Pharmacy task force for alternate care facilties (acf)

Pharmacy Task Force for Alternate Care Facilties (ACF) Unit of Issue
Drug (Generic Name, Strength; Form)
(Box, bulk, etc.)
Nitroglycerin Injection, 5mg/mL; 10mL; IV Nitroglycerin Tablets, 0.4mg; 25/vial; SL Isosorbide Mononitrate, Tablets, 30mg; PO Isosorbide Mononitrate, Tablets, 60mg; PO Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 30mg/0.3ml; SQ Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 40mg/0.4ml; SQ Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 60mg/0.6ml; SQ Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 80mg/0.8ml; SQ Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 100mg/1mL; SQ Enoxaparin Sodium, Injection, 120mg/0.8mL; SQ Hydrochlorothiazide, Tablets, 12.5mg; PO Hydrocodone Bitartrate/APAP 5mg-500mg tabs; PO Ibuprofen, Oral Suspension, 20mg/mL; 120mL; PO Acetaminophen, Oral Liquid, 32mg/mL; 120mL; PO Prochlorperazine, Suppositories, 25mg; PR Prochlorperazine, Injection, 5mg/mL, 2mL; IV Albuterol HFA, 90mcg MDI, 8.5gm; Inhalation Aerochamber (with and without mask/various sizes) Triamcinolone Acetonide, MDI, 20gm; Inhalation Ipratropium Bromide, 0.02% Soln., 2.5mL; Inhalation Ipratropium Bromide, MDI, 14.7gm; Inhalation Salmeterol, Inhalation Powder, MDI, #28; Inhalation Methylprednisolone, Injection, 125mg/2mL; IV Oseltamivir, Suspension, 12mg/mL; 25mL; PO Metronidazole, Injection 5mg/1mL; 100mL; IV Clindamycin, Solution, 15mg/mL; 100mL; PO Bacitracin Ointment, 500U/gm, 14.17gm; Topical Neo/Polym/Bacitracin, Ointment, 30gm; Topical Fluconazole Suspension, 10mg/mL, 35mL; PO Fluconazole Suspension, 40mg/mL, 35mL; PO Bismuth Subsalicylate, Suspension, 17.5/mL, 240mL; PO Magnesium Citrate, Oral Solution, 1.75g/30mL; 300mL; Phenytoin Sodium, Oral Suspension, 125mg/mL; 237mL; Dilantin PO Phenytoin Sodium, Capsules, 100mg; PO Sumatriptan Succinate, Tablets, 25mg; PO Sumatriptan Succinate, Tablets, 50mg; PO Sumatriptan Succinate, Tablets, 100mg; PO Fentanyl Citrate, Injection, 50mcg/mL, 5mL; IV Fentanyl, Dermal Patches, 25mcg; Topical Fentanyl, Dermal Patches, 50mcg; Topical Fentanyl, Dermal Patches, 75mcg; Topical Guaifenisen-Codeine, Elixir, 20mg-2mg/mL, 118mL; PO Acetaminophen/Codeine, Tablets, 300/30mg; PO Diphenhydramine, Elixir, 2.5mg/mL, 120mL; PO Diphenhydramine, Injection, 50mg/mL; 1mL; IV Trimethoprim/Polymyxin B, 10mL; Ophthalmic Polytrim Phenylephrine 2.5%, Solution, 5mL; Ophthalmic Naphazoline 0.1%, Solution, 15mL; Ophthalmic Fluorescein Sod Opthalmic Strips (Fluorets) Erythromycin 0.5%, Ointment, 3.5gm; Ophthalmic Lidocaine/Epinephrine, 1% Soln, 30mL; IV Epinephrine, Adult Emergency Pen, 0.3mg; IM Epinephrine, Pediatric Emergency Pen, 0.15mg; IM Vaccine, Tetanus, Diphtheria, aPertussis (DTaP), 0.5mL; Daptacel Vaccines IM Vaccine, Tetanus, Diphtheria, aPertussis (Tdap), 0.5mL; Dextrose 5% Sodium Chloride 0.45% 1000ml Sterile Water for injection, 10mL , IV (Reconstitution) Sodium Chloride for injection, 0.9%, 10mL; IV PEDS FORMULARY
Amoxicillin-Clav. Susp., 40mg-5.7mg/mL; 100mL; PO Augmentin Antibiotic Amoxicillin-Clav. Susp., 80mg-11.4mg/mL; 100mL; PO Augmentin Antibiotic Amoxicillin Suspension, 50mg/mL, 150mL; PO Antipyrene/Benzocaine, Solution, 15mL; Otic Bacitracin w/ Zn, Ointment, 500U/gm, 28.4gm; Topical Polymyxin B/Neomycin/Hydrocortisone, Susp., 10mL; Otic Zinc Oxide, Ointment, 30gm; Topical Erythromycin ES, Susp., 40mg/mL, 480mL; PO Guaifenesin-DM, Syrup, 20mg-2mg/mL, 120mL; PO Hydrocortisone 1%, Cream, 28.4gm; Topical Prochlorperazine, Pediatric Supp, 5mg; PR Trimeth:Sulfa, Suspension, 40mg:8mg/mL, 480mL; PO Loperamide, Pediatric Susp., 1mg/5mL, 120mL; PO


The angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor captopril reduces oviposition and ecdysteroid levels in lepidoptera

Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 57:123–132 (2004)The Angiotensin Converting Enzyme InhibitorCaptopril Reduces Oviposition and Ecdysteroid Levelsin Lepidoptera L. Vercruysse,1,2* D. Gelman,3 E. Raes,1 B. Hooghe,1 V. Vermeirssen,2 J. Van Camp,2 and G. Smagghe1 The role of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE, peptidyl dipeptidase A) in metamorphic- and reproductive-related events

Microsoft word - pub_06082012.doc

Publikationsliste Originalarbeiten 1. Ledergerber B., Bettex J-D., Joos B., Flepp M. , Lüthy R. (1985) Effect of standard breakfast on drug absorption and multiple-dose pharmacokinetiks of ciprofloxacin. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 27:350-353 2. Joos B., Hugentobler A., Ledergerber B., Flepp M. , Bettex J-D., Lüthy R. (1985) Comparison of high-pressure liquid chromatograp

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