sets fully within a maximum of 4 minutes (2 minutes total working time and 2 minutes intraoral setting time). This allows the operator more flexibility during impression taking and provides peace of mind as the total working time includes an adequate safety margin for coping with unexpected delays. Increased hydrophilicity Due to the use of new surfactants, the hydrophilic properties of the “light bodies” are distinct much more intensively. The surfactants already reach the surface of the material during the total working time. The increased tolerance to residual moisture takes effect immediately once the material is applied and results in highly detailed impressions, even of subgingival preparations. Upon effusion of the impression with plaster, the dental technician immediately feels that the tension on the surface is reduced. The plaster flows constantly without being rejected. Certain sprays for relaxations will thus prospectively become unnecessary. Higher tear-resistance The high tear-resistance ensures that the delicate interdental septa are not ripped out when the impression is removed from the mouth and during construction of the plaster model. The impression can be cast several times without adversely affecting the precision. In general Like all Kettenbach “A” silicones, Panasil® contact two in one and Panasil® contact plus are tasteless and odorless. This is a pleasant side effect for patients. The material can be easily disinfected. Panasil® impressions can be disinfected with Silosept®, an immersion disinfectant and cleaner, based on active oxygen. The impression should be immersed in the disinfectant solution for 10 minutes. No problems are incurred when disinfecting this material and its mixing system offers optimal user-comfort. 2. Important hints for using Panasil® contact two in one/ Gloves Certain types of gloves may harm the catalyst. This applies no matter whether the gloves contact the material directly or indirectly. The gloves should be tested for compatibility, by applying an impression sample to the glove. Non-compatible gloves will display a smear layer on the product. Pharmaceuticals Certain local anaesthetics, impregnated retraction cords or H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) may also impede the setting reaction of Panasil® contact plus or Panasil® contact two in one. Compatibility with other materials Glass ionomers, composite fillings and K+B materials which have been inserted during the same session may influence the setting characteristics of the material negatively. The inhibition layer has to be removed with Orthoskavident® prior to the impression taking. As contaminating addition-curing silicone with polyether materials may impede the setting reaction when using both types of material, it is advisable to clean the application syringe thoroughly in advance. Model pouring For model fabrication, the impression can be poured immediately after disinfection. Impressions can also be poured within two weeks standard dental stone class IV. 2 min. 30 sec. and 4 min. 2 min. 30 sec. and 4 min Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG, Im Heerfeld 7, 35713 Eschenburg, Germany, Tel.:+49 (0) 2774 7050, Fax: +49 (0) 2774 70533, E-Mail:,


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