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11th International Conference on Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (ICCMSP-2011)
19-21 October 2011, Agadir / Morocco
Wednesday 19 October
13h00 – 24h00
Thursday 20 October
08h00 – 09h00
Plenary Conferences, Panoramic Room, Chairman: A. Benyoussef, A. El Kenz and Y. Boughaleb
09h30 - 10h10
What Dictates Red Blood Cell Shape and Dynamics in the Microvasculature?
C. Misbah, Grenoble, France.
Wetting phase transitions: from first to infinite order.
J. Indekeu, Leuven, Belgium.
10h50 - 11h30
Coffee Break and Poster Session
Improved mechanical to electrical conversion in electrostrictive polymers and its application to energy harvesting on ambient vibration sources.
D. Guyomar, Lyon, France.
Films and soap bubbles.
Hamid Kellay, University of Bordeaux.
13h00 - 14h30
Plenary Conferences, Panoramic Room, Chairman: M. Loulidi, A. Ahaitouf and A. Nafidi
14h30 - 15h10
Statistics of records: From climate change to stock market fluctuations.
J. Krug, Cologne, Germany.
Materials and Technologies for Terawatt Solar Cells.
A. Slaoui, Strasbourg, France.
16h00-16h40 Interface electronic structure of sputtering deposited undoped and doped ZnO thin films on a commercial Cz-Si solar cells substrate. J. R. Ramos-Barrado, Malaga, Spain
16h40 - 17h20
Coffee break and poster session
Oral Sessions

Session 1, Panoramic Room, Topics 1-2
Session 2, Taghazout Room, Topics 3-4
Session 3, Imouzzer Room, Topics 5-7
Chairman : M. Kerouad and M. Sajieddine
Chairman : N. Benzakour and J. M. Ouazzani
Chairman : Y. El Amraoui and K. Bouabid
Monte Carlo simulation study of hysteresis loops in Caracterization and analysis of Pt/n–GaN Schottky Effects of repulsion and attraction in system of self nanoparticle Ising model on Hexagonal lattice. H. Magoussi, Faculté des Sciences, Meknès, Maroc. A. Ahaitouf, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, Fès, I. Tarras, Faculté du Science Ben M’Sik. Casablanca,
Modeling of photonic band gap in two dimensional Solar blind metal-semiconductor-metal ultraviolet Ab-intio investigations of Fe- and Co-based Heusler photonic crystals made by sol gel process. photodetectors using quasi-alloy of BGaN/GaN alloys. A. Kahlouche, Université de M’sila, Algérie.
Bothina Hamad, University of Jordan, Amman,
J.P. Salvestrini, Metz University Metz, France.
Effect of Fe substitution on structural, magnetic and The electron reservoir model of two-dimensional The square-well model within the mean spherical magnetocaloric properties in AMn1 − xFexO3 electron systems in semiconductors. approximation as a reference system in variational K. Yamada, Tokai University, Kanagawa, Japan.
A. Omri, Faculté des Sciences de Sfax, Tunisie
N.E. Dubinin, Ural Division of the Russian Academy
of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Magnetic technology, a novel tool for improving Creation of Functional Nanostructure on Silicon Phase transitions in the failure of heterogeneous crop production. Surface by Energetic Cluster Ion Bombardment. M. Hozayn, National Research Centre, Cairo, V. Lavrentiev, NS Lab, nuclear physics institute AS A. Lahyani, Faculté des sciences El Jadida, Maroc
18h20 – 18h35
The effect of PVA/ metal nitrate molar ratio on Correlation between bands structure and magneto Etude du facteur de forme et de structure d’un système NiZnCu ferrite nanoparticles prepared by solgel transport properties in far infrared detector n-type colloidal neuter. method. M. Filali, Faculté des Sciences, Dhar Mahraz, Fès,
M. Niyifar, Islamic Azad University, Khouzestan, M. Braigue, LCMP-Nano-RE, University Ibn Zohr, Maroc.
Raman-active modes in bundle of single-walled First-principles study of electronic structure and The parallel transport coefficients in dusty plasma by boron nitride nanotubes. magnetic properties of doped SnO2 (rutile) with single Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics. B. Fakrach, Faculté des Sciences, Meknès, Maroc
R. Moultif, University Hassan II Mohammedia,
A. Fakhim Lamrani, Université Mohammed V, Faculty of Science Ben M' sik, Maroc
Rabat, Maroc
Magnons in evaporated Ni/Pd multilayers. The synthesis of Ag-doped thin film solgel A cellular Automata Traffic Flow Modeling Of Desired K. Chafai, Faculté des Sciences, Ain Chock, Maroc. method.
