Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ( Beximco Pharma) belongs to Beximco Group, the largest privat
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produces more than 200 generics available in more In the domestic market, Beximco Pharma ranks Since the company launched its own brand in 1983, than 400 different dosage forms and strengths, and second among more than 200 pharmaceutical Beximco Pharma has remained one of the fastest many of them are leaders in their respective companies. In 2009, the company achieved annual growing pharmaceutical companies in the country; therapeutic categories; notable among them are sales turnover of BDT 4.9 billion with an impressive particularly it grew phenomenally during the 80s Napa®, Neoceptin R®, Neofloxin®, Atova®, growth of more than 21%, outperforming the and 90s owing to its outstanding product quality Amdocal®, Bextram®, Filmet®, Frenxit®, Tofen®, industry growth rate, which stood at 17%. Being and acceptability to the doctors. With its range of Decomit® and Azmasol®. In line with the one of the largest exporters of pharmaceuticals in innovative products and professional services to the country's commitment towards Montreal Protocol, the country, the company has growing presence in doctors' community, the company built its unique Beximco Pharma became the first company to 45 countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia, brand positioning as "trend setter" in Bangladesh launch CFC free HFA metered dose inhalers in Middle East and Central America. Besides major pharmaceutical industry. The company led the Bangladesh market in 2006 and now has the widest retail outlets, Beximco Pharma's products are being industry to diversify into API in the early 90s, and range of non CFC MDI products to support asthma supplied to renowned hospitals and institutions like explored the immense opportunities in overseas and COPD patients even when CFC propellant is Raffles Hospital, Healthway Medical Group and, K K markets for locally manufactured medicines. Today, Women & Children Hospital in Singapore, MEDS Beximco Pharma is one of the largest exporters of and Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Kenya, pharmaceuticals in the country and it has received In the bulk drug or API, Beximco Pharma's API Asthma Drug Facility (ADF) of France, and National Export Trophy "Gold" for a record 3 times portfolio includes paracetamol, amoxicillin, CENABLAST in Chile. The company has taken for its outstanding achievement in export. Beximco ampicillin, cloxacillin, flucloxacillin and the company aggressive expansion program to cater to the Pharma still remains the only company in has taken up major expansion program to produce growing demand from domestic as well as overseas Bangladesh to receive regulatory approvals from markets. It has made significant investment in building capabilities, both infrastructure and human Administration (TGA), Australia and Gulf Central Recent developments
resources, to capitalize on the generic drug Committee for Drug Registration (for GCC "We are happy with the progress achieved in the opportunities in the developed markets like EU and member states) for its manufacturing facilities. first half of 2010 and our achievement during the US. Generic drug capabilities, competitive cost Approvals from UK MHRA, EMEA and USFDA are period reinforces our focus on different strategic advantages, and the manufacturing platform, under process for its Oral Solid Dosage and priorities which would enable us to deliver broader benchmarked to global standards, have rendered Metered Dose Inhaler facilities. The company has range of medicines for our patients and greater the company ideally positioned to eye into the the unique distinction of being the only Bangladeshi value for the shareholders" - as the Managing highly promising contract manufacturing markets for company to get listed on AIM of London Stock Director of the company was speaking. Rightly so. affordable generics. Currently, the company has The Company was awarded Superbrands for the GlaxoSmithKline for producing Metered Dose The company produces formulations spanning key The company delivered strong performance during therapeutic areas which include anti-infectives, the first half of the year 2010 with an impressive Company's main manufacturing site at Tongi, gastro-intestinal, cardio-vascular, anti-diabetic, 28% growth over the corresponding period of Dhaka, is spread over an area of 20 acres which NSAIDs, respiratory, CNS etc, and its products are 2009. This performance was largely driven by houses a number of self-contained production units available in almost all types of dosage forms e.g. strong growth of key brands, as well as excellent including oral solids, metered dose inhalers, tablets, capsules, syrup/suspension, suppositories, response with 28 new products launched during intravenous fluids, liquids, ointments, creams, ointments, eye drops, injectables, intravenous fluids, suppositories, ophthalmic drops, injectables, metered dose inhalers, nebulizer solutions etc. registered over 50 generic formulations for BPL is the first company in Bangladesh to introduce launching in the current year which will significantly ARV drugs for HIV/AIDS patients. The company Beximco Pharma continues to invest in expanding the way the company is doing business and is Whenever a physician looks for 'sure shot' in a capacities to capitalize on the opportunities in always guided by strong ethical values. Each year, a critical case, they prefer Beximco Pharma brands global generic markets. All the five lines, including substantial amount of our earning is ploughed back the remaining three, of our USFDA standard Oral into social causes, so that the society gets benefited while the company continues to grow. The Things you didn't know
commissioned in this period and our new MDI company donates large quantities of medicines to facility is now ready and awaiting commissioning. the underserved and the victims of natural disasters The new state-of-the-art oral solid dosage facility, Our ability to maintain sustained growth in - medicines for the victims of earthquake in designed and built according to the guidelines of challenging environment is consistent with our goal Pakistan, tsunami in Sri Lanka, and cyclone SIDR in USFDA, consists of five lines with an installed Bangladesh are a few worth mentioning. Since annual capacity to produce four billion tablets on a 2005, Beximco Pharma has been supplying ARV In recent times, the company has taken up projects drugs through a leading local bank for treating the to introduce several exciting drug delivery systems HIV/AIDS patients in Bangladesh. These ARV drugs Beximco Pharma's manufacturing facilities are to enrich its product portfolio. Besides, the are distributed through NGOs working for the accredited by global regulatory authorities, including company is always keen to improve on its reverse HIV/AIDS patients. Responding to the pandemic TGA Australia, Gulf Central Committee for Drug engineering capabilities in formulation development Avian as well as recent Swine Flu, BPL donated Registration (for GCC member states) and and to further strengthen the API capabilities to large quantities of oseltamivir capsule, Oseflu®, to become more competitive in global marketplace.
