University of pennsylvania

Annet Davis-Vogel, R.N., M.S.W., CCRC
University of Pennsylvania
HIV Prevention Research Division
3535 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
[email protected]

Description of Skills:
Project Director with 11 years experience in all facets of clinical trial research with
responsibility for consent forms, specific study procedures, (SSP), monitoring adherence
to protocol, staff supervision and training, and quality assurance. Specialize in
management of double-blind research studies both behavioral and pharmaceutical.
Trainer, nationally and internationally, for the recruitment of vulnerable and hard to find
populations. Collaboration with multi-disciplinary staff including principal investigators,
external monitors, statisticians, and quality assurance specialists. . Extensive experience
coordinating with university IRBs and regulatory agencies. Authored manuals for
follow-up and retention of injection drug users and difficult to locate participants. Co-
authored 14 journal articles and conference presentations.
Areas of Expertise:
Clinical Trials and Behavioral Research, Psychiatry, Addictions, and HIV/AIDS
M.S.W., 1982 Temple University, School of Social Administration
B.S.Ed, 1974 Temple University, Health Education (primary prevention)
R.N., 1969
Temple University Hospital School of Nursing
Current Position:
Project Coordinator, Community-Based Modafinil Treatment for Cocaine Dependence HIV prevention and partner abuse: Developing an intervention for adolescent girls Understanding healthy and unhealthy relationships: Perspectives or young adult African American women & HIV/STI risk reduction for African-American adolescent girls: Addressing the context of Abusive relationships Director of Community Development and Education, UPenn HIV Prevention Research Community Advisory Board Coordinator for the HIV Prevention Division Clinical Trails Employment History
1994 – 1995 Study Nurse Coordinator Department of Psychiatry, Bipolar Research
Thyroid Axis and Episodic Behavior. NIMH 1POMH44210-01; 7/1/89-6/3094 Safety and Efficacy of Depakote in the Prevention of Mania in Patients with Bipolar Disorder. Abbott Laboratories; 7/1/93-9/30/96 A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Comparison of Impiramine and Paroxetine in the Treatment of Bipolar Depression. SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals; 11/1/93-6/30/97 Research Technician Risk Assessment Project (RAP)

1997 - 1999
Study Coordinator HIVNET D01: Amendment for the Recruitment of
High risk Injection Drug Users in New York and Philadelphia Version 2.0
Study Coordinator HIVNET D01: HIV Vaccine Preparedness Study
(VPS) Amendment for the Expansion of the VPS
Study Coordinator HIVNET 029: Feasibility of a Behavioral
Intervention for Women at Persistent High Risk for HIV Infection
Study Coordinator Effectiveness of Multi-site Needle Exchange Program
Preventing HIV and HbV
Study Coordinator Persistent Effects of Low threshold/Low Intensity
Drug Risk Reduction
Project Director A Phase III Randomized study to evaluate the efficacy
of a network-oriented peer education intervention for the prevention of
HIV transmission among injection drug users and their network members