A. Elfanaoui, University Ibn Zohr , Agadir, Maroc.
K. Jetto, Faculté des sciences, Rabat, Maroc.
19h05 – 20h30
Oral Sessions

Session 1, Panoramic Room, Topics 1-2
Session 2, Taghazout Room, Topics 3-4
Session 3, Imouzzer Room, Topics 5-7
Chairman : L. Bouirden and H. Chaib
Chairman : M. Hamedoun and M. Zazoui
Chairman : A. Achahbar and A. Tirbiyine
Influence of pressure on the permeability of thin Ge and SiGe nanocrystals for flash memory Thermodynamics properties of ar cluster: size effect films made of Permalloy nanoparticles diluted in a application. matrix of insulating alumina (Ni81Fe19)1-x(Al2O3)x. Adil Chahboun, Faculté des Sciences, Université de M. Tabti, Faculté des Sciences Ben M’Sick, Maroc.
M. Dib, Faculté des Sciences, Kénitra, Maroc.
Half-metallic Antiferromagnetics nature of Origin of magnetism from native point defects in ZnO. Quantum Key Distribution With several cloning Sr2OsMoO6 from ab initio Calculations. H. Labrim, Centre National de l'Energie, des sciences attacks Via A Depolarizing Channel.
M. Ouchri, Faculté des Sciences, Rabat, Maroc.
et des Techniques Nucléaires (CNESTEN), Rabat, Mustapha Dehmani, Faculté des Sciences, Université
Effect of Disorder on the Magnetic Properties of the Preparation and characterization of CdS thin films. Numerical simulation of transport in equations for H. Moualkia, Université Larbi Ben M’Hidi de Oum interaction plasma wall.
J. Louafi, University Hassan II Mohammedia, Faculty
A. Tirbiyine, Faculté Polydisciplinaire, Safi, Maroc.
Friday 21 October
Key Notes Sessions

Session 1, Panoramic Room
Session 2, Taghazout Room
Chairman : J. M. Ouazzani and H. Chaib
Chairman : H. Ez-Zahraouy and A. Ridah
08h00 - 08h30
Self-assembled nanoporous molecular monolayers: design, formation and Wetting and Slippage on nanostructured Surfaces. properties. Thierry Biben, Lyon, France.
Fabrice Charra, CEA Saclay, France.
08h30 - 09h00
Peculiarities of crystal and electronic structures, physical properties of TiNiSn Statistical and Computational Physics Studies of Network Models of Excitable thermoelectric material. Media Relevant to Brain Structure and Dynamics. E.K. Hlil, Grenoble, France.
J. Marro, Granada, Spain.
09h00 - 09h30
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Simulations of Nitrogen- and Boron Doped single Optical control of the material quality. layer and bi-layer grapheme. Marc D. Fontana Metz, France.
Luc Henrard Namur, Belgium.
09h00 - 09h30
How ENSF can Help to Boost Sciences and technology in the Great Maghreb A. Benfdila and M. Abdullah, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria , ICTP-UNESCO-IAEA,
Trieste Italy
10h30 - 10h50
Coffee Break and Poster Session
Oral Sessions

Session 1, Panoramic Room, Topics 1-2
Session 2, Taghazout Room, Topics 3-4
Session 3, Imouzzer Room, Topics 5-7
Chairman : A. chahboun and M. Aggour
Chairman : H. Lassri and A. Arbaoui
Chairman : M. Loulidi and A. Taoufik
10h50 - 11h05
Phase Purity and Enhancement of Properties of Bi- A mothod to reduce the defects and refractive index of Fabrication of Antidots on superconducting thin films Multiferroic Nanoparticles. Si1-XGeX/p-Si<100> MQWs grown by LPCVD for and their transport measurement. M. Anis-ur-Rehman, Institute of Information waveguide well infrared detector.
