The clinic can be contacted by telephone daily between 09.00 and 16.30 hours. Outside these hours you can consult a doctor via the family doctor centre. Radesingel 11,9711 ED
Your family doctor and health care insurance are not informed of your treatment at the clinic. You will be given a letter with information about your treatment. You may give this to your (family) doctor. Check-up
After 4 weeks a check-up is necessary to see if the If you are pregnant and you do not wish to proceed with this pregnancy, there is a possibility to have an induced This check-up can be carried out by your family doctor abortion. At our clinic this treatment can take place up to 13 weeks calculated from the first day of the last A pregnancy test must always be carried out to show that there are no more pregnancy hormones present. There is no benefit in carrying out a pregnancy test Up to and including 16 days overdue (number of
within 3 weeks of the treatment because the pregnancy days that the expected menstrual period is late)
you can be considered for suction curettage = an
early abortion without the need for any legal If you are having difficulty coming to terms with any of This treatment is usually possible from 12 days this, we recommend you contact our clinic or your family doctor. You may experience these problems long after If you are overdue for more than 16 days the
the treatment. It is recommended that you also seek pregnancy termination law 'Wet Afbreking Zwangerschap' requires 5 days "reflection time"
between the first consultation with a physician during Finally, if you have any complaints, please do not which you discussed your intended termination and the hesitate to contact us. You can direct your complaint to treatment day. For such a consultation and a referral the clinic or in writing to the complaints committee. The you can make an appointment with your family doctor or address is displayed on the notice board in the waiting Immediately after this first contact with the family doctor or with us we can agree a treatment date. The costs
If you have a treatment appointment and you lose blood If you are a resident in the Netherlands a pregnancy before then, we recommend you phone us for further termination is free of charge. The costs are reimbursed If you do not reside in the Netherlands, you can obtain information about the costs at the clinic. The treatment
Things to take with you to the clinic
Blood loss after a termination varies a lot. It may be • valid health care insurance card or proof that you heavier than a normal menstrual period and may take In suction curettage a thin tube is inserted into de cervix
reside in the Netherlands, for example, a certificate longer. Sometimes there is no blood loss at all or only a via the vagina to suck the contents out of the womb. This is carried out under a local anaesthetic, not a general • if possible a letter from the family doctor It is normal to have menstrual type abdominal pain after anaesthetic. The treatment takes approximately 10 • if possible information about your blood group the treatment. Sometimes this is severe. You may use pain minutes whereby during the last 2 minutes severe cramps • if you wish a curettage: a night dress or long T-shirt, occur. These usually disappear quickly after the treatment. underwear, sanitary towels (no tampons), towel and The first menstrual period can be expected 4 to 6 weeks You will be monitored for approximately half an hour in the face cloth, extra socks or slippers. Perhaps something You will receive more details about the treatment method You are welcome to bring someone with you for support. at the clinic and you can consult the website. Unfortunately no male supporters can be present in the After the treatment you are usually given a precautionary recovery room, in view of other women's privacy. course of antibiotics to limit the risk of infection. Initial consultation and examination
After you have been welcomed and registered you have a After the suction curettage you must not use any tampons consultation with a physician/nurse to discuss your After the treatment
for 1 week, have no vaginal sexual intercourse and must decision and provide you with information about the not swim/bathe (having a shower is allowed). possible treatment methods. You can discuss all your We do not recommend driving a car or riding a bicycle. questions and decide after that whether and how you will We recommend that you take it easy on the day(s) of the treatment and the day afterwards and to avoid any heavy If you had a suction curettage and you have chosen the There will also be a discussion about future contraceptive pill, you start taking it on the day of the contraceptives you may wish to use. A coil can (usually) be In order to determine the exact length of the pregnancy the Nausea and a tense feeling in the breasts will disappear in physician will carry out a (vaginal) ultrasound scan and an Bear in mind that as a result of the sudden hormonal If the pregnancy is not yet (properly) visible, treatment will change you may feel listless, unstable or tired. If the treatment cannot take place at our clinic or you decide to proceed with the pregnancy or if you still have We advise you to contact our clinic or your family doctor: doubts, we will help you to find the necessary support. • if you have extreme discharge or a lot more abdominal pain than is normal for you during your menstrual • if your temperature is above 38.5 ºC


An Argument for a Narrow Interpretation1 ABSTRACTThe paper argues for two kinds of limitations on the right to parenthood. First, it claims that the right to parenthooddoes not entail a right to have as many children as one desires. This conclusion follows from the standard justificationsfor the right to parenthood, none of which establishes the need to grant special protection to having as ma

Information-sinus congestion routine

Anil Arora, MD N.Rowgena Cain, APRN Robert Knox, MD Short Term Relief of Nasal and Sinus Congestion The goal of our medical practice is to help you manage your sinus disease. We have found the following routine very helpful for the short term, rapid relief of sinus congestion. If you do not receive relief with the routine, please schedule an appointment to see your healthcare provider. F

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