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How hoodia causes weight loss
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Hoodia controls appetite to cause weight loss . 2 How does hoodia suppress the appetite? . 2 Active ingredients in hoodia and their action . 2 Hoodia work wonder when combined with proper diet plan and physical activity . 2 Hoodia controls appetite
The benefit of hoodia gordonii as an appetite suppressant has been known for many centuries by the San bushmen who have been consuming it while going on long hunting expeditions. The knowledge of these bushmen is now shared with the whole world making hoodia a most popular herbal supplement. The bushmen used it primarily to quench their thirst and suppress the appetite on long expeditions which would leave them without food for many days. We on the other hand have been using hoodia to control our appetite in the midst of a long list of foods available to us! Nevertheless the purpose in both the situations is the same, control of hunger. How does hoodia suppress the appetite?
First we have to understand how hunger and satiety work. Hunger is the sensation experienced by an individual which increases the desire to eat. It can begin within a few hours of not eating. Hunger pangs refer to the contractions that occur in the stomach after about 12-24 hours of starvation. Both these mechanisms are responses created by the body to remind one to eat. While this is a life saviour, many are not able to control their hunger and tend to overeat. There are various complex mechanisms that take place in different organs such as the stomach, liver and the brain that create the feeling of fullness and hunger in an individual. Consumption of food generates certain impulses from the stomach that sends signals to the brain which creates a sense of fullness or satiety following which one stops eating.1 Active ingredients in hoodia and their action
The compounds present in hoodia gordonii mimic the substances that produce a sensation of satiety in our body thereby reducing the hunger. Consumption of hoodia creates a sensation of satiety in the body. Several studies have been performed to identify the active content that is responsible for the appetite suppressant effect of hoodia. The appetite suppressant effect of hoodia has been attributed to a compound known as P57. A lack of hunger sensation or a feeling of satiety naturally reduces the food intake. Reduced food intake in turn has a positive effect on the weight loss. Numerous studies performed on rats have confirmed this property of hoodia wherein it was noted that rats fed on hoodia ate less amount of food and lost a significant amount of weight. Further, in another study, it was confirmed that P57 an active component of hoodia did have an effect on the brain cells which reduced the food consumption by 40-60%. 2, 3 Hoodia works wonders when combined with a proper diet plan and
physical activity

The appetite suppressing effect of hoodia helps one control his or her eating pattern and can aid in faster weight reduction when combined with proper low calorie diet plans and physical activity. The effectiveness of hoodia is well proven across many studies and further studies that substantiate the use of hoodia as an appetite suppressant are emerging. With the wide number of companies selling hoodia products one must be careful to obtain hoodia products that contain only hoodia exclusively. Consumption of authentic supplements that contain adequate amounts of hoodia in its purest form can help one to lose weight in an effective and natural manner. References:
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