Additional Employment History:
2001 – present Coordinator Community Advisory Board (CAB), HIV Prevention
1985 – 1994 Corporate Partner, Vice president and Clinical Director & Senior
Consultant, Integra, Inc.
1983 – 1985 Psychodramatist and Clinical Coordinator, Horsham Clinic, Adult
1982 – 1983 Director – Psychodrama Department, Eugenia Hospital, Layette Hills,
1979 – 1982 Nurse/Therapist, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Southern Division,
1977 – 1979 Nursing Coordinator, Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Addiction
1975 – 1977 Assistant Instructor, Psychiatric Nursing, Thomas Jefferson University,
1973 – 1975 Nurse/Therapist, Coordinating Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs
Alternatives - Methadone Maintenance Program 1972 – 1973 Charge Nurse, Hahneman Hospital, Inpatient Child and Adolescent Unit.
1970 – 1972 Chief Nurse Temple community Mental health Center, Partial Hospital
1969 – 1970 Unit Nurse Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Medical Intensive
1981 – 1982 Graduate Assistant Temple University, Department of Social Work,
Graduate Assistant, coordinated field instruction for sophomore students and was the
liaison to the field agencies. Teaching responsibilities and counseling students regarding
future rosters and field instruction.
Professional Organization:
University of Pennsylvania Committees
Member of IRB #8
Membership on Community Advisory Boards & Board of Directors
Prevention Point Philadelphia Board of Director – member
Drexel University, School of Public Health – Community Advisory Board member for
Dr. Lisa Bowleg’s, behavioral research trial African American Heterosexual Men
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Adolescent Medicine, Community Advisory Board
member for the Connect to Protect/Philadelphia Research Project
Mark HD, Nanda J, Davis-Vogel A, Navaline H, Scotti R, Wickrema R, Metzger D,
Sochalski J. Profiles of Self-reported HIV Risk Behaviors Among Injection Drug Users
in Methadone Maintenance Treatment, Detoxification, and Needle Exchange Programs.,
Public Health Nursing, 2006 Jan – Feb; 23(1): 11 – 9.
Messiah A., Navaline H., Davis-Vogel A., Tobin-Fiore D., Metzger D.
Sociodemographic and behavioral characteristics associated with timeliness and retention
in a six-month follow-up study of high risk injection drug users. American Journal of
Epidemiology, 2003, 157: 930 – 939.
Research publications, non peer-reviewed:
Selected Abstracts:
Davis-Vogel A
., Eisenberg, M., Fiore D., Metzger D., Network characteristics of 232
uninfected IDUs from Philadelphia, International AIDS Conference, Toronto, Canada, 2006 Wickrema R., Scotti R., Navaline H., Davis-Vogel A., Fiore D., Woody G., Metzger, D.,
Preferences for HIV home –collection test kits among drug users in methadone maintenance, detoxification, and syringe exchange programs. 2002; 66 (S1 – S220): S113 Mark H.D., Davis-Vogel A., Navaline H., Scotti R., Wickrema R., Woody G., Metzger
D. HIV risk behavior among female injecting drug users in Philadelphia. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2002; 66 (S1 – S220): S113 Mark H.D., Davis-Vogel A., Navaline H., Scotti R., Wickrema R., Metzger D., Targeting
HIV Prevention activities among injection drug users in needle exchange, methadone maintenance, and detoxification programs in Philadelphia 130th Annual Meeting American Public Health Association. H. Navaline, D. Metzger, D. Fiore, Davis-Vogel, A., G. Field, S. Foster, J. Myers, P.
Oglesby, R. Scotti, and G. Woody. Risk characteristics of injectors who choose not to use available syringe exchange. XIV International AIDS conference Barcelona, Spain. Navaline, H., Tobin-Fiore, D., Davis-Vogel, A., Esteva-Cosby, M., Fields, G., Myers, J.,
Oglesby, P., Scotti, R., Woody, G.E., and Metzger, D.S., (2001). HIV and HBV incidence in a cohort of injection drug users. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2001; 63 (S1): S113 Wickrema, R., Navaline, H., Fiore, D., Scottie, R., Davis-Vogel, A., Barthalow, B., and
Metzger, D. Preference for HIV home-collection test kit among IDUs in methadone maintenance, detoxification and syringe exchange programs. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2001; 63 (S1): S169. H. Navaline, d. Metzger, Davis-Vogel, A., D. Fiore, M. Cosby, G. Fields, J. Myers, P.
Oglesby, A. Russel, r. Scotti, G. Wilson, and G. Woody. Characteristics and program utilization patterns of syringe exchange program consumers. XIII International AIDS Conference. Durban, South Africa (2000) Messiah A., Metzger D., Davis-Vogel A., Navaline H., Lee T., Woody G.,
Charactéristiques socio-démographiques et comportementales d’utilisateurs de drogues injectables en function de leur adhésion au suivi dans une étude de cohorte. (Sociodemographic and behavioral characteristics of injection drug users in relation with adherence to follow-up in a cohort study). Jourées Scientifiques et Thématiques de l’ADELE (association of French language epidemiologists) – Etudes de cohorts: aspects méthodologiques, éthiques et pratiques. Nancy, 12 – 14 Janvier 2000. Davis-Vogel A., Metzger D., Recruitment and retention of high risk drug users, The
Sixty-first annual Scientific Meeting of the college on Problems of Drug Dependence. Acapulco, Mexico. June 1999. Metzger D., Navaline H., Davis-Vogel A., Wilson G., Pagan G., Oglseby P., Borgenicht
C., Tobin-Fiore D., and Woody G. changing characteristics of IDUs at highest risk of HIV Infection in Philadelphia. The Sixty-first Annual Scientific Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence. Acapulco, Mexico. June 1999. Navaline H., Metzger D., Borgenicht C., fields G., Peikes D., Wilson, G., Davis-Vogel
A., Tobin-Fiore D., and Woody G. Evaluation of a syringe exchange program:
exchanger characteristics and program utilization patterns. The Sixty-first Annual
Scientific Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence. Acapulco,
Mexico. June, 1999.


Synthesis of a-L-Threofuranosyl Nucleoside TriphosphatesKeyong Zou,1 Allen Horhota,3 Biao Yu,2 Jack W. Szostak,1 Larry W. 1Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Department of Molecular Biology,Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 02184, and 2State KeyLaboratory of Bio-organic and Natural Products Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of OrganicChemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3

Pii: s0885-3924(02)00598-5

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management Original Article Rama Sapir, BScPharm, M Med Sci, Michael Patlas, MD, Shalom David Strano, MD, Irit Hadas-Halpern, MD, and Nathan I. Cherny, MB BS, FRACP Department of Medical Oncology (R.S., N.C.) and Department of Radiology (M.P., I.H.-H.),Shaare Zedek Medical Center; and HALA: The Rachel Nash Jerusalem Comprehensive Breast C

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