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Anil Arora, MD N.Rowgena Cain, APRN Robert Knox, MD Short Term Relief of Nasal and Sinus Congestion
The goal of our medical practice is to help you manage your sinus disease. We have found the following routine very helpful for the short term, rapid relief of sinus congestion. If you do not receive relief with the routine, please schedule an appointment to see your healthcare provider. Five Day Routine -- Perform Twice Daily
1. Spray Afrin® Nasal Spray into each nostril -- two generous puffs; wait five minutes.
2. Repeat Afrin® sprays; wait five minutes.
3. Irrigate each nostril and nasal cavity with buffered salt water (recipe below) or one of the over-the-counter saline
mist bottles, such as Ocean™, Ayr™, or Nasal™ (any generic saline is fine).
For the recipe below --use one cup of salt water in each nostril each time you irrigate. (Hang your head over the
sink as you rinse. Your nose should be the lowest hanging part of your anatomy.) All of the flush will flow with
gravity back into the sink. It is not meant for you to swallow the rinse.

If you choose the over-the-counter saline rinses
-- put your head back just enough that the flushes move into the
back of your nose. When you feel the rinses in the back of your throat, gently sniff, and you are done – this time.
Repeat often.
4. Spray your prescription nasal steroid spray (Nasonex™ Nasacort AQ™, Flonase™, or Veramyst™) twice per
nostril. Use two sprays in each nostril twice a day for five days. [If you were prescribed Rhinocort AQ™, use four
sprays in each nostril twice per day]. This is twice the recommended dose for long-term use, but is more effective at
this increased dose for very short-term relief of nasal and sinus congestion.
Follow steps 1 through 4 each morning and evening for five days. After 5 days, DISCONTINUE THE AFRIN
(Afrin is addicting if used in longer duration)
. If you suffer from chronic sinus congestion, continue step four at
the regularly prescribed dose (usually two puffs into each nostril once per day – as directed by your physician.
Expect some congestion to worsen on the fifth day after stopping the Afrin® spray. This is normal, and will go
away after one or two days. If your congestion does not clear with the routine, please call our office for a personal
Recipe for Salt Water / Baking Soda Solution If the recipe seems too strong, use less salt. Stir or shake before each use. Store at room temperature. After a week, pour out any mixture that is left over and make a new batch. Your doctor may recommend not using baking soda. IMPORTANT: During application, the temperature of the solution should be body, not room temperature Thank you for choosing our practice for your health care. We hope that your care with us has helped you live a fuller, healthier life. As with any general medical advice, always consult your physician if prompt relief of symptoms does not occur, or if you experience worsening of your symptoms, or have questions about the sinus congestion routine. Twin Lakes ENT Associates / - Phone: 270-259-2714


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