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Stereotactic breast biopsy uses a computer to locate an abnormality in the breast, usually
seen on a mammogram, so that a very accurate sample can be taken.
Before the procedure, you may take medication to reduce anxiety, such as ativan (1 mg the
night before and 1 mg the morning of the procedure). This medication must be prescribed
by your primary care physician or referring physician. You may not drive for twelve hours
after taking this medication.
Medications such as aspirin, coumadin, and ibuprofen (see medications prohibited list on
back), must be avoided for one week prior to and for one week after the procedure.
Some patients with a history of heart murmurs / Mitral Valve Prolapse may require
antibiotics. Please check with your primary care physician. Please notify the staff if there is
any chance that you might be pregnant or if you have any allergies. Ensure that you have a
prescription from your physician and a referral from your insurance company. Any prior
mammogram or ultrasound films should be sent here three to five days prior to biopsy for
review by the radiologist.
Weill Cornell Imaging at NewYork-Presbyterian is located at 425 East 61st Street, on the 9th
floor. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time for check-in and paperwork. It
takes approximately 45 minutes for the procedure to be performed. After the procedure,
you will remain in our office for a brief period of observation.
For the procedure, you will be asked to lie face down on the biopsy table with your breast
projecting through a round window. Once you are in a relatively comfortable position, the
breast is compressed and x-ray pictures are taken to locate the area in the breast where the
mammographic abnormality has been identified. The breast will then be prepared with
antiseptic and a local anesthesia injected. A tiny incision is made. Using the automated
computer setting, the core biopsy instrument is placed at the exact location of the
abnormality. Core biopsies are then taken from the area of the abnormality. Each core is
approximately the size of one inch of spaghetti. After taking samples, the radiologist will
check to establish that the area of the abnormality has been satisfactorily biopsied. Once
the radiologist has determined that enough samples have been acquired, the biopsy
instrument is withdrawn and dressings are applied to the breast. It may be necessary to
place a surgical clip at the biopsy site in order to mark the area for future reference.
Bruising and discomfort may occur. At first it may be uncomfortable to lift your arm. Tylenol
may be taken for pain. Please See Other Side.

The tissue processing and pathology reporting take approximately three to four business
days. Your physician will discuss the final report with you.
The medications listed below should not be taken for one week prior to and for one week after the procedure. These medications contain aspirin or aspirin-like drugs, such as ibuprofen, which can reduce blood clotting. Many “over-the-counter” drugs, especially cold and sinus medications contain aspirin. Please check with your pharmacist, physician or nurse to be certain that none of your medications contain Please notify our office if you are taking aspirin or anticoagulants (e.g. Coumadin) SOME COMMON PRODUCTS AND MEDICATIONS WHICH MAY IMPAIR BLOOD CLOTTING
Nutritional Supplements:
Tylenol is an acceptable pain reliever
Date Issued: 3/1/07 Date Updated: 4/14/08



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