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Keyword1.keyword2.keyword3    =    value   First  keyword:  
file  defines  in  and  output  files.  All  output  files  are  also  set  to  default  values  by  the  code.  
gas  defines  parameters  for  the  retrieval  gases  
fw  all  parameters  for  the  forward  model  are  defined  in  this  section  
kb  is  set  to  true  if  Kb  matrizes  are  calculated  at  the  end  of  the  talk.  
rt  in  this  section  the  retrieval  parameters  are  defined,  except  for  the  SA  matrices  for  the  gases  which  are  defined  in  the  gas  section.  If  rt  is  set  to  
F,  no  retrieval  is  performed  but  only  a  forward  calculation.  
In  the  section  band  the  parameters  for  al  MW  bands  are  defined.  
sp  contains  additional  noise  information  for  the  spectra,  i.e.  for  deweighting  
In  out  more  details  of  output  are  defined  
Recommendation:  Do  not  rely  on  default  values  for  in  and  output  to  make  the  program  forward  compatible  
Description fw.modulation_fcn = 4 file containing spectral data, created with hbin file.out.solarspectrum fw.solar_spectrum=T Nr of layers the gas is retrieved on. Must match the number of layers in file.statlayers, in file.refprofile and file.isotope names of the gases for which profiles are retrieved names of the gases for which columns are retrieved gas.profile.x.correlati gas.profile.x.correlation correlation in the sa-matrix 1 – Gaussian shape 2 – Exponential shape 4 - the sa matrix is read in from file.sa_matrix 5 – the inverse Sa matrix is read from file.sa_matrix gas.profile.x.correlati gas.profile.x.correlation = T gas.profile.x.correlation.
type =1,2 gas.profile.x.correlati gas.profile.x.correlation gas.profile.x.correlati gas.profile.x.correlation diagonals of Sa matrix in fractions of the a priori Nr of entries must correspond to the number of layers defined in the statlayers factor the entries in file.sa_matrix are multiplied Half width of integration interval for crosssection calculation Lineshape model 0 – depends on the spectroscopic values given 2 - Galatry if BETA_T is given, if not Voigt 3 - SDV, if parameters are given if T and parameters found, linemixing is included currently only CO2 possible, gas for which linemixing is calculated if T inclusion of solar lines (files.solarlines) Pressure induced line shift 0 - read from linelist 1 - no shift 0 - no empirical apodiziation 1 - tabular function is read in 2 - polynomial 3 - fourier series 4 - linfit output is read in Empirical phase error 0 - no empirical phase 1 - tabular function is read in 2 - polynomial 4 - linefit output if T emitted radiation from the atmosphere is calculated Temperatur (in K) of the radiating object outside the atmosphere Moon = 370.0 Sun = 6000.0 None = 2.7 Reflexion of solar light off object .e. only emission is calculated, no reflection .m. reflection of solar ligh of the moon (pre-alpha) spectra are normalized to one (T) or not normalized (F) T if Kb matrix entries are calculated, if the respective statevector entries are not retrieved, i.e. given kb.slope = T the Kb row for the slopes are only calculated it slope is not retrieved. Calculates AB matrix for a wrong assumed profile if the retrieved gas is a column For which gas an error for the retreived profile is calculated? T if Kb calculation for line intensities for which gases lineparameters are calculated, default: all gases which are retrieved predefined values: target – calculation only for the target gas retreival – kb are calculated for each gas which is retrieved. 1 if all lineparameters of a gas are perturnbed together with the same perturbation (this is the only parameter supported so far) Kb are calculated for: Temperature depency of pressure braodening Switch on (T) or off (F) Retrieval, if F only a forward model calculation is performed Increase gamma by value if step was succesful convergence is reached if change in cost function is smaller than value Convergence is reached if the proposed change in the spectrum is smaller than the noise * rt.tolerance 0 - no shift for any bandpass 1 - single shift for each bandpass 2 - independent shift for each bandpass 3 - idependent shift for each fit apriori of all types of wavenumber shift in [cm^-1] Empirical  phase  function  retrieved  if  T Empirical  phase  function  retrieved  if  T if T retrieval of line shifts for each retrieved gas diagonals of sa matrix for temperature for each layer in state vector = 1.2 MWs that are included in the calculation Imposed apodization code 0 – Boxcar 1 -3 Norton Beer 4 – Triangle 5 - Happ – Genzel 6 – KPNO Atmospheric Spectra 7 – Hamming function T if an offset is retrieved in this band 0 - use the a priori as given 1 - allow to retrieve for each bad 2 - use zero level from first band in list Its standart deviation, if set to o.o not retrieved but fixed Channel model PS - phase model IP - interferogram pertubation model gases which are retrieved from this band, must be contained in gas (see above) T if temperature is retrieved in this band which  additional  snr  windows  are  taken  into  account  e.g.  =  1,  the  lines  containing  an  1  are  read  in,  all  other  lines  are  ignored Output level, a predefined set of putput files Type of GASFILE 1 - only the final spectrum, the spectrum of each gas and the solar spectrum will be printed out. The files are named like gas1.1.1, allgases.1.1 and solar 1.1 2 - spectra will be printed out for each iteration. The names are like above,but an extra number is appended denoting the iteration number the numbers appended to the files are "nr of window", "nr of scan" and "nr of iteration" The information of for band nr, gas and iteration number are also contained in the file header Additionally to the predefined output acc to the level given in <output> the following quantities can be written out. If such a key is given the resp quantity is written out to the file defined by the parameter string (e.g. output.k-matrix = kk.out – the Kmatrix is written out to kk.out) 0,1,2 for the level of the output (see below) <filename> matrices written in file (now only: K.out) <filename> write out SA-matrix (now only: SA.out) <filename> write out SM-matrix (error on profile due to the measurement noise (now only: SM.out) T calculated spectra for each retrieved gas and each band are printed out Output  description  
Files  which  may  appear  but  are  not  described  here  are  a  legacy  and  are  subject  to  modification  or  removal  in  the  future,  so  dont  relay  on  them,  but  notify  the  maintainers  of  sfit4  if  you  need  the  information  contained  in  them.   contains  al  profiles  of  the  retrieval  gases  together  with  the  alitude  grid,  pressure  ,  temperature  and  airmass  (vertical).  For  each  gas  there  are  five  columns:   contains  the  retrieved,  measured  spectra  and  the  difference  thereof   Averaging  kernel  in  units  of  the  internal  statevector,  i.e.  x/xa   Contains  the  GyKb  matrix  (see  formula  3.16  page  48  in  Rodgers  (2000)   contains  the  Kb  matrix  for  al  parameters  which  are  not  retrieved  (and  contained  in  the  K-­‐matrix)   contains  the  ful  Sє matrix of the retrieval noise   contains  the  spectra  calculated  for  each  retrieval  gas,  each  iteration  (if  output.gas_spectra.type  =  2)  and  each  microwindow  


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