locations with no electric power
technological processes and laboratories
long term field measurement

Loggers are designed for record of voltage signal 0-5V (optionally 0-
10V) or current signal 0-20mA. Values are stored to a non volatile
electronic memory. Data transfer to the personal computer for
further analysis is performed via serial interface RS232, USB or
Ethernet by means of a proper adapter or GSM modem.

included calibration certificate from the manufacturer variability of connection to the computer - USB, RS232, Ethernet, GSM modemfast data transfer to the PC (full memory for approximately 30s)permanent connection to the PC enabled, data is possible to download even during logginglarge data memory 32000 valueslarge dual line display with special symbols, switchableoptional display of minimum and maximum measured values (reset of min/max memory from PC or by magnet)dual level alarm is enabled for each channel, alarm is indicated by blinking of the value on the LCD displaytwo alarm modes are enabled: instant or with memory (detected alarm is indicated permanently till alarmmemory is cleared)robust watertight case, easy installation, locking enabledlow power consumption, battery life up to 6 years, indication of remaining battery life, easy battery replacementlogging start/stop is enabled: at certain time and date programmed from computer or by delivered magnetalso special logging mode is enabled, when logging runs only, if some of measured values are out of adjustedalarm limitsinput signal is recalculated and displayed in real measured physical units by means of the PC softwareeach channel is possible to describe with text of 16 characters, each logger with text of maximum 32 characterspassword protection enabled to prevent unauthorized manipulation TECHNICAL PARAMETERS
Measurement accuracy:
Resolution of voltage input:
Resolution of current input:
Signal character at binary input:
from potential-less contact or two-state voltage signal Minimum pulse duration at binary input:
500 ms (shorter pulses may not be recorded) Maximum frequency at binary input:
Power current through contact at binary input:
Voltage accross open contact at binary input:
Low voltage level at binary input:
0 to +0.2 V (maximum current from the input 3 uA High voltage level at binary input:
+3.0 to +30 V (maximum current to the input 100 nA Logging interval:
Display refresh and alarm state refresh:
Total memory capacity:
Logging modes:
noncyclic logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Operation temperature range:
Real time clock:
year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second Built-in connector for input signals:
Dimensions without connectors:
Weight including battery:
Typical battery life:
Battery life in on-line mode with interval 1min:
Battery life in on-line mode with interval 10s:
IP67 - protected against influence of temporary immersion into water DESCRIPTION
S5011 Single channel voltage logger
S5021 Dual channel voltage logger.
Input channels are not galvanic isolated and have common ground.
S6011 Single channel current logger. The current loop should be powered
S6021 Dual channel current logger. The current loops should be powered
from external power supply. Input channels are not galvanic isolatedand have common ground.
No accessory is included. For basic use it is necessary to order at minimum a COM adapter or USB adapter forcommunication with computer, optionally a start/stop magnet, if needed to control logging the other way thandirectly from computer or by binary signal. Also connector for input signals connection is necessary to order.
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Calibration certificate from the manufacturer, battery. Free program for Windows
is ready to download from www.cometsystem.cz. Program enables to control all logger functions and viewing andprinting of record in numerical and simple graphic format. It is possible to export logged values to dbf or txt formatsfor further analysis.
SW100 - CD with free PC program
LP002 - COM adapter
for communication with personal computer via RS232 serial port
LP003 - USB adapter for communication with personal computer via USB port
LP005 - LAN adapter for communication with the PC via Ethernet, including ac/dc adapter 230Vac/5Vdc,
Exceeding of adjusted limits is alarmed by sending e-mail message or trap.
LP004 - start/stop magnet
MD036 - self adhesive Dual Lock
for easy installation
K092 - watertight female connector Canon 9 pins with cover for connection of input signal, protection IP67
K0925 - female connector Canon 9 pins with cover for connection of input signal, no protection (IP20)
K0945 - adapter with terminals for easy connection of input signals, protection IP20
F9000 - wall holder secured against unauthorized removal
A4203 - spare Lithium battery 3.6V, no leads, size AA
SWR004 - optional software for Windows - color print, vertical and time zoom of graphs and other functions

Source: http://www.securiton.com.cy/assets/mainmenu/240/docs/s6021.pdf


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