Prreparazioni ar-col

Products, technologies and services for the restoration

of monuments
Description SPARTYTE MAR-col are formulations that are composed out of mineral inorganic
components, which after mixing with water can be used for patch repair of almost every type of lime-stones and marble. The product is available in different versions, depending on the type of application or colour. The different types are distinguished by a final code or number Advantages  Good mechanical and physical properties, colourfast also in severe climatic
 The consistency of the product guarantees a perfect patch repair even for difficult and  The product can also be formulated towards a piece of stone from the jobsite, after analyses by our laboratory of both the pigmentation and the physical-mechanical properties of the existing stones  SPARTYTE MAR-col contains always some limestone and marble pieces( of which the origin and density differ in function of a wide range of esthetical and structural finishing) in an optimal granulometric distribution.  The structural hardening is based on the hydratation of carbonates and mono-silicates  Volumetric stability can be obtained in function of particular demands. Several levels of volumetric compensation are available depending on the request of the customers. Field of Everywhere a reliable local repair of limestone or marble is needed. The product can be
application applied in several layers or as a cast repair depending on the job.
Use  Recommended to apply with the aid of a rubber mould. The counter-form can be made
of gypsum or a more rigid material. In case of emergency it can be made of inox or a more common material.  Avoid a gypsum form if the surface is not completely closed and there is a possibility for water-absorption of the product with the contact surface. The applied product will, in case of water loss by absorption, be compromised in strengths.  Mix with the water until the desired consistency is obtained. First mix with 10% water referring to the weight for 1-2 minutes and then add water while mixing for about 4 minutes, until the mix is lumpfree.  Keep the application wetted for at least 2-3 days after the demoulding.  For optimal protection and aesthetics together with a better conservation of the repaired surface and to reduce dirt or smog pick-up on the surface, the application should be protected with impermeabilizzante WP-55/LP.If desired a protective surface consolidation can be done with TECNOSOLID-82 as a second treatment (first test if there is no discolouration of the surface). In the case a better colour uniformity or better aesthetics with the existing part of the structure is desired, apply VELART, a transparent, protective coating, .This can be formulated “ad hoc” in different shades of colour. TECNOCHEM ITALIANA S.p.A.
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Products, technologies and services for the restoration

of monuments
Packaging Pails of 15 Kg. Information regarding the senses according DM 10May 2004.
Storage : 12 months in original packaging, un opened, kept in dry and protected area between temperature from +5°c and +35°c. Packaging is varying depending on the colour! Technical  Mixing time :not less then 4-5 minutes and depending on the equipment used.
properties  Workability: circa 15 minutes.
The mechanical strengths will vary depending on the application and can reach the desired values. If desired, in function of the application, expansion or minimal shrinkage can be obtained (< 100 /m) Consumption Kg 1,9-2,1 per litre patch repair to be done.
Safety Read carefully the instructions on the packaging or read the safety datasheet related to the
indications product before applying.

The above information is based on our best experiences and lab results and on results of the application of the product in various fields. Tecnochem Italiana is not
responsible for negative performances due to not proper use of the product or for defects due to elements not connected with the quality of the product included
wrong storage.
Technical characteristic in this technical data sheet are up-to-dated periodically .Revision date of this technical data sheet is indicated below. Changes of this data
sheet can be found in our web-sitwhere you can find the same technical data sheet updated in real time.
Date of edition: 01/2006
24030 BARZANA (BERGAMO) ITALY – VIA SORTE 2/4, TEL. **39 035 55.48.11 – TELEFAX **39 035 55.48.16 E-mail: [email protected]


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