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LIST OF CHANGES – V1.5.2.375 to V1.5.2.386
Added the day and date to the status bar.
Added a "Last visit" column to the Pregnancy list.
An SA Maternal Screen button is now available on the Obstetric page when the practice Reminders due are now removed from the list on the patient window when marked as Added "Show 'Non visits' in Past Visits list" to Setup/Preferences/Clinical to control whether the "Hide non visits" checkbox is checked on opening a patient record.
Added a "Save & Close" button to the Setup/Preferences window.
Added a preference to not display the message about Outstanding requests in the patient's Added a "Performed by" box to the Health Assessment and Health Check windows to allow the doctor who performed the assessment to be set if it is started by a nurse.
Opening the INR Manager from the Inbox now pre-populates the INR window with the INR value if the report was received as HL7.
Added a "General" page to Setup/Configuration.
Added a "Use external TIF viewer" option to Setup/Configuration/General.
Added a "Save copy" checkbox to the Mail Merge window.
Added an “Edit/Move report” menu item and Context item to the Inbox.
Added a "File/Mark as Inactive" menu item to the Utilities/Search window.
Implemented the "Streamlined Authority" PBS changes.
Selecting PRN drug sheets for Compact Business systems or PSH now automatically filters the drug list to the drugs marked as PRN.
The warning message about previously deleted drugs when prescribing a new item now includes the full drug name and strength.
Added a "PBS/RPBS Only" checkbox to filter the list of drugs displayed in the prescribing Investigations
Pathology request setup window now allows 3 digits to be entered to move the duplicate and Gribbles pathology reports will now be matched against the original request when imported.
Word processor
“Table/Delete row” in the word processor now deletes all highlighted rows in the table.
The Word processor toolbar is now on one line if the screen resolution is high enough to allow Added "Use Usual Doctor for new accounts" option to Setup/Configuration/Billing.
Reprinting an account from the Billing history now prints a Medicare claim form if the box is DVA Veteran's Access Payments now use the 10990/10991 item numbers.
Added an “Open/Billing history” menu item to the patient’s clinical record screen.
Today’s notes
The Today's notes page now recognises "On Examination:" as a section heading.
A notation is entered into the notes when a Health Assessment is performed.
BMI is no longer added to the notes when a height and weight is recorded if the patient is Enlarged the Review window's "Other" text field to 200 characters.
Added a “File/Open patient” menu item to the VIVAS window's menu.
Added a “File/Exclude record” menu item to the VIVAS window's menu.
Added Rotavirus to the childhood immunisation schedule.
The second Pneumovax preventive health prompt now displays when it should.
Preventive health prompts for Fluvax and Pneumovax are not displayed if an allergy to the Fixed issues
Search queries will now run if the "select * from BPS_Patients" part of the query is in mixed REF messages in Argus format are now correctly imported.
Fixed an issue with the laboratory name not displaying in the header of PIT reports.
Immunisation windows no longer leave out the last name on the provider list.
The doctor's name is now saved when a medical certificate is generated.
Fixed an error when the patient's name is double-clicked in the tree-view in the Inbox.
Clicking the Edit/View button on the list of care plans now opens the correct care plan if it is Editing a Care Plan now updates the date of the plan.
Fixed an error saving a patient's demographics when a title of "Other" has been chosen and then the title selection window cancelled.
Printed statements from the debtor list now include the address if the debtor was added from Adding and deleting patients is now blocked on the View/Patients and Open patient windows when BPM is activated and a link to a billing package is also turned on.
Fixed an error when the Drug class button on the Select drug page of the Rx wizard is pressed when the drug is not in a specific class (e.g. Caduet).
Fixed a problem with family history items sometimes duplicating.
Old Authority approval numbers are no longer displayed when using downloaded data.
Fixed an error when uploading new family history if new family history has also been added on the server while the data was downloaded.
Free typing in the Reason for visits window now clears all the checkboxes if nothing has been Preferred names that are shortened versions of the first name are now displayed correctly on the patient's clinical record screen.
The laboratory name is now being picked up correctly from HL7 messages transported by The addressee name is now picked up from OBR-FillerField1 if the result has come from IMVS and the addressee is a Copy-to doctor.
Margins are now correctly saved when customising system templates.
Fixed a problem with PSH drug sheets where Instructions were overwriting drug name.
Visits containing only the SOAP headings are now recognised as having no user generated Examination diagrams are now inserted into today's notes on a new line.
Reprinting an account from the Patient Billing History now includes the practice address details Fixed a problem on the Payment window where partial payments allocated to multiple services all get allocated to the first item on the list when printed.
Non-patient accounts now respect the A5 Invoices flag.
Editing the details on a completed appointment now refreshes the appointment book display Fixed an error if the "Show past appointments" checkbox on the Find appointment window is checked when no patient is selected.
Fixed an error when reprinting a bulk bill voucher from the Patient Billing History or Account Creating an account for a visit on a previous date no longer adds "2nd visit on same day" if an account is subsequently created for today's date.
Varying the amount of a service that includes GST now recalculates the GST.
Fee schedules that have decimals are now properly calculated.
Fixed a problem with recurrent appointments.
Adding a non patient appointment no longer pops up an incorrect warning about outstanding Resubmitting a service from a direct bill batch without recording a payment now correctly Utility programs
BPS Backup - Apostrophes in the name of the backup folder no longer cause an error when Bulk Document Import - Now correctly imports TIFF files.
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