Seamless Maternity Light Support Top Sister Lilian, leading pregnancy and parenting advisor and author, writes about progesterone,
pregnancy aches and pains and the seamless maternity light support top’s therapeutic use:
The predominantly female hormone, progesterone, plays a significant role throughout a woman’s life, especially during her reproductive years. Increased progesterone is excreted by the ovaries and adrenal gland cortex (shell) in the second half of the menstrual cycle. It helps to prepare the womb for potential pregnancy by softening ligaments and smoothing muscle tissue in the body, ensuring that giving birth is easier as the pelvic bones can separate more readily than would otherwise be the case.
The downside of this is that backache and abdominal ligament pain commonly affect expectant women. Many other aches and undue relaxing of body tissues are due to increased progesterone levels too, including pelvic pain, stretched breast and abdominal tissue and even hernias. Posture tends to slump and the mom-to-be’s Most medication is to be avoided in pregnancy. This does not mean that an expectant woman needs to grin and bear the pain. She should ensure the best body tone possible before falling pregnant and keep on with ‘movement therapy’ in the form of safe, enjoyable exercise once expecting a baby. Carriwell’s various support garments for back and abdominal discomfort all liberate a woman to be able to be more active, as they support muscles and ligaments involved in exercise. The Carriwell light support top lifts and holds together abdominal wall tissue, instantly offering considerable relief to stretched ligaments and smooth muscle tissue. Less downward pressure is consequently brought to bear on the groin area in the second half of pregnancy, while firm but gentle support allows the mom-to-be to enjoy her growing ‘bump’ much more, with far less twinges, pinching & discomfort. Backache is lessened as the garment helps correct posture due to the clever design and special supportive fibers in the spinal and lower back sections. The garment allows stretch over the ‘preggy bump’ where it is so necessary, and offers firmer support below and to the sides. A specially designed section just below the diaphragm, over the upper abdomen, helps ensure less intercostal pain as well.
Breast support is vital in pregnancy, but needs to take the changing and special requirements of pregnancy into consideration. Carriwell’s support top does this to the same high standard as do all other Carriwell maternity and breastfeeding bras. There are no wires that may pinch and restrict circulation, and wider shoulder straps ensure that they do not cut into the shoulders. The unique design, material fibers and manufacture ensure that the developing mammary tissue can do so unimpeded and as individually as each woman needs. Breast infections are less likely and the expectant mom will be proud of and happy with her shape and comfort.
Carriwell’s combined support band and maternity bra, which is what this garment in effect is, can help change every woman’s experience of pregnancy for the better. She can wear it day and night, as an undergarment or


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