Sss history gcse option evening - parents guide

St Sampson’s Parents Guide to GCSE History:
AQA Schools History Project (3041)
Paper 1: Medicine & Public Health.

Development in understanding of causes & Contact: Mr Rees, Head of Humanities
treatment of illness from Prehistoric to today.
Public Health in Britain from Roman period to 21st century.
Worth 37.5% of final mark.
Modern World: Arab - Israeli Conflict.
Paper 2: The American West 1840 - 95.
Local Study: Castle Cornet
How & why did USA expand to control all lands Worth 25% of final mark.
When? Y10 Summer Term.
Worth 37.5% of final mark.
Where? Students will complete coursework
at both school and at home. Deadline: ALL
Useful GCSE Revision Guide Books
Recommended for Grade A* to D students:
• Coordination Group Publications: GCSE
History is one of the most highly
Schools History Project: The American
regarded subjects by employers
West and Medicine through Time: Revision Recommended for Grade D to G students:
• BBC Bite Size GCSE Schools History
Useful History Websites
HOMEWORK is set every WEEK. Need a teacher? For homework,
Watch Historical Films & Documentaries
As a family watch films & programmes on the topics covered to encourage discussions with your child. THE BIG PICTURE
Year 11: Paper 1: Study in Development:
Medicine and Public Health through
Year 10: Paper 2: Enquiry in Depth:
Medicine in the Ancient World c10,000 BC.
The American West 1840 - 95
Prehistoric societies
Ancient Egypt
Who were the Plains Indians?
Ancient Greece.
Ancient Rome
Why did the early settlers move
Medicine c500. c1700
Impact of the fall of the Roman Empire on
How was cattle ranching affected
• Nature and importance of Islamic medicine.
by the railways?
• Impact of superstition and Christianity on
Why were farmers able to settle
• The challenging of medical authority:
on the Great Plains?
Continuing traditional methods: bleeding,
Why was law and order a problem
on the Great Plains?
Medicine in the Industrial and Modern
World c1700-present day
How did the arrival of white
Vaccination; the Germ Theory and its
people on the Great Plains affect
impact on the treatment of diseases: magic the Indians way of life?
How successfully was the Indian
• Role of the World Health Organisation in
problem resolved?
fighting disease and ill health.
Modern issues in medicine: AIDS, drugs
2006 GCSE Grade
• Developments in anaesthetics, antiseptics,
aseptic surgery.
• Establishment of a nursing profession and
women doctors.
• Impact of World Wars on surgery.
• Impact of technology
Homework is a very important part of the History GCSE course. Studies show that
students who complete homework achieve better grades. Homework is set each week.


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