M. Kamran, Institute of Information Technolog,
Kifah. Q. Salih, Ministry of Higher Education and Islamabad, Pakistan.
Scientific Research, Iraq-Baghdad.
11h10 - 11h25
An alternative and versatile route to prepare titanium Comparison of theoretical efficiencies for two Structural investigations of Sb2O3- M2O (M=Li, Na or oxide (TiO2) nanostructures and their safe tandems GaInP/GaAs and GaInP/Si solar cells K) glasses by the mean of thermal and elastics M. Zazoui, Faculté des sciences et techniques, characterization.
M. A. Shah, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Mohammedia, Maroc.
M.T.Soltani, Université de Biskra, Biskra, Algérie.
11h30 - 11h45
Anomalous specific heat and magnetization Impact of short channel effect on electrical parameters Influence des cellules de ségrégation sur les measurements of Tb3Fe5O12 below room and low frequency noise in nanoscale n-channel mécanismes de durcissement structural des alliages PbCaCdSn pour grilles de batteries de la nouvelle M. Lahoubi, Université Badji-Mokhtar Annaba, N. Maouhoub, Université Chouaib Doukkali, Faculté generation.
E. Saad, Université Hassan 1er, FST Settat, Maroc.
11h50 - 12h05
Transmission gaps and Fano resonances in a simple Analysis of parameters affecting the flicker noise Removal of Heavy Metals From Aqueous Solution By photonic waveguide: analytical model and in a two-dimensional electron gas in an AlGaAs/GaAs Kaolin (Clay). experimental evidence. B. Benguella, University of Tlemcen, Tlemcen,
A. Mouadili, Faculté des Sciences, Université S. Mouetsi, Université Larbi Ben M’hidi, Oum El Algérie.
Mohamed I, Oujda, Maroc.
13h30 - 14h45
Oral Sessions

Session 1, Panoramic Room, Topics 1-2
Session 2, Taghazout Room, Topics 3-4
Session 3, Imouzzer Room, Topics 5-7
Chairman : F. Bensamka and A. Ainane
Chairman : B. Hartiti and El Boudouti
Chairman : A. Hourmatallah and A. Qachaou
15h00 - 15h15
Magnetic properties and hysteresis loops in diluted Studies on growth of ZnO thin films deposited by thickness dependence of the dielectric properties of magnetic nanowire. S. Bouhou, Faculté des Sciences, Meknès, Maroc.
A. Raidou, Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Maroc.
S. Yakut, Istanbul University, Istanbul , Turkie.
15h15- 15h30
Evolution of transmission of an SRR with the Effect of heat treatment on irreversibility line and flux Study of the submonolayer deposition by mean field substrate’s permittivity and its thickness. pinning properties in (Y1-xEux)SrBaCu3O6+z. Qarchi Abdelaziz, ENSAM, University My Ismail, R. Morghi, LCMP-Nano-RE, University Ibn Zohr, I. Achik, Université Hassan II-Mohammedia, Faculté
16h10 - 16h25
préparation par voie sol-gel, etude physicochimique Nonlinear optical absorption coefficient and refractive Detailed analysis of the segregation driving forces for et diectrique du titanate de plomb dopé au lanthane index of a hydrogenic impurity in GaN/AlxGa1-x N eight dilute binary metallic systems. et au calcium (PCLT). B. Lezzar, Université Mentouri, Constantine, Algérie.
M.Maanan, Faculté des sciences Ben M’Sick D. Abouelaoualim, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia,
16h25 - 16h40
Linear and non linear dielectric spectroscopy of Weak localization and electron-electron interactions Reflection and transmission phase of a finite size one polymer stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals. theories applied to the positive magnetoresistance in dimensional coaxial photonic crystal: analytical results J. Hemine, FSTM Université Hassan II metallic Si1-yNiy:H alloys.
A. Narjis, University Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Maroc.
E. H. El Boudouti, Faculté des Sciences, Université
Mohamed I, Oujda, Moaroc.
Coffee Break and Poster Session
17h10 - 17h25
Magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic thin films. the influence of solvents on ZnO (002) oriented by Continuum radiation from Kr+ ion-bombarded surface R. Masrour, Cady Ayyed University, National sol-gel process via spin-coating.
