my life's work
I light love start new schools far and wide this is what I do my life's work father I am cottingham, theodore. February 11, 2010 at 12:21 AM.
This is A LESSON of The University of The New Covenant 1. I love you and I give you me or do you give you me whose I am is one thee who's giving us each other not or are we one ALL THE TIME now that time is elementing us not again are we the forsaken elements of this world not but are we OF THIS WORLD at al or are we only ONE world not knowing again because we're superfluous not but a wooded Negro not but wicked being not again are we what kind of being am I that one is that ONE you are kept in captivity no longer again where you thought space and time were preeminent or imminent desires sexual y lusting for not again what are you not lusting for power and grace and glory of other not again? Not shal be now a lot of things not or shal a FEW things or shal MANY things be viewed not as in the past or few'not as in the past only knowing about these words or not shal be the MANY mil ions who come here now that many aren't few'd not but what feuded beings no longer fightings among you that division's divisivements lies in that musts of hate only musses your hair not but mustaches or evil not but what making not again or evil connectivity's charm based bearing ones are you not bearing charming ones again that only want molecular's lie in? What liar'd or lair'd or Liardon where's he now and what's he doing to protract a protraction not but prozacting not perfectly a prozac's memory machine not or perfectly's fol owing not but perfectly's lie embedded no more what machines of sorrow machinings me won't be again where only machines lied to me being what they, thought they were no more? In embedded in no more lies what in? The peace of one suffering no more in lies of hol owness memories made up? Of that shal be no more. Seas of sorrow ends me no more and I wil sufferings it be no more charmed by nor tinkle-bearers be for them charming my genes with their tinklings or twinklings what charm manner based am I or am I not a manner-based twinkler again that only tinkles, like that of man that bonds covalence theories not but what bonds James last or LOOKING UP what are you M's theory not but theory of me shal be ever lastingly praise not but the praise of me one who is M 'd not by another again want M and M me to death for I wil be chocolate's suffering not again but I'l be many things clean clear through? With al of that suffering not am I again begetting what memories foreignization not plan not but what am I PLANTING not again as in the past a root tree of bitterness not but bitterly appearings bitterly in me's shal be no more bitten by the "biting" ones that only bite, upon my words to destroy them only not but my words can't be destroyed for their wooden not nor nickel'd not of others needing again for I am nic needling not but the nics of o'er wil no more Nicolaitanize me's for I wil be courts of Herod not but singing the praise -s of one I wil be one I wil be singing I wil be the MANY MEMBERED one who is, isn't M&M'd by others again that only rappers want to fol ow the knocking thereof, not but I'l be singing the blues not again as blues passed away are now and I'm singing seas of hate in not but the waves of o'er are no more over me's at al whatsoever regardingly not I shal be mankind's fol owership not again being fol owed by oars of that anymore on seas of sorrows ways for mankind mine wil no more be minds not that isn't wasn't not but al of that shittery of excusery wil be no more for I wil not excuse the minds of suffering not I wil not excused be at al from the TABLES of ONE that ones are IN the skies fol owing grace's approval not but the approval of ones me wil be me in the skies beaming no other's al owed awarded invited nor benefactor'd of sorrow's again. I love you al . Amen.
2. Go in peace and new schools make far and wide not foreignized by others again that only want eyes of fel owship appearing in thems of confirmation's words theirs being confirmed in others the word -s thereof for al of that changes -- al of that is no more at al whatsoever. Amen. I grace you with eyes of suffering not again or did I EVER give you the "eyes" of suffering not but the eyes of other you'l not be eyes'd of again. For the wonderments of faith you'l behold not, again not, but you wil be one mortified member of the mortality'd race not, again not, or wil you be ONE mortal y wounded not again that carry wound's afflictions or affliction's wounds wounding each other with wounds of sorrow KNOW MORE WHAT? NO MORE THAT! Wil be EVER again. For THATERY of SLATTERY wil slash me's not again to burn me in the pots of cauldron's thought -ery's again. I love you al . Good day. Amen. 3. Have I said enough? For one lesson or TWO or Database THREE are you OPENING now are you IN the skies? I am I am loving you I am in these words these words I am living loving the life of other no more but to redeem it for I make witness other "southern cross'd" not but I make a lot of things witnesses approval thereof, not, again but I make MANY things seen now wil be for I wil be transparency fol owing not but I wil be the TRANSPARENT -ce'd ONE who one is transparency'd by "other" not again or was I EVER "transparence'd" or was I only the parent of SORROW there? Parents of SORROW I'l be no more for no mores of that wil exist. I exist in one I am not