the Government of Bangladesh as well as different reputed organizations including ICDDR,B. Oseflu® Beximco Pharma is the largest manufacturer of In 2006, Beximco Pharma listed itself among the capsule was also supplied to the government of metered dose inhaler, and the only company in very few companies in the world who proactively Myanmar as a part of our CSR initiatives.
converted CFC based formulations to ozone manufacturing of its major brand Ventolin®. friendly HFA Inhalers in compliance with the Brand value
Montreal Protocol. The company is now the single Beximco Pharma's core values of putting the Beximco Pharma is the leading exporter of largest producer of MDIs in Bangladesh, and the "quality" first and upholding the innovation in pharmaceuticals and received 'Export Gold Trophy' only company in Asia to contract manufacture execution has pushed the company forward to GSK's Ventolin® inhaler. The MDI facility has been achieve its unique brand positioning in the designed and installed with the technical customers' mind. Because of its long history of Beximco Pharma is the only company in Bangladesh collaboration from Pamasol, having an annual working with MNCs at different times, the concept which got listed on prestigious London Stock production capacity of 4 million canisters, which will of 'quality' became ingrained in everything Beximco be increased until it is expanded to produce 20 Pharma does. Today, Beximco Pharma's brands are synonymous with the term quality and add unique Beximco Pharma supplies antiretroviral (ARV) brand value to the customers' mind. After country's medication for AIDS patients in Bangladesh at cost Promotion
liberation war, Beximco Pharma was the first price so that HIV positive patients do not run short Owing to its deep-rooted culture of nurturing company to be recognized by physicians to be of of their essential medications at any time. It also has innovation, Beximco Pharma has always adopted multinational standard. Beximco Pharma's Napa® got registration of 30 more ARV drugs so that different ways from contemporary marketing and AIDS patients always have an option even after promotional practices to communicate product Parapyrol® that was considered to be the most development of resistance to specific generic. offerings. The company has aggressive marketing powerful brand at that time. Neoceptin R®, the and sales strategy for promoting its products to ranitidine brand of Beximco Pharma, became the Beximco Pharma has been running its philanthropic physicians nationwide. It has its own distribution mark of quality in the market outplaying Zantac® of activities for the last 13 years through 'Fazlur network and its current sales force of more than GSK. For the first time, physicians found confidence Rahman Foundation', named after the father of the 1,500 dynamic individuals is driven by company's in prescribing the antibiotics of a local company, i.e. owners of Beximco Group. This offers medical commitment towards providing quality medicines Neofloxin®, Tycil®, Cephalen®, Filmet® became treatment and diagnostic support to the patients at ensuring 'a healthier tomorrow' for all. The very popular antibiotics among them. Finally, huge a nominal cost and also offers scholarships to company provides high quality academic services to acceptance of Azmasol® inhaler of Beximco over meritorious children of its employees.
the physicians in the form of product information, GSK's global brand Ventolin® was the recognition journal publications, reprints, books and through of the physicians' trust and confidence on Beximco Sponsored major international events in sports like organizing scientific seminars and symposia on a Pharma brands even with a very hi-tech dosage SA Games and SAF Football to promote sports in regular basis. It also sponsors and organizes major the country, besides being sponsors of the National health campaigns to promote awareness. Beximco Pharma has also a track record of collaborative Today, Beximco Pharma is still recognized by research with renowned research organizations. physicians for its 'quality' as well as expertise in Commitment to the society is an integral part of manufacturing technology-driven products. 1976 1980
2006 2007
also diversified into Exchange (LSE) through First and only Bangladeshi company to receive GMP Clearance from Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia, and Gulf Central Committee for Drug Registration (GCC), Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for GCC states. Entered into a Long Term Arrangement (LTA) with the Global Supply Division (Copenhagen, Denmark) of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), to supply metered dose inhaler products. Technology transfer agreement with Roche to produce anti-AIDS drug Saquinavir.

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