School of Applied Sciences, Safi, Maroc. B. Hartiti, FSTM, Université Hassan II, A. El Boujlaidi, Faculté des Sciences Semlalia,
Mohammedia, Maroc.
Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Maroc. 17h25-17h40
Phase diagram of the mixed spin transverse Ising Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) study of some The ordering islands growth kinetics during self-model with four-spin interactions. M. Ghliyem, Faculté des Sciences, Ain Chock, J. Aazza, University Moulay Ismail, Meknes, Maroc.
A. Hader, Faculté des sciences, Ben M’sik
Magnetic and electronic studies in the granular Evolution of extended defects stability in a Aloha System Performance in Satellite Cu80Fe10Ni10 ribbon. N. Omari, Faculté des Sciences, Ain Chock, Maroc. A. Belafhaili, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V M. Belattar, DUniversity Mentouri, Constantine,
17h55 - 18h10
Yttrium doping effect on structural, mechanical and Structural, optical, and electrical properties of Polarazibility and binding energy of a donor in electrical properties of Bi2Sr1.9Ca0.1-xYxCu2O7+δ transparent and conducting Al-doped ZnO thin films inhomogenous quantum dot (iqd). (Bi-2202) cuprate ceramics. A. Mmadi, Faculté des sciences Dhar Mehraz, , Fes,
Y. Boudjadja, Jijel University, Jijel, Algérie.
I. Chaki, Faculté des Sciences, Rabat, Maroc.
19h10 – 20h30

POSTER SESSION 1 Thursday 20 October 10h50 - 11h30

Spectres raman des nanotubes BC3
Effect of heat treatment and tow isovalents substitutions
Determination of the pinned vortex fraction in type II
on structural and superconducting properties of Y1-
xLnxSrBaCu3O6+z (Ln = Eu, Sm)
Magnetization study of Ni/Cu multilayers
Monte Carlo study of the phase diagrams of a
Comparative study of 1-D and 2-D metamaterial lens for
ferrimagnetic nanoparticle
Copper magnetism in RE123 (RE = Dy, Ho and Y)
Elaboration des matériaux à l'échelle nanométriques à
2-D modeling of the resistance of a carbon nanotube in
compounds: comparison between the normal and
base des composés phosphatés
superconducting state
A. LAKNIFLI et A. DRIOUICHE, R. MAMOUNI, N. Magnetic properties of MnRu1-xRhxAs series of
Raman active modes of thiophene encapsulated into
Effect of doping in superconducting ceramics type
single walled carbon nanotubes
Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + δ
Growth of CdS thin films by silar technique
L’influence du dopage avec le ZrO2 sur les propriétés
Properties of the Heisenberg Hamiltonian of magnon
des couches minces de TiO2 préparées par la technique
populations in the superlattice ferromagnetic metal /
dip-coating de la voie sol-GEL
semiconductor [Fe / GaAs]
H. Elmoussaoui, A Fahmi, M. Fahoume and A.Qachaou Contribution of magnons to the properties of [Co / Ag]
Anodic electrodeposition and characterization of
The influence of Ba addition in Bi2212 superconducting
manganese oxide film on graphite for electrochemical
Thermal, structural and micro-structural properties of
Magnetic properties of (Co)A(Fe2)BO4 nanoparticle
Co2MnZ (Z = Al, Ga) compounds: Structural, electronic,
mechanically alloyed nano-structured Co80Ni20 powder R. Masrour
and magnetic properties
Enhancement of Tc, the unit cell volume and A.C.
Mn Doping Effect On Structural Properties of
Influence of vacancy defect on vibrational properties of
magnetic shielding in high Tc superconductors (Y1-
YBa2Cu3O7-δ Superconductor.
single wall carbon nanotube
Y. Benlahbib, M. Bentaleb, A. Rahmani and B. Fakrach DRX and Mössbauer study of amorphous Fe76-
Hyperfine field distribution in magnetic/ non-magnetic
Synthesis and physical properties of Ga-substitute
xNixCr4Si8B12 ribbons
(M/NM=Fe/Cu) multilayers: Monte Carlo investigation
perovskite-type manganese oxides
Charge ordering and magnetic properties of
Structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of
Effect of swelling clays in the instability of clayey soils
Ca2−xNdxMnO4 oxides
the lanthanum deficient La0.8-x□xCa0.2MnO3 manganites
Case study: Quicksand and Quickclay.