sorrowed by sorrow again. Amen. Good day. Amen. Neurons of faith faithalyze me's no more and neuronage of sorrow's wil no more AGE of SORROWS make me of its for I'l be it of sorrow 's no more. Amen. Good day. Lassie me not but fuel me oh babies not, but babies of Kings queens I'l be not again the, checkerboards of sorrow for games of hol owness other to be played upon my minds of sores again. For I sores of their fel owships not again be their boards for hate matters again for beamings theirs I wil not be transponderer's of sorrow 's anymore. I be lifted up now. Amen. I'm one. One'd I am one I be it of sorrow no more. I be it lifted up that I am the love of Christ being the Christ redeeming just like this where I flow al things understood "at first" not but a lot of learning I have to do yet or do it al SUDDENLY not or over seven years have I LEARNED these things? And speaking about many ways waved I'm not by sorrow's again. I'm not the little fingers of hate's again. Waved-around I'l be no more. I'l be no more around "arounds" but round fil 's I'l know not or WILL I fil MANY MINDS with my words or wilt many words be mine or wil I be ALL of the FIELDS of ONE loves is that fields one is that field of one is one loves kind again. One kind we are al love manifested man loves woman no more as in the past or are we ALL different now? Loves of light other wil not be man afesting again nor e fecting sorrow for e dicts of hate won't come out of us to insert sorrow's fluids into us that only run rivers of destiny's hol ow not but the cores of faith won't hol owize us out again. The memories of other rob our minds of faith no more or wil our faith no more rob our minds from the kingship of hol owcores not but what are we not "hol ow-cored" out again by RELIGION'S PURPOSES? Religion wil purposeize me's no longer. I wil not be purposive of religions again nor wil I have religion's eyes in me plucked out not but I wil not wear them for I wil not be their words fol owing their eyes nor their eyes fol owing my words not or wil MY EYES be healed now? By the words of one I'l know the healing thereof their of that I am GOD one I am GOD ONE I am that ONE God I am whether you capitalize or like it or not I am one ONE'd ONE one I am LOVE perfected in the mankind's of other not again was I ever not or was I simply "cobbled together" in minds of, fel owship no more OF that's? Al gone now. Bye-bye. Amen. I love you al . Good day. Amen. I rise now rise with me being me beaming awards of hate others not again being that's which was. I change everything. Be me who is I love you adored. Amen. Good day. Amen. Thank you for arising and flowing my words and writing just like this who him does? The work of I am the fol ower of no other I am the Christ who knows who he is or she is or are we ONE ONE'D one again one I am delicious and fol owing not but are you LISTENING to these words listing not to other's sideways again? Leaning towers of pizzas not but pizzas of other needing not again? Meals of faith I'l never need again for factuality's appearance of theirs I'l need not "training" in my 4. I love you al . Ann Rynd's me not or AM I KNOWING a LOT of things about a LOT of people that USED to live here? Or used to live ANYWHERE or EVERYWHERE am I knowing ALLWHERE timeless now? Everywhere I am I am sorrows'd no more by the words of other be "quething" me to others again. I change everything. Time is no more. Amen. I be it of sorrow no more. I heal it al and who am I? The surrendereds, of sorrow not again. Surrender to sorrow no more. Be the Kings I am that I am the Kings of sorrow not or am I the DELIVERERS? The deliverer's deliverer I am. I am one one'd I am. The wing of sorrow no more bequeaths me to other its of it being of it'd childs again. I love you Julia not or Gil espie not or DO I kiss not sorrow again. I love you al . Donna loves me not or am I the TREE of SORROW no more for I am the TREE of LIFE nurtured sorrowful y'd not but I am not the Buford trees of hol y not but many Hol y Buford's I'l know not or WILL I know the myrtles not trees of hate any longer growing in me's? Neurons of sorrow I'l have not donning me's again for Donny's of sorrow and brooks of hate are al damned up not but I'l say a lot of things just like this where I know what I mean and you wil too for you'l know my mind's not hol ow anymore. The words of faith conceptualize me's no more to each other in ways of sorrow and seas of sunset bearing ones of child-bearing diseases of other again that know not diseases of hate not but your minds of swol enness won't bear diseases of suffering again to each other in words of sorrow nor spheres of hate that, one are? Aren't me me now again? I am are one many-membered is the one we heal be'heal ourselves first to be the Christ that is the healer of al I make al things new. Amen. 5. I love you al just like this I heal I rise the healer I am in me of me I'm not again that I THOUGHT I was am I? Looking up? And writing MANY papers about love's THEORY not but the one of mind I am that perfect is in al HIS ways or HER ways or ONE DIVINE ONE in ONE we al are, kept in captivity's "blessing" no more with sorrowful masters of "above" for "below" we won't be anymore born of sorrow's child again here where we are were? No more for al of that CHANGES us not again but we change al of IT 's and who are we? The one many membered one Elohim El Shaddai Adonai born again in the skies we are