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Special considerations:
If you are to have closure of your ileostomy OR a
Food, fluids and
colonoscopy of the “inactive or bypassed” end of your
– you only need to
electrolyte balance
fast for 4 hours prior to the procedure Check that the Doctor does not want your “inactive” end of for the person with
bowel washed out. Please contact your Stomal Therapy Nurse or Surgical team for more information an ileostomy
Take this brochure with you to your Doctor or
Pharmacist to make sure they know what kind of
stoma you have

Stomal Therapy Nurse
Name: ……………………………………………………….

Phone: ……………………………………………………….
Hours: ……………………………………………………….
Prepared as a guide by the:
*The information in this brochure has been developed as a general guide only. Any concerns need to be discussed Developed 2010 – Reviewed 2013
with your Stomal Therapy Nurse, doctor or pharmacist Level IV Evidence (Expert Opinion)
Ileostomy diet, fluids, output and medications
Discuss any medications you are on with your Doctor, Pharmacist or • You do not need a high fibre diet when you have an ileostomy
• You do need more water and other fluids than you did before
Red Alert: Electrolyte Imbalance
• You may need to have smaller, more frequent meals If you feel unwell, have a headache or are dizzy, have a dry tongue, concentrated urine or cramps you may be dehydrated and missing • You will need to chew your food well some electrolytes – you need to eat something high in salt and drink • You will need to increase your salt intake more fluid other than water. Examples are: • Check with your Doctor or Stomal Therapy Nurse that your tablets will dissolve before reaching your ileostomy bag Ileostomy output – what to expect
Your ileostomy output should become the consistency of “baby food” or “soft mashed potato” when you are eating and drinking to meet the needs of your body. Why? The function of the large bowel is reabsorption of fluid from small bowel (ileum) contents, so when your large bowel is removed or being bypassed, this cannot take place. Ensure adequate protein intake to build and repair muscle: Thus fluid is lost through your ileostomy. You therefore need to take Meats e.g. beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish in more fluid and “electrolytes” (salts) to make up for this loss Eggs and dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt
What to drink:
Tip: To help recovery after your operation you can add extra protein
by using 1 tablespoon skim milk powder in milk drinks and added You will need to drink approximately 2 Litres per day and even more if to some foods or soups. Sustagen or Ensure may also help to it is hot and humid or you are working hard and sweating a lot. Discuss this with your Doctor, Dietician or Stomal Therapy Nurse
if you have a medical condition that affects the amount of fluid
Controlling your output:
you are allowed to drink e.g. a heart condition or kidney disease
If your ileostomy output is watery you can thicken it up by: Mixing 1 teaspoon of Psyllium Husk or Metamucil in 1 tablespoon of water and drink quickly before it swells – the Psyllium / Metamucil • Electrolyte fluids e.g. Hydrolyte, Repalyte, Gastrolyte, Sqwincher will swell around your food or drink and help to thicken the output • Sports drinks e.g. Gatorade, Powerade (limit the amount, as these that comes into your bag. (You can buy Psyllium in the health food or cereal sections of the supermarket – it is much cheaper than buying Metamucil) • Fruit juice – can be high in sugar • Tea and coffee, diet cordial – ordinary cordial is high in sugar Use Gastrostop (break the capsule open), Imodium or Codeine Phosphate as prescribed by the Doctor to help thicken the output Medications / tablets:
Do not take any slow release, enteric coated or sugar coated tablets.
The medication will not be absorbed, as these tablets are meant to Call your Stomal Therapy Nurse or GP if you have a concern dissolve in the large bowel – they will come into your bag looking just Call your Doctor or go to the hospital if your ileostomy does not work like they did when you swallowed them and are therefore ineffective. for 6 hours, you have abdominal pain or start vomiting



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