Effect of Annealing temperature on grain size of Zinc
Determination of the bundles size of vortex lattice in
Oxide thin films synthesized by Sol-Gel, Spin Coating
The study of vortices dynamic and shot noise model in
YBCO high Tc superconductors
YBCO HTc superconductor using noise measurements
Dielectric and electro-optical studies of electroclinic
Dynamic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal
Caractérisation d’un cristal liquide ferroélectrique
effect near to N*-SmA-SmC* multicritical point
stabilisé par un réseau polymère en géométrie torsadée
Lattice dynamics and the electromechanical properties
New approach to study the influence of the defect
The pyroelectric properties of the ferroelectric thin film
of PbTiO3 in tetragonal phase
structure on the refractive indices of Mg-doped lithium
with finite size in three dimensions
Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Ba (ZrxTi1-
Characterization of an electroactive polymer driven by
Dielectric constants and Pockels coefficients of
x)O3 ferroelectric ceramics
electric and magnetic fields
BaTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattices
A. KAMIL1, A. HAJJAJI2, K. BENKHOUJA1, M. Theoretical study of electrical conductivity in Ni-doped
Theory of ferroelectricity in the tetragonal phase of pure
Theoretical study of Mg-doped LiTaO3 ceramics
non-stoichiometric lithium niobate
and Co-doped BaTiO3 due to the lattice deformation
M. Tahiri1, N. Masaif12, and A. Jennane12 Effet des oxydes de Fer sur les propriétés mécaniques
Dielectric Studies on Twist Grain Boundary Phases in
Alternative Gate Dielectrics for Future CMOS
d’une céramique traditionnelle
Liquid Crystals

POSTER SESSION 2 Thursday 20 October 16h40 - 17h20

The first order phase transition in thin films:
Scattering mechanisms and electronic transport
. Combinaison de la résolution des problèmes directs et la
Imperfection influence
properties in a Hg1-xCdxTe medium-infrared detector
résolution des problèmes inverses pour identifier les
Es-saïd El-Frikhe, Ahmed Toumanari and Driss Khatib paramètres thermiques d’un matériau
Study of electrical conductivity and scale theory in
Electronic structure of acceptor and donor defects in
Nanostructured titanium oxide films electrodeposited on
metallic n-type GeSb
stainless steel and on ITO substrates
B. Khalil1, H. Labrim2, O. Mounkachi3, B. Belhorma2, A. Benyoussef1,3,4, A. ElKenz1,* and E. Ntsoenzok 5 Structural and electronic properties of ScxAl1-xN: first
Some physical properties of copper nitride thin films
Study of Cu/In/Se/Se thin films prepared by the stacked
principale study
prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
elemental layer (SEL) technique
Optical and structural properties of Zn-doped TiO2
Optimized electrical properties study of (1-x)CeO2 –
Ferromagnetism in a transition metal atom doped SnO2
thin films grown by sol gel method
x/2Bi2O3 electrolytic materials
M. Boujnah 1, A. Benyoussef 1, 2, A. El Kenz* 1, M. Loulidi 1, Preparation and characterisation of (CIS, CIGS)/In2S3
Peculiarities of crystal structure, band structure, and
