Selected Religious Holidays and Celebrations 2013-2014
The Benedictine University community is comprised of people of different faiths,
religions and beliefs.
Understanding how and why they worship helps us to understand
that we may not be as different as we think or as others might have us believe. The
community is encouraged to share the variety of celebrations and traditions practiced
at the University to come to a better understanding and greater appreciation of
all “Benedictines.”
Community members are also encouraged to send suggestions or corrections to this calendar to Br. Rick Poro, O.S.B., University Ministry, at (630) 829-6033 or [email protected].
July 9, 2013
The beginning of Ramadan marks the start of a month of fasting. It is a time when Muslims abstain from all food, drink, sexual activity and certain other activities from August 8, 2013
Eid al Fitr is a three-day Islamic fast marking the close of Ramadan. It is a festival of thanksgiving to Allah for enjoying the month of Ramadan. It involves wearing fine clothing, saying prayers and fostering understanding with August 15, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary The Assumption is the Roman Catholic Christian observance commemorating the belief that the Blessed Virgin Mary rose body and soul into heaven at the end of her earthly life (Holy Day of Obligation). September 6, 2013
The Jewish New Year is a time of introspection, abstinence, prayer and penitence. The story of Abraham is read, the ram’s horn is sounded and special foods are prepared September 8, 2013
The Nativity of Mary is the Christian celebration of the birth September 14, 2013
Yom Kippur the Jewish Day of Atonement is the end of the 10 Days of Awe and is devoted to prayer, repentance September 18, 2013
Sukhot the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles celebrates the harvest and the protection of the people of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness, dwelling in tents. September 25, 2013
Shemini Atzeret is the final day of Sukkot and the beginning of prayers for rain. Simchat Torah, the Rejoicing of the Torah (Law), is the ending of the Torah reading cycle October 13, 2013
Islamic pilgrimage rites at Mecca on the seventh through 12th days of the month of Dhu al-Hajja. October 20, 2013
This marks the day that members of the Baha’i faith honor the founder of the Babi religion, forerunner to Baha’u’llah October 31, 2013
Martin Luther posted a belief statement on Wittenberg Church door on October 31, 1517. This day marks the anniversary of the Protestant tradition and its emphasis on the place of the Bible and religious freedom. November 1, 2013
All Saints’ Day is a Christian day of r who have been deemed “saints” by the Church for their good works, their martyrdom for the faith and the miracles attributed to them. (Holy Day of Obligation). November 2, 2013
All Souls’ Day is a Christian day of prayers of intercession for the dead. Prayer of the faithful is seen as helping to cleanse the souls for the vision of God in heaven. November 13, 2013
haps the most well-known of the Indian festivals. It is celebrated throughout India and Indian communities throughout the diaspora. It usually occurs 18 days after Dussehra. It is colloquially known as the “festival of lights,” as it is common practice to light small oil lamps (called diyas) and place them around the home, in courtyards and gardens, on verandas, rooftops and outer walls. Candles are substituted for diyas in urban areas and neon lights replace November 21, 2013
An interfaith celebration of thankfulness for the bounty man enjoys on earth, Thanksgiving is a predominately American holiday that traces its roots to the pilgrims of November 27, 2013
Hanukkah the Festival of Lights – marks the victory of the Maccabees and rededication of the Temple. It is a celebration of religious freedom and an affirmation of December 1, 2013
A Christian time of preparation for observing the birth of Jesus Christ, Advent is observed with the lighting of advent candles, fasting and decorating the church in purple. December 8, 2013
In the Northern tradition, Rohatsu celebrates the Buddha’s December 8, 2013
The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is a feast day in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her status of being without sin at birth (Holy Day of Obligation). December 25, 2013
The holy day of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. It begins a December 26, 2013
Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration honoring African community values and beliefs. January 19, 2014
World Religion Day is a Baha’i sponsored day dedicated to the unity and oneness of all world religions. February 8, 2014
In the Northern tradition, Nirvana Day celebrates the day February 28, 2014
A Hindu festival in honor of Lord Shiva and his marriage to Goddess Parvati, ceremonies on this day involve prayers and hymns which take place mostly at night. March 5, 2014
Lent is a Christian time of reflection and preparation for Holy Week and Easter. It is marked by fasting, repentance March 16, 2014
Purim is a Jewish celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish March 17, 2014
Holi is a very popular festival where people throw colored water or powder at one another to celebrate episodes in the March 21, 2014
The Solemnity of St. Benedict marks the anniversary of the death of St. Benedictine (480-550 ), abbot, founder of Western monasticism and patron saint of April 13, 2014
Palm Sunday is the Christian celebration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, leading to his death. April 14-20, 2014
Christians observe the week before Easter with solemn ceremonies based on events in the life of Jesus, especially those that occurred on Holy Thursday (the Last Supper and passion in the Garden of Gethsemane) and Good Friday (the Crucifixion). Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. April 14, 2014
Passover is an eight-day celebration of the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The story of the Exodus is recounted and the ongoing struggle of all peoples for freedom from internal and external tyranny is celebrated. April 28, 2014
Remembrance Day)Yom HaShoah is observed by htose with Jewish ancestory or those with connections to the religion to commemorate or remember Holocaust victims who died during World War II. Activities may include lighting memorial candles or reciting the Kaddish, a prayer for the departed.



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