Presence Detetor ECO-IR 360-24V ECO-IR 360-24V Product Features
Presence detector with 360° detection range for Automatic control for lighting and HVAC systems Switched output for light (potential-free relay) Lighting control with brightness threshold value and self-learning switch off delay time Switched output for HVAC (potential-free relay) HVAC control with switch on delay and switch off Self-learning switch off delay for light contact Switch off delay and brightness threshold infinitely Detection range (Mounting hight 3,0m)
Switching Contact «Lighting»
The switching behavior is controlled by presence and
by daylight. The contact closes in case of darkness
presence, and opens in case of brightness or absence. The
minimum switch off delay “2min. - 15 min.” and the
desired brightness switching level “Lux” can be adjus-
ted. Depending on the occupants’ behavior the module
is able to automatically extend the switch off delay to a

maximum of 15 minutes or reduce it to the minimum set time. The delay time is re-started on detection of move-ment. The switch-off delay time does not change with a setting of 2min. Important: The ECO-IR is designed for use with
fluorescent lights (FL/PL). Incandescent or halo-
gen lights disturb the function of the detector.

Switching Contact «HVAC»
The HVAC control is accomplished by means of a poten-
tial-free relay. The switching behavior is controlled only
by presence, not by brightness. In case of presence, the
contact is closed. The desired switch off delay is infinite-
ly variable between 1 and 60 minutes. The delay time is
re-started on detection of movement.

Seated Persons:
Parallel Circuit Operation
The values given refer to the restricted detection range To cover large or irregularly shaped rooms such as large for movements taking place at table height, i.e. approx. offices, corridors, underground car parks, etc. it is possi- 0.80 m above the floor. From a mounting height of ble to connect multiple detectors in parallel. In this case, > 3.5 m the sensitivity of the detector is limited and the overall permitted load does not change. Brightness walking movements are required for detection. threshold and switch-off time delay must be set for each detector individually. Walking Persons:
The above figure shows the detection range in side (top)
and top (bottom) view. Note that the ranges in which
seated persons and walking persons are detected differ in
their expansion.

Schematic Wiring Diagram – Power Module
Detection Range
The recommended mounting height is 2m - 3.5m.
The sensitivity of the detector decreases with increasing mounting height. From a mounting height of 4 m walking movements are required for detection, and the detection ranges of multiple detectors should overlap in their fringe Sensor Module – Rear Side
zones. Maximum range approx. 15 m. Accessories
Flush mounting
A suitable surface frame for surface mounting is also
Mounting kit Quick-Fix
The unit can be flush-mounted into suspended ceilings
using the QUICKFIX mounting kit.

Important: The voltage supply of the detec-
tor must not be interrupted

Adjustments on the Sensor Module (see fig. on the left)
1) Switch off delay for HVAC system (minutes)
2) Switch off delay for lighting system (minutes)
3) Brightness threshold (lux)

Technical Specifications for Presence Detector ECO-IR 360-24V
Sensor module
Relay output B „HVAC“
Power module
Relay output „light“
Article numbers
*) A load of more than 60V or 100mA on the switching contact This device complies with the protection regulations of the EMC (max. 1.5W) changes its characteristics permanently; the minimum directives 89/3/EWG and of the amending directives 92/31/EEC and load specification of 1V/1mA can no longer be guaranteed. Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

Source: http://www3.duarteneves.pt/file/dnl/docs/001.021.080-doc-prodinf-en.pdf


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