Efficient coupling of light wave into slow modes photonic
heterostructures for low cost solar cells
electrical properties of ZrNiSn1-xBix solid solution
crystal slab waveguides
CuS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition
Physic-numeric modelisation of a quantum well
Weak localization and electron-electron interactions
I. BOUNEB1, M. MARIR BENABBAS1 , A.HAOUAM1 , theories applied to the positive magnetoresistance in
metallic Si1-yNiy:H alloys
Theorical studies of the physical properties of
Magnetic properties and interlayer coupling in Co/V
Band structures and new magneto-transport properties
CdTe/CdZnTe for detection of radiation
in two infrared detectors nanostructures superlattices
Effect of random crystal field on semi infinite system
Monte Carlo study of the hysteresis loops of a nanowire
Monte Carlo study of the magnetic behavior of a
nanoparticle with ferromagnetic core / ferrimagnetic
disorderd shell morphology
A. Zaim
Theoretical investigations of hysteresis loops of
Development and electrochemical characterizations of a
Synthesis of diphosphonium salts and their
ferroelectric nanotubes with core/shell morphology
biosensor based on semiconducting silicon structures
application in epoxy bentonite
transductionA. Zazoua
The structure and optical properties of the Nanoscale Surface Effects on the Optical Properties of
Deposition of silicon nitride: electrical properties of GaAs
nanocrystalline zno films prepared by successive ionic TiO2 Single Crystals
MIS structures fabricated by PECVD
layer adsorption and reaction
H. Mziouek1, 2, A. Jaouad2, T. Lougai1, K. Gueddouch1, R. E. EL hamri1 , A. Elfanaoui 1, A. Ihla1 l, K. Bouabid 1 , L. The magnetic properties of Fe3O4 thin film with
Surface modification of nanostructured particles
Arrhenius behavior in Ag/Cu(110) and Cu/Ag(110)
antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling
Khalid Sbiaaia,b,*, Yahia Boughaleba,d,e, Jean-Yves Ratyb, I. Aziza, A. Oubelkacema, A. Ainanea,b,c,*, M. Sabera,b and F. Dujardinc
Anodising potential influence on well-ordered
Phonon tunneling through vacuum by means of
Monte Carlo study of the Phase diagrams and the
nanostructures formed by two-step anodisation process evanescent electric fields
magnetic properties of a ferrimagnetic nanowire Ising
of Al-Mg alloy in sulphuric acid
Raman spectroscopy investigation of Mono- and Diacyl Monte Carlo simulation of growth and in situ
The effect of different precursors on the structural,
Polyoxyethylene Glycols
characterisation for AlxGa1-xAs heteroepitaxy
optical and electrical properties of ZnO thin film
Phase diagrams and dielectric properties of
Pyroelectric and dielectric properties of a ferroelectric
Structural and electrical characterization of Si1-xGex
compositionally graded Ba1-xSrxTiO3 thin film system
bilayer system described by the transverse Ising model
nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 and SiO2 matrices
O. EL Bouayadia, A. Ainanea,b,*, A. Oubelkacema, I. with long-range interaction
Y. Benhouriaa, A. Ainanea,b,*, A. Oubelkacema, I. Essaoudia and M. Saber Effect of nozzle-substrate distance on the optical,
