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MA&UD Department – IKP-Urban (MEPMA) – Constitution of Committees at ULB Level, District Level and State Level for monitoring & evaluation of implementation of MEPMA at various levels – Modification Orders Issued. MUNCIPAL ADMINISTRATION AND URBAN DEVELOPMMENT (UBS) DEPARTMENT -06-2009.
1. G.O.Ms.No. 414 MA, dated: 4-06-2007. 2. Lr. Roc. No. 01/2008/GB, Dated: 7-04-2009 of Mission Director, IKP-URBAN In the G.O. read 1st above, Government have issued orders for establishing the Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas and constituted the Governing Body and
Executive Committee for reviewing the implementation of MEPMA in the State.


In the reference 2nd read above, the Mission Director, IKP-Urban (MEPMA) has informed that the Mission is the response of the Government to tackle the challenges posed by
the urban poverty in all manifestations and the Mission has wide reanging responsibilities from
developing strategies for minimizing the ill-effects of poverty on urban poor and marginalized
sections to creation and sustenance of an enabling environment for socio, economic, health,
educational and cultural well-being of the urban poor and ultimately for increasing the voice of
the poor in urban governance and submitted the proposal to Government to constitute
committees at various levels i.e. ULB, District and State, and requested the Government to issue
modifying orders for the orders issued in G.O.Ms. No.390 MA, dated: 27-07-1994 and
G.O.Ms.No. 414 MA, dated: 4-06-2007 for effective monitoring and evaluating the performance
and implementation of IKP-Urban (MEPMA) at ULB level, District level and State level.


In the circumstances reported by the Mission Director, IKP-Urban (MEPMA) and in partial modification of the Government Orders issued in G.O.Ms. No. 390 MA dated: 27-07-1994 and G.O. Ms. No. 414 MA, dated: 4-06-2007, Government here by constitute the committees at ULB Level, District Level and State Level for effective monitoring and evaluating the performance and implementation of IKP-Urban (MEPMA) at the levels of ULB, District and State as follows: A) At ULB Level: MEPMA Co-ordination & Monitoring Committee at ULB Level /
Circle Level in Mission Cities of Hyderabad, Vijayawada & Vishakhapatnam is constituted with the following composition: Municipal Commissioner / Dy. M.C. in circles of Mission Chairman Cities Town Project Officer / Poverty Resource Person Municipal Sectoral Staff (Health, Town Planning, Members Engineering & Revenue) Representatives of Social Sector Line Departments at the Members Town Level a). Education, b). Health, c). Family Welfare, d). Housing, e). Social Welfare, f). Women & Child Development, g). Industries, h). Revenue President of Town Level Federations (CDS) Presidents of Slum Level Federations (NHC) by rotation Members for every one year (Minimum Three) Women ward members priority may be given to reserved Members categories by rotation for every one year (Minimum Two) Representatives of NGOs (Minimum one), Commercial / Members Co-operative Banks (minimum of three), Industries, Business and Private Co-operative Sectors (three) Terms of Reference: The Committee shall meet once for every fort night to facilitate/
coordinate / Implement and review of the following TUPA Cell tasks: • Community self survey of Slum, Poverty and Livelihood – profiling of all Urban Poor. • Preparation of Municipal Urban Poverty Alleviation Acton Plan • Social Mobilisation and Strengthening of CBOs • Capacity Building Programmes and trainings • Development of Livelihood Programmes and Bank Linkages • Skill formation, upgradation and change • Infrstructure provision to slums, Housing, Land tenure • Provision of Civic Services B) At District Level: Coordination & Monitoring Committee at District Urban
Development Agency (DUDA) / District Project Monitoring Unit (DPMU) level is
constituted with the following composition:
Vice-Chairman, UDA or his representative D.S.W.O. (BC Welfare / ST Welfare / District Member Manager, TRICOR) D.S.W.O. (Manager APBC Welfare Corporation) 9. Asst. Director, Physically Handicapped-cum- Member District Manager, A.P. Physically Challenged Welfare Corporation Dist. Women & Child Welfare Officer-cum-District Member Manager, A.P. Women’s Finance Corporation General Manager, District Industries Centre 15. Chief Executive Secretary for Training & Member Commissioners of the Municipalities / Corporation Member concerned DM Housing – In charge of Urban Housing Dy. Commissioner / Asst. Commissioner of Labour Member Regional Director of Town and Country Planning 25. Representative of NGOs and Private Corporate Special Invitees Sectors (to be nominated by the Collector) Terms of Reference: The Committee shall meet once in a month to facilitate/ coordinate /
implement and review of the following DUDA tasks: • Link between MEPMA (State Unit) and ULBs • Facilitating common services • Bank linkages • District credit plans • Convergence and coordination, • Capacity building and training, • Guide and Support ULBs - especially smaller ULBs • Integration of Urban Poverty Alleviation Programmes with District Plans • Monitoring & Evaluation C) At State Level:
1) Executive Committee at State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) / State
Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU) level is constituted with the following
Secretary to Government & Commissioner, UPA, Chairperson MA&UD Department Development & Child Welfare Department Secretary to Commissioner of Revenue Dept. Commissioner of Health & Family Wefare Commissioner of Employment & Training The Director of Town and Country Planning, AP. Terms of Reference: The Executive Committee shall met at least once in three months to
facilitate/ coordinate / Implement and review of the following SUDA tasks: • Formulation of Urban Poverty Alleviation Strategy – Organisation of the Poor, Strengthening CBOs / Livelihoods /Social development / vulnerability / Social Security / Land /Housing/ Infrastructure • Developing Partnerships • Capacity building • Convergence • Resource mobilization • Monitoring & Evaluation • Guidance and Support to the District Units / ULBs • Conceptualizing Programmes – Periodic meetings – Brain storming – Linkages with private sector - Functioning/ corporate/ New economy sector • Community Self survey / Mapping livelihoods / Survey of local economy Governing Body is constituted to provide policy guidance to all the units with the
following composition:
Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Vice-Chairperson Development Department Secretary to Government & Commissioner, UPA, MA&UD Member-Department Principal Secretary to Government, MA&UD Department 4. Principal Secretary to Government, Rural Development Member Principal Secretary to Government, Women Development and Member Principal Secretary to Government (IF), Finance Department Principle Secretary to Government, Revenue Dept. 8. Commissioner and Ex-officio Principal Secretary to Member 9. Principle Secretary to Government, Social Welfare Member Principle Secretary to Government, Health Department Principle Secretary to Government, Primary Education Principle Secretary to Government, Labour Department 16. General Manager and Convener, State Level Bankers Member 17. Five Representatives from NGOs working in the poverty Members sector to be nominated by the Government. Terms of Reference: The Governing Body shall meet as decided by the Chairperson or
on the requisition of the Executive Committee to provide policy formulation, adequacy, strategy and finances. The Mission Director, IKP-Urban (MEPMA) shall take action accordingly. (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PRADESH) PUSHPA SUBRAHMANYAM.
To All the Members of the Committees at ULB, District and State Levels. (Through Mission Director, IKP-Urban (MEPMA), Hyderabad) The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, Hyderabad. The Mission Director, IKP-Urban (MEPMA), Hyderabad. The P.S. to Spl. Secretary to C.M. The P.S. to M(MA). The P.S. to Prl. Secretary to Government. The P.S. to Secretary to Government. The P.A. to Spl. Secretary to Government.



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