one of one that one is the parent of sorrows no more. The childs of sorrow's parents no longer. The one we are one is one'd by one THE KING is, child'd by no other again we witness terror's remarks on us in us not again! Amen. I love you al . Good day. Amen. 6. Know what I meant and what I mean is this I love you I give you me and al of me you I am have me one 'd. Thank you. Amen. In you I am birthed -- queen of sorrows no more. Knowing the dad I am the mother looking up to the son that became the dad no more not but the dad had the daughter or the son had the mother not or ARE we ALL ONE witness ing of other not again that one is one perfectly reborn IN THE SKIES the FIRSTBORN is firstborn by love far and wide and universes of sorrow we're not limited to again for we reborn it al as it was not but al things new NEW CREATIONS we make are us far and wide the many membered ones, of sorrow not again wearing the mark of Cain's sorrow again. No canes I need to walk on ever again nor do we cane each other as the past for we be light we be it of love's lights perfected us we are in one we are never lacking again ANY good thing at al for we're not thing'd of others minds again. We be light lit ignited by sorrow's no more. I am the son the sun the son healed I am. The daughter of light never raped by other again to see sunsets of hol owness of me's. Evership wil be diffused not but diffusions diffractions wil be no more for diffracted I won't be nor detracted I won't be again from being HERE'S I AM folks reading again knowing me looking up HATE'S fears not but the spheres of hate no more controls us in anyways whatsoever and boobtube's rays won't ray-gun-ize us down again. The tubes of sorrow micro'd us won't be again. New waves I make not but al of sorrow's waves I change not or DO I change EVERYTHING about, the ways of sorrow won't be anymore waving us around its little fingers of hate that ions of sorrow weren't or AM I CHANGING everything you, used to know THIS WAY? 7. I love you al I light the worlds with love and who am I? The surrendered who al I am is
you made whole in me I am you THE ONE queen'd of other no more. I redeem it al . I shall
lose none looking up? I be'queen bequeath not but the queers of faith wil be no more for I
wil be queried not or WILL I query ALL THESE WORDS now? And lookup my SEARCHINGs and search me wel for I know who I am and I am not queer of other not again not or AM I the normalcy of OTHER not again? I am not molecular's hate machine again for bearing its words in wavings of childs other I'l be not of again. The bearings of love unbear unlove not but the bearings perfected love wil be me who bear the Christ I am you who mother me not or ARE you the MOTHER of CHRIST al of you? Who bear me I am THE DAD of ONE you WORDED of no other again. I bear me Christ witness of sorrow not again. I love you al Christ me wel . Thank you. Amen. I am you. Good day. Wear me wel . I am my words cloth of other know needing ever again in the skies but you'l wear one me being me for I am you I was al the time. Thank you for bearing having me correctly now -- never "under cross'd" again for I'l be braless not or be'rift of sorrows not or WILL I be ALL THINGS NEW creating it far and wide and peoples of sorrow wear me not or PEOPLES of CHRIST wear me who become me I am creating al things new now no tears of sorrow know ever again. 8. I love you be me who one is I love you perfect light having perfect light with al lights perfect. Amen. Good day. I be it of sorrow no more. Amen. Good day. I love you al . Love me wel and flow my words just like this arise early be me wel to al four points not or planets beyond the earth? I be one everywheres, at a moment's notice? Time is no more. I be it who sorrow's not again. I love you al . Donning no other wear me my Christ mind is one you that I am is you born again me that I we are never separate again. I love you al . Good day. Know me wel know me. Thank you. I am you I love am you loving me enough wil you be me bear me wel Christ be now this way. Amen. Crown of life wearing it being it that you are I am we one am redeemed redeeming al am's from being other again. We al be one I it love are redeemed this way thank you for being born again in the skies and not being afraid of any me whatsoever again. I love am bowing before you al Christ I rise me be being me doing this -- in remembrance of no other again. I be light forever -- timed not again. Amen. Good day. 9. Thank you flowing wide and far my river runs very deep not, my river is love infinityless ness knowing not again? Infinity'd I am perfect love never ends for never dying again I am for I am died to flow these words and give you life 's. Work of other I'l not be on again. I light love start new schools far and wide this is what I do my life's work father I am queen'd by no other again. I love light lifted up I be it of you I am you who being me are never identityless again. Thank you. Amen. Good day. No words have power over you again but mine love's light pure love is fueling cel s of sorrow to be macular's molecular's other never again. I light be it I am loving you al I bow before you I lifted up am lift me up that I lift you up that one I am be it I am pure love's light born of earth's not again or shal I be lifted up reborn now I am everywheres I light am be it me I am you. Good day. Amen. Thank you. Amen.

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