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Andes 3
3” (80mm) Rugged, Portable Receipt/Label Printer for Multiple Applications

Extech Advantages:
• Rugged: Injection molded ABS/PC blend with elastomer over-molds for extra protection ▪ High impact resistance and high temperature ▪ Chemical and UV resistance and fl ame retardant ▪ Up to 6 ft (2 mtr) multiple drops to all corners and sides • Clamshell design to fi t larger paper roll ▪ Holds paper roll with over 120 ft/40 meters in length ▪ Transparent door inserts – see when paper roll is • Interface and communications options galore ▪ Wireless: IrDA, Bluetooth™ or 802.11b/g Andes 3 Design Details
SEIKO Thermal Print Head
• Easy Load Clamshell style paper load system with slide button release for paper door • Automatic thermal print contrast control • Powered by high capacity Lithium-Ion battery cartridge • Battery charges internally to the printer or in external 2-bay battery • Built-in detectors to monitor voltage and paper-out Easy to Integrate:
• AC Power charging adaptor for charging with battery in printer• Direct vehicle battery input (10.8 to 30VDC) • Multiple Communication Interfaces including IrDA, Bluetooth™ • Vehicle docking station (available 2nd Quarter) • MS-DOS and Windows compatible with full-speed handshake • Hardware and Software power management • Print Drivers available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP Highly Integrated 32 Bit Arm 7 Microcontroller:
• Print Utilities available for most Mobile Operating Systems (including Windows CE, Pocket PC, .NET, .NET CF, WM5 and • Flash based Integrated CPU contains fi rmware, resident fonts, rotated fonts, downloadable fonts, graphics, multiple logos, and bar codes (Linear and 2-D)• Internal and external memory - with 4MB Flash and 1MB SRAM Special Features:
• Manages all the features supported by the printer • Voltage boost circuit for speed and contrast management • Various resident fonts to enable printing from 12 to 24 cpi Low Power Precision Regulator Circuits:
• In-fi eld programmable for fi rmware, fonts and logo setup • 10 bit 4 channel A/D circuit to measure system and printer mechanism voltage levels, battery and thermal print head • Allows for default parameters to be in-fi eld customized • Multiple color LEDS for user feedback • DMA and USB fi le system Print Mechanism
User Interface
Printing Method: Direct
Status indicators:
4 LEDs (3 are multi functioning) - Power/Communication Print Resolution:
Mode, Battery Status/Charging, MCR, Error Dots per Line:
User Switches:
Printing Width:
Communication Modes:
Paper Feed Pitch:
Printer Speed:
Mechanism is rated at 3.35” per second (85mm/sec) @ 7.5V Infra-Red (IrDA) with Ambient Light Filter (actual print speed is application, temperature and communication No. of Heat Elements: 1 heater/dot, 170 ohms/dot
Head Temp Detection: By thermistor with hardware protection against overheating
Paper-out/Q-Mark/(TOF) Detection:

100 million MCTF (mean characters until fail) @ 25% density Construction:
Cycolac KJW Enclosure with elastomer over-molds Dimensions:
4.75”W x 6.5”L x 3. 5”H (120W x 165L x 89H mm) Operating Characteristics
Character set:
Printer Only:
Additional Character Sets:
Printer w/ paper
Simplifi ed/Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Korean, and battery:
Opt. Character Sets: Downloadable fi xed-width fonts
Graphic print:
Supports 8-bit graphic printing, page printing, custom fonts and Optional:
OEM Products:
Bar Code Symbologies:

Codes 39, Code128, UCC/EAN-128, Interleaved2 of 5, UPC-A, Environmental Specifi cations
Operating Temp:
2 Dimensional:
Storage Temp:
Supervisory Commands:
Charging Temp:
Commands available to read battery voltage, buffer status, Humidity:
Memory (Available to User):
Environmental and Safety Specifi cations:
64KB (internal to CPU reserved for system application) 256KB + 16KB (internal to CPU reserved for system application Characters per Line: 36, 48, 57, 60, 64, 72, 96 (s/w command)
Print Contrast:
Print Character Attributes:
Double high, double wide, bold print, underline print, line and Certifi ed to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No. 60950-00 Communication
Standard: RS232C (up to 115.2KB depending on computer capability)
IrDA (up to 115.2KB depending on computer capability) Optional: Bluetooth™ v. 1.2 (optional)
Ordering Information
Dip Switch Selectable
The Andes 3 comes standard with IrDA, USB (Q2), battery, 1 roll of paper and a 1 year Baud Rate: 2400 – 115.2KB
Hardware (CTS/RTS) and/or Software (XON/XOFF) Printer:
Print Media:
add “R” for Magnetic Card Reader (i.e. 79328I1R) Media Type:
Direct Thermal Paper, Tag Stock and Label Paper Width:
Max Roll Size:
130’ @ OD: 2.2” (Standard receipt paper provided is Kansaki add “-1” for Bluetooth option (i.e. 79328I2R-1) Roll Core ID:
(For optimum print quality and printer performance, use Extech supplied paper)
12/24V In-Vehicle Adaptor (Battery in printer) Battery:
Internal rechargeable 2 cell Lithium-Ion (7.4V; 2200 mAh) Universal Wall Mount Charging AC Adapter Battery Life:
80% of original capacity after 300 cycles Recharging:
External Charging Options:
DC Power Pack:
In-Vehicle Charger: 12V/24V Cigarette Lighter adaptor
Docking Station: Powered by 12/24VDC with spring touch pads to connect printer
Power ON/OFF:
Power ON/OFF switch, or by raising RTS input; or sending a single character through serial input. Auto power down timer, can be set or disabled through user application.
Specifi cations subject to change without notice. Copyright 2007 Extech Instruments Corporation.
Extech Bluetooth™ confi guration utility All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.
Extech 802.11b/g confi guration utility (Q2)



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