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Start Thinking About Reducing Secondhand Smoke!
Issue Twelve
Back to school with
Update from the national STARSS community
Linda in New Brunswick reported that the Family Wellness Challenge was a Because school-aged
success, and she hopes to continue it on an annual basis. STARSS fit into
children are headed to
the healthy environments piece of the event very nicely. A family information
package was created for over 200 families, including STARSS information
school, moms have a new that Linda had adapted specifically for this purpose. At the end of the month,
routine. How can moms
a presentation was provided for the parents using the STARSS “Truth or
incorporate STARSS into
Myth” format, along with handouts. The children were engaged in STARSS
this new schedule? Could crafts during the presentation. Great pictures of the events are on our
Linda also found the time to do an overview of STARSS for one of the local
CPNP projects, Healthy Baby and Me, which was enthusiastically received.
for school. If she waits, thismeans she will smoke fewer In Newfoundland, Nicole’s three prenatal and two postnatal groups continuecigarettes in a day.
to add new stars to their STARSS “Hall of Fame” on a weekly basis. You can
see some of the moms who decorated their own stars on the AWARE website
and on Facebook. Lisa also did a presentation on STARSS for their Annual
Set certain hours that are
smoke free. For example,no smoking between 9PM We can’t wait to see all our rollout site STARS at the National Meeting in
Ottawa this month! We’ll share all the great STARSS ideas in the next issue
of the newsletter.
• Try extra hard to smoke
outside for at least one hour Research Update: Pregnant and breast-feeding women who smoke
before her kids come home
from school.
CAN ADAPTT (Canadian Action Network for the Advancement, Disseminationand Adoption of Practice-informed Tobacco Treatment) has issued new clinical practice guidelines for pregnant and breast-feeding women who • Take her kids to the library, smoke. Here’s the link: or somewhere else she can’t Service providers are encouraged to be mindful that many women in this situation are reluctant to admit they smoke because of social stigma. Also, many women become depressed during pregnancy, so Zyban may be a goodtreatment for both depression and smoking.
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