upus erythematosus is a chronic auto-immune inflamma- effects on the immune system which finds itself overwhelmed tory disease. Discoid, or Cutaneous Lupus (DLE) is con- with dealing with the mercury vapors and other toxins emitted fined to affecting the skin (rashes, including the famous facial “butterfly,” mouth sores and photo-sensitivity) while Systemic Lupus (SLE) affects multiple systems in the body including joints, blood, lungs, kidneys, heart, brain & nervous system. As diet and toxins are addressed, we also believe it is vital to Either of these can be chronic or acute with flare-ups help support the body with the DYNAMITE human basics of
(exacerbations) or periods of remission. Drug-induced lupus Elixir, Plus (not Regular as it contains alfalfa and those with
can develop after taking certain prescription medications such Lupus can be super-sensitive to alfalfa, especially the sprouts) as hydralazine (for high blood pressure or hypertension) and and TriMins. They will go a long way towards nutrient balanc-
procainamide (used to treat irregular heart rhythms) but symp- ing. However, with a challenge such as Lupus, many have toms generally disappear when the drug is discontinued. found other DYNAMITE products also extremely helpful such as
Although there is no medical cure for lupus, the vast SOD which supports the body in producing the immune system
majority of people with the disease are prescribed a broad mainstay superoxide dismutase. One lady lowered her ANA spectrum of medications aimed at minimizing symptoms, re- (Antinuclear Antibody) levels dramatically with this alone. ducing inflammation, and attempting to maintain normal bod- ily functions. Frequently used medications include: Nonster- Catalyst Water—allows for greater cellular permeability for
oidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and both uptake of all nutrients and removal of all wastes ibuprofen for muscle/joint pain and arthritis; Acetaminophen Cell Mend—this silica (an important tissue and skin mineral)
for pain; Corticosteroids such as Prednisone to reduce inflam- supplement appears to aid certain individuals mation and suppress activity of the immune system; Antimalar- Free and Easy—containing a wealth of herbs plus Chondroi-
ials such as Plaquenil for skin and joint symptoms of lupus; tan, Glucosamine and even Hyaluronic acid for joint support Immunomodulating Drugs such as Imuran and Cytoxan are to Hiscorbadyne—this Ester C®-based product with all the at-
the corticosteroids; Biologic Drugs include agents that block tendant bio-flavanoids, antioxidants and OPC’s, (oligomeric production of specific antibodies, like those against DNA, or proanthocyanadins), we consider a must for immune system agents that act to suppress the manufacture of antibodies support; many individuals under severe stresses such as illness, Of course all such drugs can have profound side ef- Izmine—this natural, chelated form of trace minerals seems to
fects over a period of time while some people’s bodies reject help strengthen the nervous system; while it is contained within them immediately. Rather than thinking those are the only an- the Elixir, some individuals with seizures have found taking
swers, we would like to present some holistically oriented more separately can make a difference for them Miracle Clay—helps heal intestines dramatically in some
cases; some individuals alternate days of Clay with SOD days,
while others prefer to drink their Clay with some Aloe Gel al-
Many holistic practitioners think that most allergies and other though long-term aloe use can slow down peristalsis immune system challenges begin in the intestine and that many MSM—has been known to aid inflammation
diseases, apparently not connected to “allergies” per se are ac- Trace Minerals Concentrate—can boost the immune system
tually a result of Leaky Gut Syndrome; see our over the short term; one client undergoing both chemo and ra- diation took only TMC in a Catalyst Water dilution and
for other hints to keep this vital organ healthy. found herself with no side-effects whatsoever, including keep- The food group associated most closely with allergies ing her hair in general and thus Leaky Gut Syndrome is the entire grain More information on individual supplements can be group which includes all breads, baked goods, cookies, corn found under HUMAN:PRODUCT PROFILES. Remember that, products, etc. It is imperative to closely monitor all processed generally speaking, “less is more” with DYNAMITE, so do not
foods as various grain products, including corn syrup and thickeners, will be included. It is best to avoid such products as much as you can. The best book we have found on the subject WHEN DEALING WITH serious health challenges such as Lupus, is THE NO-GRAIN DIET by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Another food we always suggest working with an holistic physician. This is group which can be very irritating to the bowel is dairy prod- especially important if weaning off a multitude of medications ucts—at least the modern homogenized and pasteurized ones including prednisone. The above suggestions, however, have from grain-fed cows. Of course an overall basic alkaline diet already helped numerous individuals; it is really quite amazing ] is essential and in line with Dr. what the body can do when given proper nutrient support! Mercola’s suggestions. You can also find dozens and dozens of Along similar lines of bodily stressors can be amal-


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