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Conscious Sedation
Preparation for Colonoscopy
Or Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
Since endoscopic procedures can causesome discomfort, your physician will usually You will be given a “Fleet” Prep Kit by your recommend administration of what is known the directions below for the 24-hour prep, (Versed) and a pain medication (Fentanyl).
Endoscopy Services
1300 East 5th Ave.
anesthesia”. We will administer as muchmedication necessary to keep you Winfield, KS 67156
8:00 AM: Eat a light meal.
comfortable and safe. You will still be able to (620) 221-2300, ext. 197
Scheduling – ext. 500
9:00 AM: start drinking at least 8 ounces of
clear liquids every hour.This is a minimum
pressure is getting low or that you are not breathing as well as you should, we will be drink more fluids if possible. You may drink midnight prior to your exam. Avoid red andpurple clear liquids as these can be If you have had problems with sedation in the past, we recommend that you contactyour physician or the endoscopy department You are scheduled for:
4:00 PM: Take Fleet Phospho-soda. This
to discuss options for your comfort during solution is very salty and it’s recommended your exam. Please make this contact well in Bronchoscopy
to mix the entire bottle with cold apple juice procedure to avoid any unnecessary delays.
EGD / Gastroscopy
7:00 PM: Take 4 Fleet Bisacodyl Tablets
Due to the sedation, you may not rememberwhat you were told after the exam. Please Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
One hour prior to exam: Use Fleet
contact your physician if you have questions Colonoscopy
All Patients—Bring a Driver
Preparation for EGD / Gastroscopy
Because of the medications used, you will
Your procedure is scheduled for:
or Bronchoscopy
need to bring someone with you to drive you
home. It is recommended that you not work,

You are asked to not eat or drink anything drive or operate machinery for the rest of the
Date: __________________
All Patients—Bring a Med List
Time: __________________
Special Note
Please bring a list of your current
You need to be at the hospital to check-
medications, allergies and medical history
discuss any special precautions you might in at the registration area 45 minutes
with you as this will help us to ensure your
prior to your scheduled time.
EGD or Esophagogastroduodenoscopy is
Colonoscopy allows a physician to look
also called Gastroscopy.
This procedure enables the physician to look Flexible sigmoidoscopy enables the
look at the vocal cords, trachea and major physician to look at the first one third of the duodenum (first part of the small intestine).
large intestine from the rectum through thesigmoid colon.
The procedure might be used to discover the reason for swallowing difficulties, nausea, These procedures allow the physician to see used to look for early signs of cancer in the We will treat the back of your throat with a Any specimens / biopsies obtained will
special spray to prevent or reduce gagging.
take 3-10 days for results. Otherwise, you Prior to your leaving the hospital we will test will be told what is found the day of the procedure. Due to the sedation you maynot remember what you were told. Please Any specimens / biopsies obtained will
Any specimens / biopsies obtained will
take 3-10 days for results. Otherwise, you take 3-10 days for results. Otherwise, you will be told what is found the day of the will be told what is found the day of the We will treat the back of your throat and reduce gagging and coughing. Prior to your leaving the hospital we will test your abilityto swallow.
If you have difficulty swallowing or severe abdominal pains after the procedure contact abdominal pains after the procedure contact If you feel severely short of breath or are coughing up pure blood after the procedure


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