Nonresonant Raman spectrum of C60 Double Walled
Molarity effect on the properties of Indium Oxide thin
structucal and electrical properties of ZnO thin films
Carbon Nanotube peapods
films deposited by Ultrasonic Spray Technic
H.Saidi, Abdallah_ Attaf
Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of SnO2
Raman spectra of graphene and nanoribbons
Microstructure properties of Fe-doped ZnO
Thin Films Prepared by Spray Ultrasonic Technique
A. Belhboub, A. Rahmani, H. Chadli et K. Sbai nanostructures prepared by mechanical alloying.
POSTER SESSION 3 Friday 21 October 10h30 - 10h50

Raman spectra of C70 molecular confined inside
Modeling and simulation of vibrationnal breathing-like
. Etude numerique du facteur de structure d’un systeme
carbon nanotube
modes in individual Multiwalled carbon nanotubes
colloidal charge (CPCl) et de polymeres telecheliques
R. AHFIR&, M.FILALI&, A.AZOUGARH&, L.BELLONI£, J.OBERDISSE$, M.BENHAMMOU* Determination of Transport Coefficients in Dusty
Theoretical and experimental unimolecular study of the
Monte Carlo simulations of erosion of the wall by impact
Plasma by kinetic theory
porphyrin molecule by CID MS / MS spectroscopy
of the ionic particles
K.Ghadouani1. A.Dezairi1. D.Saifaoui2. R.Moultif1. S.Lahouaichri1, A.Dezairi1, J.Louafi1, K.Dzairy1, Thermodynamic description of the SC-PB binary
The Ising model on a weak disordered square lattice
Etude cristallographique du composé Pb (Zr0.3, Ti0.7) O3
A. Iddaoudi
Crystal structure study of new perovskite system based
Thermodynamic Assessment of the La-Ru System
Optical Properties of Sb2O3-PbO-M2O Glasses (M=Li, Na
on nickel metal
Elaboration et caractérisation des supports
Numerical simulation of photocurrent in a solar cell
Contribution a l’etude de la corrosion et de l’inhibition
membranaires à base d’argile marocaine pour le
based amorphous silicon
de la corrosion du cuivre en milieu phosphorique par les
traitement des eaux usées
huille essentielle de l’armoise
Elaboration de la forstérite par la méthode : sol-
Quality analysis of different types of materials used in
Statistical physics in economic and finance «
gel/voie inorganique
the process of infiltration-percolation
Econophysics »
Atomic scale simulation of extended defects formation
Caractérisation ultrasonore des structures de ferraillage
Analysis and Control of mortar Quality with ultrasonic
under high energy electron irradiation in pure material enrobées par le ciment
wave attenuation
and material with impurities
Structure and microstructure properties of ball milled
Preparation and properties of czts thin film prepared by
Structures et stabilité des intermétalliques polaires YX2
spray pyrolysis
n, Ni, Al)
Mecanısmes de durcıssement structural des allıages
Development of processing software Graph of research
Mineralogical analysis of the raw material for
plomb-cadmıum-alumınıum pour les grılles de batterıe results in metallurgy of lead grid battery
the technique of screening is supported by
statistical studies
Influence des facteurs de revêtement sur la résistance à
Influence des facteurs de revêtement et analyse de leurs
Angular Distributions of Sputtered Beryllium at Normal
l’usure du couple acier/acier au chrome
effets sur la rugosité d’un acier faiblement allié -
Ion Incidence on Beryllium Targets
A. FOUATHIA, A. BENMEDDOUR , S. MEZIANI, M. GACI Caractérisation non destructive par ultrasons des
Evaluation by ultrasonic method of the effect of
Characterization by acoustic material signature of the
roches ornementales
tempering treatment on acoustical and mechanical
gradient in chemical and elastic properties introduced in
Dris El Abassi1, Bouazza Faiz1, Idris Aboudaoud1, properties of hardened steel
microstructure of steel during the carburizing processes
Etude de la cinetique du vieillissement des alliages
Exhaust gas for feed adsorption cooling machine
Application of a finite volume method to simulate the
plomb-cadmium-strontium-etain pour les grilles de
dispersion of a contaminant in the coastal waters of the
Bay of Tanger
A. Amahmouj, E. M. Chaabelasri*, N. Salhi
The Feynman-Kleinert corrected approximation
Identification des Paramètres Mécaniques des Matériaux Synchronization phenomena in a modified BA model
method applied to a family of complex-PT potentials
M. Ababoua,b , N. Vandewalleb , N. Moussaa , M. El Study of natural ventilation in a multispan inclined
Stability study of doped MgH2 hydride with defects by
Thermodynamic optimization of the Ni-Ti binary system
walls greenhouse
ab-intio calculations
R. Karioui, A. Iddaoudi , N. Selhaoui, M. Nassik, L. M. Lakhal1, A. El Kenz1, M. Loulidi1, O. Mounkachi1, 2, A. Bouirden Benyoussef1 Structural and thermodynamic properties of MgO
Monte Carlo study of phase transitions and magnetic
The square-well model within the mean spherical
properties of LaMnO3: Heisenberg model
approximation as a reference system in variational
calculations for liquid metals
N.E. Dubinin
Slotted Aloha Improvement with Erasure coding
How ENSF can Help to Boost Sciences and technology in
Simulation de la répartition des contraintes thermiques
the Great Maghreb
induites dans le cristal de silicium élaboré par la méthode
A. Benmeddour, S. Meziani, A. Fouathia


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Dynacare Laboratories Test Changes AMIODARONE AMIODARONE Mnemonic Mnemonic Test Code Test Code Includes Includes Synonyms Synonyms Specimen Specimen Container Container Special Inst Special Inst Specimen Prep Centrifuge* For Red Top Tube only, transfer Specimen Prep Centrifuge* For Red Top Tube only, transfer Transport Temp Transport

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